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Rite Aid Corporation is a chain of drugstores in the United States. The company, which is the third largest drugstore chain in the country, has roughly 4600 locations and employs about 89,000 people. You can find a link for a Rite Aid application through the application links at the bottom.

The publicly owned company is traded as RAD on the NYSE. Founder Alex Grass opened the first store in 1962 in Scranton Pennsylvania. It was called Thrif D Discount Center, and it did not have a pharmacy. A pharmacy was added to the 23rd store, which opened in 1965, which was also when the business name was changed to Rite Aid.

The company, which went public and changed its name to Rite Aid Corporation in 1968, is headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Its chairman and CEO is John Standley. Ken Martindale is President and Chief Operating Officer, and Frank Vitrano is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. The business was a Fortune 500 company in 2011.

The drugstore chain gives back to its communities through donations to charitable organizations that promote health and wellness. It has donated more than $80 million to Children’s Network Miracle Hospitals and its own KidCents Program and The Rite Aid Foundation. Employees of the business conduct wellness events and community events as well.

Rite Aid Careers

The company has career opportunities at the corporate level, distribution centers, and the regional office. Some of these positions are Distribution Centers – Ice Cream Plant Manager, Corporate – Facilities/Maintenance, Regional Office – Executive, Corporate – Pharmacy Services, Corporate – Risk Management, Distribution Centers – Driver, and Corporate – Legal. You can apply for Rite Aid careers online.

In-store job opportunities are available in the pharmacy department, and the rest of the store separately. Some of these positions are Asset Protection Agent, Pharmacy Delivery Clerk, Pharmacy Technician, Store Associates – Beauty Vision Advisor, Store Associates – Price Accuracy Coordinator, Store Manager, Wellness Ambassador, Pharmacist, Cashier, Custodian, Shift Supervisor, and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Rite Aid?

You must be 18 to work at Rite Aid. Many positions within the company require experience, a college degree, and specialized training. Read the job description carefully to make sure you meet the requirements before using the online application process.

The drugstore chain offers a competitive benefits package to qualifying employees, including a health plan, life insurance, paid days off, 401(k), discounts, and more. Store hours vary by location. Monday through Sunday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM with the pharmacy open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM are typical hours of operation.

Rite Aid Job Descriptions

Asset Protection Agent – The Asset Protection Agent detains people who commit crimes in the stores and hands them over to authorities. Responsibilities include friendly customer service and training store staff how to identify shoplifting. The job area may cover multiple stores. A driver license, a high school diploma, and a year of experience are required. This position starts around $10.00 per hour.

Cashier – The Cashier assists customers with purchases and questions, rings up sales and reconciles the register drawer, keeps the store tidy and clean, stocks the shelves, IDs customers for purchases that have an age requirement, and tracks inventory. Prior experience is not necessary for this position, which starts around minimum wage. You can get a printable application form at the website.

Assistant Store Manager – The Assistant Store Manager assists the manager by working to promote the store’s profitability, makes sure the store is run according to corporate policies, analyzes operating reports, and supervises staff. Two years of experience in a customer service industry or an associate’s degree is required.  This position starts around $10.00 per hour, and can pay nearly double that.

Pharmacist – The Pharmacist provides customer service by filling prescriptions and answering questions. Accuracy, attention to detail, and strict adherence to safety laws are essential. The Pharmacist frequently consults with doctors and ensures that customers are not getting dangerous drug combinations. A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and an immunization certification are required. Salary for this position is around $109,000 per year.

Rite Aid Interview Questions

You can look forward to questions like these at your employment interview for Rite Aid jobs:

What do you think we’re going to find out when we get the results of your drug test? The drugstore chain lists the ability to pass a drug test as a requirement of every position for which they are hiring. You will only be working for them if your results are clean.

Can you give me an example of what you would consider great customer service? The business wants all of its employees to provide exemplary service to its customers. Think of a scenario or two to show your interviewer that you know what that means, and they can have confidence in you.

How well can you keep a secret? Confidentiality is very important in a drugstore. Customers’ purchases reveal private medical conditions that can be embarrassing or open them up to discrimination. Tell your interviewer that you would not talk about customers away from the store, or expose their private matters unnecessarily.

Are you available to work nights and week-ends, as well as day shifts? Availability is another requirement listed on every job description at their website. If you wish to work for them, you must be available to work when they need you. If you have any other obligations, discuss them with your interviewer.

Do you have the ability to keep yourself motivated? Show your interviewer with your answer that you are willing to work hard and keep the store clean and organized. You can apply for jobs at Rite Aid through their website if you are interested in management careers. You can download application form and take it to your local store for hourly jobs.

Advice for Application Process

Dress professionally for your interview with the retailer. Be punctual, and have everything you might need with you. The company wants to hire individuals who are organized and pay attention to detail. Fill out applications for any position with the drug store completely. You can get a Rite Aid application at their website, below.

If you would like to know how to apply for Rite Aid online, go to their website to use their free application process. All Rite Aid jobs are posted. If you wish to apply for a management, corporate, or distribution center position, apply online by creating a profile with the site and then filling out a direct application or uploading your resume.

If you are interested in an hourly position in your local store, browse Rite Aid jobs online to see if your local store is hiring. Download the printable application for Rite Aid from the website. Be sure to fill out the application form thoroughly before taking it in to your local store to apply in person.

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