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Primerica, Inc. is an insurance and financial services provider operating under the multi-level marketing scheme. The company has more than 107,000 representatives in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

It was originally founded as A.L. Williams & Associates in 1977. Today, its headquarters is located in Duluth, GA United States with an average annual revenue of more than $ 1.3 billion.

It has received several awards for its outstanding customer service and financial strength. It has been recognized by the A.M. Best Standard and Poor’s and the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) for its exemplary performance as a financial service provider.

Employees at Primerica are provided with attractive compensation and benefits package. They enjoy medical and life insurance, 401k retirement plan, investment and savings program and paid trainings for skill and personal development.

People enjoy working in this company because it maintains a high-energy and well-motivated work environment that focuses on genuinely helping other people enrich their financial status and helping individual representatives get the most out of their hard work.

How old do you have to be to work at Primerica? 

To be considered eligible in any available position in this company, including independent representative and corporate jobs, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Primerica Careers

Financial Representatives – Their main job is to recommend financial solutions to clients based on their current situation and needs. They are in charge of developing presentations and work with a group of analysts to offer financial strategies to clients.

Insurance Processor – They are in charge of obtaining documents for new insurance accounts processing. They are required to uphold the premium customer service values of the company and be widely knowledgeable of Primerica services and policies and industry protocols.

Operations Clerks – They are responsible for data encoding, document processing and preparing of reports for various admin operations. They should be proficient in using office software and knowledgeable in creating advanced formulas.

Front Desk Associates – Their key duties involve greeting and welcoming guests and assisting with their inquiries, concerns and appointments. They are required to have excellent communication and customer service skills for both internal and external clients.

Other common jobs in this company that jobseekers can also consider are: Reporting Analyst, Project Analyst, Customer Service Representative, Compliance Specialist, and Telephone Field Support Representative.

Primerica Application

The company has an online careers section integrated in its website which allows jobseekers to conveniently view available positions and the corresponding jobs descriptions and requirements.

It is highly recommended that applicants use this online careers site for a faster and more convenient hiring process. They also have the option of signing up in its email-based job alerts service to get updates in new available positions.

In filling up the application form, job seekers are encouraged to use only one email address for the entire hiring process to avoid confusion. They are also advised to properly fill out all fields and always observe proper grammar and spelling.

In writing resumes, it is best to limit to two pages. Using bullets instead of paragraphs will make it easier to read and understand. Also, to highlight more recent undertakings, reverse chronological arrangement for work experiences should be used.

To efficiently prepare for an interview, applicants should ensure that they get enough amount of sleep and eat a balanced meal before the interview. Also, arriving on time is of utmost importance to make a good impression.

Things To Know About Primerica

The culture at Primerica is centered in its company goal of providing efficient financial solutions to its clients. Its staff are some of the most welcoming and highly-motivated people in the business with genuine dedication to their work.

Primerica has recently reported its continuously increasing productivity in terms of providing financial solutions. It has over 107,000 licensed representatives, more than $ 2 million client investment accounts and insured over $ 693 billion of life insurance in force.

Primerica is known for its tremendous accomplishments to help middle-income Americans maximize their financial capabilities and opportunities. They are distinguished for their business model based on multi-level marketing, direct selling, franchising and distribution.

The leading financial service company is engaged into several philanthropic programs that help individuals and families secure financial freedom, and integrating sustainable business practices in their operations.

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