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Pathmark is a well-known supermarket that operates in the tristate area.  With a bad history and past as far as finances go, they have kept up and reached a successful financial state.  With over 100 stores, the Pathmark application is one to consider if you are looking for a good job in the supermarket industry.

Their supermarkets offer a variety of products, including groceries, banking services, and pharmacy products.  Owned by A&P, they filed for bankruptcy, Chapter 11, in 2012 and have slowly made a comeback.  If you are interested in learning how to apply for Pathmark online, visit their website and follow the link to the Pathmark Careers center.

Pathmark become a large supermarket after branching out from Wakeferm Corporation and switching names from Supermarket General to Pathmark.  Since 1968, they have tried to become better than most of the big chain supermarkets and have implemented many campaigns to get customers to trust and continue their business. Today, they continue doing business as Pathmark and keep up with the trends.

When you apply for jobs at Pathmark, you can be assured that their company takes good care of their employees.  Since they have had a difficult past trying to climb to the top, they make sure that their products and service are the best they can do.  They have many departments in their supermarkets that make it a one stop shop for their customers.

Pathmark Careers

Pathmark jobs are a great opportunity for people interested in the supermarket industry that have the drive to grow within a company that has worked very hard to make a good name for themselves.  They offer many job opportunities to all types of skills levels and full time/part time positions.  With 12 departments available, the opportunities to make Pathmark careers a success are great.

The Pathmark jobs online outline the responsibilities of each position as well as the requirements to be able to be considered for employment. Each local store will have different availability which allows candidates to pick from different locations and/or positions.  Their departments are in grocery, meats, bakery, floral, frozen, liquor, seafood, health and beauty, and more.

There are also corporate and management level positions which allow any members of the team with coaching abilities to help their other members reach the level of success that they can.  There is a benefits package as well that includes a retirement plant, medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as flexible hours and paid time off.  Aside from the benefits, employees have the opportunity for job advancement.

When submitting the Pathmark application, be sure to check

How old do you have to be to work at Pathmark?

Their minimum age requirement is 16.  However, other positions require a minimum age of 18 years old such as cashiers since they handle liquor sales.  Their hours of operation are 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There is a printable application for Pathmark available to download application form and submit at the local store.

Pathmark Job Descriptions

Bakery Clerk- Greets and assists customers in a friendly manner.  Sets up hot and cold food displays.  Processes client orders and cleans and sanitizes areas as per company policy.  Their  pay is hourly of around $!2.27 per hour.

Cashier- Provides excellent customer service while processing customers’ products and accepting the proper forms of payment.  Answers any questions and provides insight to the current sales and ads.  They average hourly salary is about $12.27.

Grocery Clerk- Rotates merchandise, restocking, customer assistance, cleaning, and promotes sales.  Works together with other associates and adheres to company policies.  Their hourly wage is $9 an hour.

Florist- Prepares and arranges floral orders, works closely with overall store management.  Keeps up with seasonal products to maintain them fresh.  Processes client’s orders while delivering good customer service.  Their hourly pay is $11 an hour.

Liquor Clerk- Sales of liquor, stocking, rotating of the merchandise, provides great customer service, adheres to State liquor laws and company policies.  Their yearly salary is $25k.

Pathmark Interview Questions

The Pathmark job application online will give you enough details on each job description to prepare for some of the interview questions below.

What does giving good customer service mean to you? Having an associate that values customer service like they do is very important.  Therefore, answering this question stating the qualities that make a good customers service representative in your own words will serve as a good answer.

Are you available to work flexible hours? Since their store is open 24 hours, they need associates that can work flexible hours. It is recommended that prior to applying for any position that requires long hours, you are aware and okay with it.

Would you be able to drive to other locations if needed? Working at other locations may be needed from time to time.  If at all possible, it is a great idea to be able to assist your employer by helping out at other stores.

Would you be willing to work at night? A 24 hour supermarket requires people that can work long hours for the night shift.  It does not disqualify you if you are not able to work at night.  However, extra compensation may be offered for night workers.

Advice for Application Process

First, you may download application form from their corporate website and present it in person. The printable application form may not be a direct application to a specific position unless you take it in person.  The online application is a free application that is targeted to a specific job.  Click on the link with the job description and decide if you want to apply for that position.

When you apply online, expect to be called within a few weeks or even days. Since there are plenty of stores hiring for different departments, it is good to research the company’s history, preferred position, and best method for submitting applications.  A resume is not always required yet recommended for management positions and corporate levels.

After you have received the call for an interview, review each interview question listed above and come up with your own original answers after you have researched the company and what it stands for.   It is very important to know information regarding the company and the positions you are the most interested in.  Always mention positive things and look and feel confident in your answers.

After you interview, you may give them a call or go in person to ask about the status of your application.  This shows your genuine interest as well as persistency.  The hiring managers may decide if you need a second interview depending on your position and skills level.  It is a good idea to get as much information from them as this will help you decide if this is the place or position you want to take.

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