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PriceRite is a fairly new grocery store chain that was founded in 1996 by its parent company Wakefern. PriceRite models itself like a Save A Lot. They make themselves unique by being larger than most supermarkets and by offering a huge fresh foods section. There are PriceRite applications available online.

PriceRite’s founder, Wakefern Food Corporation, was established around 1946, after WWII. The company was created when eight separate grocers from the New Jersey area got together and each invested their money to form a corporation. They joined forces to combat struggling sales because the consumers had a preference for self-services stores.

PriceRite values itself because it is an American owned company unlike most of its competitors. They also value their customers and like to provide food of the best quality. The company is also in partnership with over 60 charitable organizations, food banks, and other social services whose goal is to end hunger among children.

There are over 60 locations and the majority of them are located in the New England area. The company admits that they do not have expensive decorations or that they do not spend much money on advertising because it’s all in effort to keep their prices as low as possible.

PriceRite Careers

There are many PriceRite jobs to choose from. There are always part time positions and full time positions available and they are willing to work with your schedule. Most of the PriceRite jobs are in the entry level category. They also have managerial positions available for candidates that are looking for full time work.

There are many benefits to a PriceRite career. The grocery store retailer offers medical and life insurance as well as healthcare, dental, and vision coverage. The company also gives their employees paid leave vacations, a 401(k) retirement plan and tuition reimbursement for people who want to go back to school.

How old do you have to be to work at PriceRite?

The minimum age to work at PriceRite is 16 years old. There are also education requirements for certain positions. Entry level jobs normally require a high school diploma or equivalent GED. Managerial jobs may require some years in college or a bachelor degree.

PriceRite is open seven days a week and they have consistent hours of operation, even during the holiday season. The grocery stores are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00pm. They are also open on Sundays from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Their website has 24 hour access.

PriceRite Job Descriptions

Stock Clerk – this is an entry level position that most people apply for. Responsibilities include breaking down cardboard boxes, stocking the shelves, supplying the delivery trucks, and setting up displays. The average salary for a stock clerk is minimum wage when they first start. With experience they can get paid around $8 an hour.

Cashier – this is another entry level position. The responsibilities of a cashier are scanning the customers’ groceries, handling the money, bagging the customers’ groceries, and learning how to operate the electronic check out system. The salary for a cashier starts at minimum wage but the pay will increase if the person has experience

Porter – the porter is an entry level position that helps shoppers and helps with the up keep of the store. Their responsibilities include cleaning up spills around the store, finding and labeling damaged merchandises, and assisting customer with finding items in the store. Their pay is $8 – $9 an hour.

Meat Cutter – the meat cutter works in the back section of the meat department. The meat cutter responsibilities are cleaning the meat, cutting the meat in sections, and package the meat according to weight. They will also assist customers who need special orders placed. There pay is around $9 an hour. 

PriceRite Interview Questions

Below are some questions that may be asked in your interview.

Are you in school? This is a common question the interviewer asks because a lot of high school and college students will try to get jobs at this company. If you are in school let them know so that they can adjust the schedule to accommodate your needs. That way you can do both.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This is a common interview question that has many answers. To best answer this question think about what your goals are in life. In order to reach your goals what steps must you take and in 5 years where at in your plan are you going to be in.

How did you hear about PriceRite? They ask this question because some locations have a referral. If a friend of yours works at PriceRite and you get hired the both of you have the potential to make a bonus. This also works if you have a family member refer to work at a location as well.

Are you available to weekends/holidays? This will be asked in an interview to check your hours of availability. It’s best to be honest when answering these questions. If you are unavailable on weekends or holidays let them know. You won’t be penalized but chances are you will work fewer hours.

How well do you get along with people? This is an important question because as an employee you will be working with and assisting people the majority of the time. This is not the right job for you if you don’t like being around or interacting with people.

Advice For Application Process

The interview process for this company is fairly standard. Entry level applicants will have a one on one interview with the store manager, while managerial applicants will have a panel interview. The will ask questions about the candidates and asses certain skills like leadership skills, customer service skills, and math skills.

There are many how to apply for PriceRite online websites so you can apply for an online application. These websites will also highlight local stores to get a direct application. A PriceRite application is also available on the company’s website. PriceRite careers are obtainable if the candidate has the right attitude.  There is no printable application form for the company.

To apply for jobs at PriceRite just visit a store or search for a link online. Search PriceRite jobs online to see what jobs are available in your area. There is no download application form link. All applications must be done in the store or online. There is a free application in the store and a resume can be attached to the application form.

For quick results apply online. They are always hiring because new locations are being built all over. There are many job opportunities and employment with this company is about the same as other when it comes to employees’ benefits.

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