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Cashland is a financial solutions provider offering short-term loans, cash advances, and check-cashing. As a subsidiary of Cash America, it shares in its business model and market reach. It’s also involved in retailing valuables.

The company was started in 1987. The takeover in its operations by Cash America happened only 13 years ago. It was founded on the belief that its traditional values of professionalism, courtesy and customer service supported its growth into 150 locations.

Cashland financial solutions catered to prevalent liquidity issues among households and businesses. This widespread demand enabled the company to expand and maintain a significant presence in 21 states.

The company’s heavy Midwestern presence demands a workforce of 2,000 to 2,500 employees to sustain its operations. Through its aggressive brand positioning, it boasts of being the industry leader in cash lending services.

Cashland offers its employees a competitive salary package that includes 401(k) retirement plan, healthcare insurance, FSA, employee discounts, life insurance, accidental and disability insurance, paid vacation/holiday/sickness leave, and education discount.

The company offers an extensive choice of functions across many departments, branches and in its corporate office in Texas. Employees also get an opportunity to grow their career in an environment that values people through their work/life balance philosophy.

How old do you have to be to work at Cashland?

Cashland requires its workers to be at least 18 years old. Employees are offered education discount and training to encourage starting a career with the company. Its wide-ranging positions and advancement opportunities are incentives to stay committed with the company long-term.

Cashland Careers

Pawnbrokers: This is a career opportunity that is customer-centered. It requires processing loans and negotiating sales deals. Customer service and interpersonal skills as well as communication skills are important for this role. This also offers additional earning potential from sales commission.

Shift Lead: This is a career opportunity that will attract workers aiming for a leadership role in the company. It requires meeting with management to ensure operational standards align with company goals. To achieve this, they provide training and supervise pawnbrokers.

Customer Service Representative: This role involves direct interaction with customers to handle services inquiries and concerns. It requires communication skills and strong aptitude to deal with varying issues and resolve them appropriately. Multilingual skills are an advantage for this role.

Shop Manager Trainee: This is a career opportunity available to entry-level workers because it allows access to a Management Training Program. It affords trainees a window to expand their knowledge and build up leadership skills to fulfill major roles at the company.

The company offers other employment opportunities that include Loan Associate, Business Operations Analyst, Sales Associate, Technical Systems Analyst, Shop Management, Field Support, Assistant Manager, and Shop Manager.

Cashland Application

Cashland, like its parent company, has pre-employment tests, which are presumed accepted by applicants when sending applications. The company offers access to available jobs by joining the Cash America’s career portal. Maintain an active email address and offer updated contact details

Applicants may signify interests in Cashland employment opportunities by going online or in the nearest branch. It is encouraged to submit applications online because of access to more locations and wider range of functions.

All professional documents should be within arm’s length when filling the application form. It’s important to provide accurate and complete details so background checks and evaluation would be easier for your employer.

Financial institutions usually require certain degrees or relevant experience to perform a role. Highlight your skills, experiences, and strengths through your resume. Keep your resume straightforward and free from spelling errors.

Prepare for the interview by researching about the company. Show interest in their business and your ability to make significant contributions. It matters for the company that you have long-term goals and present how that will help the company achieve growth and success.

Things To Know About Cashland

Cashland culture involves commitment to customer service and achieving excellence at work. It provides training and advancement opportunities that its employees can benefit from to fulfill leadership roles and to grow professionally.

Cashland, as a Cash America subsidiary, shares in its success with its First Cash Financial Services deal. By gaining a greater market reach, it reinforces its leadership in providing short-term liquidity and lending solutions.

The company is known to help families and communities in need of instant liquidity and an immediate market for select valuables. These services are offered with its traditional values of professionalism, respect and friendliness to better serve customers.

The company engages in social effort by providing financial education and promoting financial literacy to communities near Cashland locations. Through its learning program called MyStartingPoint, customers receive long-term solutions to financial, debt and liquidity management issues.

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