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Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt company, began in 2005 and brought back an old favorite. Beginning in California, the brand has expanded to 21 countries in the past decade. Their dedication to having fresh ingredients and exceptional customer service is what sets them apart from all other companies. The link for Pinkberry applications is below.

This company has locations in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Peru, Istanbul, Canada, and many more. They have six hard working executives who manage many of the needs of the company. They currently own over 100 stores, and was created by Hye Kyung Hwang, and Young Lee. They were so popular that they have a cult-like following for the brand that is recognized on their site too.

After becoming a huge hit, they were funded by a Starbucks-owned company that allowed them to expand exponentially. Approximately 1500 people per day go into each store, which make about $250,000 a month. Pinkberry can be found in many airports from one of their expansions. The original owners sold it in 2010.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee of this popular brand you can find lots of information on the website. Ranging from 200-1500 square feet there are many options for you to start up and become a part of the team. Look for their free application.

Pinkberry Careers

Pinkberry offers many job opportunities for employment at their many locations. Besides becoming a franchisee, some hirer up jobs include General Manager and Area Manager. The General Manager’s job description focuses on customer service, and motivating teams to achieve the best experience for the customers. Area Manager responsibilities are to help each and every store by being their contact with the support center.

Along with the Support Centre there are entry level positions such as Team Member, and Shift Lead. Team members are the first point of contact for customers and can make or break any interaction. Shift leads watch over the team members, and work to mediate and solve any issues to ensure the place runs smoothly. 

How old do you have to be to work at Pinkberry?

You must be at least 16 years old. Some jobs may require an older age, but it would be stated on the Pinkberry application. Other requirements will be stated.

This upbeat business wants you to work for them because they offer many benefits. Most employees get discounts on the products and other perks. The training is paid, and they have lots of opportunity to grow and be promoted, along with flexibility. Some other benefits are healthcare, 401(k) plans, and paid vacations, but these are almost exclusive to full-time manager or corporate positions that are more career oriented.

There are a few ways to apply for jobs at Pinkberry in the frozen yogurt industry. With the printable application for Pinkberry you can pass it in to a local store. Just download the printable application form, and fill it out.

Wondering how to apply for Pinkberry online? Just click download application form to fill out on your computer, and email in the Pinkberry job application for Pinkberry jobs online. Or fill out the online application and apply through their website.

Pinkberry Job Descriptions

Support Centre – At headquarters you will be the go-to support for all stores. Support centre staff are there to listen to any issues that a store is having, and help solve them in an effective and efficient way. These team members are a vital way of connecting front line staff with the others in the company.

Team Member – As a team member at Pinkberry you will be a crucial part to operations. Being the first point of contact with a customer is essential in creating an enjoyable experience, and bonds which bring the customer back. You will be giving the product to the customers and putting smiles on their faces.

Shift Lead – A shift leader is the front line captain to our team members. Shifts leads need to be quick on their feet and fast thinkers too. They are able to problem-solve creatively, and keep both the team members and customers happy. They ensure quality, and great gain experience that has direct application to any future jobs.

General Manager – General managers are the leaders of the Pinkberry stores. They delegate, and train, each team member and shift lead so they can perform the best. They monitor the sales of the store, and are always looking for ways to make the stores even better.

Area Manager – Area managers are the bridge between each store and the support centre. They are given the reins on stores, and make sure that each store has everything they need to operate at peak quality. These mangers often look over more than one store, and are good listeners.

Pinkberry Interview Questions

Here are some examples of questions you could prepare for an interview for Pinkberry careers:

Why do you want to work for Pinkberry? This is a very commonly asked questions and should be followed up with a detailed, researched, and genuine answer.  This is where you can tell the employer what this job would do for you, and if you are passionate about what they do. 

What experience do you have? Any previous food industry work experience would be good here. Or any experience working with the public. If you don’t have experience then highlight any skills you may have developed from school, or volunteering. 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? This is a good questions to show if you feel you have a future with the company. Often employers want to hear that you see yourself rising through the ranks of the company, or that you’d like to be working there along with other goals you may wish to reach in the future.

Tell us about yourself? Here you should tell the employer about your hobbies, school, and where you work now if you do. Be careful to highlight useful skills, but also remember to not be robotic.

Managerial candidates might answer: “Do you consider yourself a leader?” and “Can you provide examples of how you were able to effectively manage employees at past jobs?” If you have ever been in a group situation where you took charge this would be a good time to mention it. Even if you just have babysitting experiences, you can still explain how you have handled difficult situations, or how you have interacted with other people. Otherwise, highlight any relevant leader experience.

Advice For Application Process

Going into any interview you should always be prepared. When applying for Pinkberry jobs you should be sure to convey you personality, and your love for frozen yogurt. Always come prepared with a copy of your resume and references, and any other documents which may impress the interviewer, and that relate to the position you are applying for.

Always remember to dress for success. Even if they are only hiring for an entry-level job, be sure to look fresh, crisp, and proper. Although it is possible to get hired in casual wear, remember that dressing up will likely make you stand out, and be taken more seriously for the position.

Be sure to be well prepared for you interview. Always research ahead of time about the store. There is lots of information about Pinkberry online, and this can put you ahead of other applicants, especially if you are among other applications for managerial careers often with a salary. The research shows that you are serious about the job.

At the end of the interview be sure to be pleasant and polite. Thank your interviewers for their time, and express how much you like Pinkberry, and how interested you are in the job. Wish your interviewers to have a good day, and reiterate that they can contact you whenever with the information you have given them.

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