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Ralphs, the current market leader in their area, is the largest grocery company subsidiary of Kroger Co. based out of Compton in Southern California. The company competes with stores such as Albertsons, Stater Bros, and Vons. The Marketplace was founded by George Albert Ralphs in 1873. The store’s motto is “Great food. Real low prices!”

This company is the place to work with lots of open careers! Ralphs careers offer great opportunities as a company committed to creating jobs with flexible schedules, competitive wages, benefits, and growth prospects. At each store you can find a full selection and variety of grocery items at low cost. If you are a foodie or interested in sales, there are many job opportunities for you.

There is not a printable application form for Ralphs but to find Ralphs application with a direct application link scroll down and find out how to apply for Ralphs online at the store website. There are many career options available. Once you get to the site you are led through an easy process to apply for jobs at Ralphs for any of the many locations and career possibilities.

The benefits for those working in Ralphs jobs are outstanding and substantial. They offer a full range inclusive in a Total Rewards package. Benefits include being paid weekly, health and dental care, paid vacation and sick days, holiday bonuses, a 401k plan, tuition assistance and scholarships and other perks including discount theme park and movie tickets. Every associate is important to the company offering rewards to building a career.

Ralphs Careers

Ralphs jobs online include so many available options in featured positions including Hourly, Clinical, Corporate, Technology, Logistics and Distribution, Manufacturing, Pharmacy, or Store Management. You can find a role for you at one of several locations in Southern California. Professional positions with the company are mostly located at the main location in Compton and require experience.

For a local job, if you don’t have sales experience you can expect to start at an entry level position such as a bagger, cashier, courtesy clerk, or grocery clerk. There are many locations to choose from and easy access through their website to see what current openings there are and a simple online application.

How old do you have to be to work at Ralphs?

If you are 16 years old you can start working in a basic job. There are also endless opportunities to grow in your career through the various career possibilities once you gain some experience or for those already qualified.

Beginning hourly rates for a starting level position is around $9.00, but they also offer outstanding benefits. As you stay on with the company your chances for raises and promotions increase and you could easily find yourself making closer to $13.00 or more per hour. If you want to get some sales experience under your belt this is definitely a great place to do so.

Ralphs offers flexible work hours for their employees with open store hours being 24 hours a day at most locations or if not from 6:00am to 1:00am. The employers strive to meet customers’ needs by being open most every holiday and only closed on Christmas Day. Customer Service Center hours are open from 8:00am to midnight EST.

Ralphs Job Descriptions

Grocery Clerk– Providing follow through on a number of various tasks, Grocery Clerks at Ralphs responsibilities include duties such as sweeping floors, organizing shelves, helping customers locate items, or sometimes fill in as a cashier. Grocery clerks will receive minimum training to work to fill store expectations. Average pay is $10.00/hour.

Cashier – Average base pay is $12.00 per hour for a Cashier position. Some of the duties one must do in this role include processing payments on point-of-sales systems, scanning coupons, answering customer’s questions, helping to bag when needed, and returning items. A personal and friendly approach is needed for this position interacting with customers throughout your shift.

Bakery Clerk- The job description of a bakery clerk is typically that of being responsible for tasks such as preparing items for sale, especially baked goods, arranging and wrapping products, and placing them on display shelves. A bakery clerk must also hold knowledge of proper food handling procedures and be attentive to customer’s inquiries and requests. At Ralphs they usually make between $9.00 and $10.00 hourly.

Manager- This is a supervisory position which oversees operations at specific store sites. Some of the definite obligations include hiring and training, distributing work tasks, scheduling supervisees, and guaranteeing customer happiness. Managers can earn a salary between $35,000 and $80,000 per year, averaging about $64,000 depending on the type and the employees’ personal experience.

Ralphs Interview Questions

A sample set of interview questions to help you achieve a job at Ralphs is listed here.

What is your work history? Do you have any sales experience? This may be asked to determine if you are better suited for a starting or more advanced role. If you’re just beginning think about times in which you may have used sale techniques to help you be prepared for questions like this.

What grocery store do you shop at the most and why? The interviewer wants to see how you might sell Ralphs as a store for customers to shop at. Are you descriptive in your answers and enthusiastically grabbing others attention? It would be good to prepare for a question similar to this one.

How would you handle a disgruntled shopper? This is a question looking to see how composed you will stay when someone is discontent and possibly unhappy with you. Will you hold yourself together and stay professional? Will you ask for help when things are starting to get out of hand?

What is your greatest weakness? This is a common question asked in interviews to see if you are open to growth and feedback. If you are okay with admitting weaknesses than you are someone who is usually okay with receiving feedback. This also shows that you are willing to work and cooperate with others.

“Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or supervisee? How did you handle it?” and “Do you have supervisory experience?” are a few questions that may be asked if applying for a professional position. The interviewer wants to make sure that you can handle the responsibilities of supervising others, working as a team, and handling challenges. Come ready to answer these types of questions with in-depth responses.

Advice for Application Process

When filling out a Ralphs application online, the applications process is an easy one. Unfortunately, you can’t download application form or find a printable application form but you otherwise go to a local store to pick up a free application or simply apply online. If you have any challenges with the online employment application, you can call their customer service line at 1-800-576-4377.

The hiring process is simple and to the point with Ralphs. Some employees have said that once you get the interview you are pretty much hired due to their online application screening process. There is a background check requirement and a possible drug test that they do at the time of interview. The complete process of becoming hired can take anywhere from a few days to weeks depending on circumstances.

The interview will be fairly informal and basic and they will usually provide you with an information packet detailing the position you are applying for. Most entry level employees will start off with at least 16 hours of work per week or you will be given the hours discussed and required of your position if it’s an upper level one you’re going for.

Even if you are just starting off in the industry, make sure to prepare a quality resume with whatever experience you can list and bring it. If experienced, be sure to present it with your relevant qualifications first. When going in to get the job, have the spirit to do so by showing them just how interested in it you are and what customer service skills you can offer them.

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