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Bath And Body Works

Part of the L Brands, Bath & Body Works has grown drastically since it was first founded in 1990.  Their basic form of retail sales is based on fragrances, candles, body lotions, and mists.  Originating from Ohio, they have expanded all over the U.S. and Canada.  In 2006, they launched their first product catalog specific by season and launched their first online store.

Their aromatic collections are inspired by natural ingredients and flowers.  They focus on the health and hygiene of the body while incorporating a comfortable scent.  As a leader in their industry, Bath & Body Works now have over 1600 stores in the U.S., six in Canada, and now even one in Kuwait under the name, M.H. Alshaya.

Employment with L Brands is very rewarding in nature considering that it is in retail.  They corporate environment allows for associates to get promoted within and receive employee discounts and develop their leadership and sales skills.  Their product is in much demand throughout the year allowing for business to flourish and the demand for associates to grow.

Bath & Body Works jobs are very interesting because you get to learn the methods and techniques used to make their products.  The magical seasonal scents in each store allow for a fun and relaxed environment.  Through their free application, you can become an L Brand member and work at your favorite store. Bath & Body Works jobs online are available to browse through their career website.

Bath & Body Works Careers

The Bath & Body Works application comes in a PDF format as a simple printable application form. You will have to download application form and deliver it to the store manager of your preferred store.  The personnel here is very innovative and always pursing the success of their career as well as of the store.  Customer service and sales skills are the main focus an associate needs to have.

Sales associate positions are available both for part time and full time.  Being a retail company, seasonal positions are also available.  During high volume times, the stores add additional people to complete and help the overall success of the company.  It is also a good company to work for as first timers in retail or as a first job.

Their corporate positions are very important as well since they provide more in-depth innovations and control the process of the business and maintain the name of the brand as one of the leaders in their industry.  Operations Managers ensure that the overall state and revenue of the store stay up and going well at all times.  There are positions that require a higher level of education like asset manager, accountant, marketing director, etc.

How old do you have to be to work at Bath & Body Works?

The minimum age in all of the L Brand stores is 18 years old.  Bath & Body Works jobs offer many added benefits besides the employee discounts.  Bath & Body Works careers prepare you to be a successful sales associate with managerial potential.  They provide you with life and medical insurance, 401k, and other perks once hired as a manager.

Their retail stores all operate according to their locations and vary seasonally.

Bath & Body Works Job Descriptions

Sales Associate- As a sales associate, the minimum starting pay is $8.25 per hour and can increase based on performance.  It is an entry level position requiring excellent customer service skills.  They help restock the store and assist customers finding products that best fit their needs.  They also prepare displays and participate in demonstration events.

Stocker- At $8.50 per hour, the stocker prepares all merchandise to be arranged and stocked throughout the store and checks for re-stocking needs.  They maintain the store area clean and assist the sales associates gathering items necessary for displays.

Manager- Managers ensure the overall success of the associates as well as the store.  With a salary between $33k and $55k, managers keep track of employee staffing, inventory, loss prevention, and marketing of their store.  They are also required to maintain good customer relationships.

Cashier- Making $8.25 an hour, a cashier takes good care of the customer by providing assistance should they need it at check out.  They ring up all products and may conduct a final sale by using suggestive selling with seasonal items placed at the register.  They accept the proper forms of payment and also process exchanges and returns.

Assistant Manager- The assistant manager makes an hourly wage of $10 an hour and works together with the manager and sales associate to ensure their sales quotas are met and to supervise the sales floor.  They aid in the hiring process and help open and close the stores.

District Manager- Salaried between $60k and $100k, their responsibilities include overlooking the sales of their stores, assuring there is enough staffing, their marketing campaigns, as well as the inventory and needs required by the stores to thrive.

Bath & Body Works careers are creating a great job environment where each team member is a success.

Bath & Body Works Interview Questions

To apply for jobs at Bath & Body Works, simply fill out either the printable application for Bath & Body Works or apply online to be able to be selected for an interview.

How have you handled an irate customer?  Working in retail there will be certain situations where you may have to handle an irate customer.  Explaining to them in short detail what you have previously done in the past to calm a customer down and successfully helped them is needed here.

How do you turn a looker into a buyer? Sales techniques are very valuable to them.  Certain ways to sell is either direct or suggestively.  Suggestive sales are an almost guaranteed way to sell something to someone because you are telling them about a product that will make their life better.

Why should we hire you? For this question, having some knowledge of the background of the company and their core values can be a benefit.  You can tell them that you want to be a part of a great retail industry and explain your strengths that make you valuable to their company.

Have you ever worked in retail?  Since some positions are entry level, you do not need prior experience.  However, letting them know that you do and giving some examples of where you have previously worked will work to your advantage.

Do you have any sales experience? The retail industry is mainly sales.  Therefore, having some sales experience will greatly increase your chances of getting hired.  Sales are anything that requires an exchange for payment for a product or service.  Even if you have no experience, you can tell them about a time someone sold you something.

Managerial candidates will be asked questions regarding leadership so you may be asked, how would you motivate an employee?  Managers are in charge of their team so making sure everyone is motivated is important.  Praise and appreciation are great ways to motivate employees.

Advice for Application Process

The Bath & Body Works application can be an online application.  This direct application will be sent directly to the store you have chosen.  You can apply to multiple positions if you desire.  Use their application form link through their website to submit it or take one to your local store. When you apply, you will see instructions on how to apply for Bath & Body Works online.

Read each job description carefully and choose the one that best fits your qualifications. The applications they receive will then be reviewed and then they will call you for an interview. The Bath & Body Works job application online will tell you which store and location the position is in.  Job opportunities are available all over the U.S. and Canada so find the one you want.

Your resume is not a requirement to bring to the interview but bring it just in case.  If you applied online they will send you a link or an email with the address and information regarding your interview.  They will also give you a call.  If you have not heard back from them after a few days of submitting your application, give them a call and follow up.

The interview process will be directly with the assistant manager, store manager, or district manager.  Be confident and dress in business casual clothes.  Have in mind the answers to the questions that they may have and shake their hands upon meeting them and leaving.  That shows good interpersonal skills and leadership.  After a few days if they did not offer you a position on the spot, you can follow up.

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