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The Red Lobster application is available online. Red Lobster is a name known all over the world.  They provide a great selection of guaranteed fresh sea food as well as an excellent dining experience.  Bill Darden, founder of Red Lobster back in 1968, ventured to open the first Red Lobster Restaurant after is first restaurant was opened when he was only 19 called The Green Frog.

Red Lobster was managed through Darden Restaurants but since 2014 been acquired by Golden State Capital.  Throughout the years, they have expanded their menus and incorporated new flavors from around the country including cooking with a wood fire grill.  They bring seasonal dishes that complement the resources available throughout the year.

Red Lobster careers have also expanded and flourished into food industry leaders. During this article, there will be many tips on how to apply for Red Lobster online or in person.  There is a link with a printable application form that you can take to your closest restaurant.  With their amazing growth, there are many locations that are currently hiring.

Red Lobster prides itself in providing the highest quality of sea food possible by partnering with the FDA and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative.   Their fisher man catch the best sea food available while maintaining a good balance between the sea and the food they catch.  This assures that they never over fish or catch fish that are endangered.

Red Lobster Careers

Red Lobster jobs are mainly about hospitality and food.  Because they pride themselves not only on delicious fresh food but also on extraordinary customer service, they train their personnel carefully touching on all the important points of hospitality.  From the hostess to server and all the way to the kitchen staff, every member of the team is responsible for a genuine great guest experience.

Managerial jobs offer many great benefits in leadership and customer service relations.  There is always room for growth and development.  Job opportunities in the managerial bracket are available in every restaurant and they choose to promote from within.  The starting position is the assistant manager or key employee, then there is the manager, the assistant general manager, and general manager.

Kitchen positions including cooks, sue chefs, executive chef, bakery, and grill master are also a great opportunity to grow.  Kitchen managers will eventually grow to be area kitchen managers.  Smaller ranks like dishwasher, busser, food runner, and exposition line are also available.

How old do you have to be to work at Red Lobster?

You must be at least 16 years old.

Hourly personnel can enjoy the benefits of medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as paid vacation after one year of full time employment, and a retirement fund.  Managers have also the same benefits along with bonuses, adoption assistance, pet insurance, and life insurance.  All associates also receive a dining discount for themselves and immediate family.

Red Lobster opens Sunday through Friday from 11 am to 10 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 11 pm.

Red Lobster Job Descriptions

Red Lobster jobs are a great opportunity to learn about hospitality even in entry level positions.

Hostess/Greeter- Hospitality is the main focus so the hostess is in charge of greeting and seating each party of guests fast and according to seating rotation charts.  They ensure the entrance is clean and answer phones gracefully answering any questions and assisting customers with their reservation needs. Starting pay is between $7.12 and $10.90 per hour.

Server- They are required to know the menu and ingredients in order to recommend and sell the proper food for each guest’s palate.  They are responsible for taking the guests food and drink orders, make proper suggestions, and deliver a great dining experience.  They take payment for meals and correct any errors through a manager.  Pay starts at $2.14 an hour up to $10.37 plus tips.

Bartender- They possess the food and drink knowledge and engage with guests at the bar while providing excellent customer service.  They take food and drink orders and prepare cocktails for guests and servers.  Payment is collected at the bar through a POS system.  They help in liquor inventory.  Starting rate is $2.14 to $10.37 per hour plus tips.

Food Runner- As a food runner or expo, your responsibilities include reviewing each table’s orders and ensuring that all plates are expedited properly and taken to the correct table.  They check for temperatures, extra sides, or special sauces requested.  They prepare the work station with the adequate items needed and clean area.  They make around $8.75 per hour to $9.87.

Assistant Manager- AMs assist the managers to ensure all servers and hostesses are providing good customer service by helping to run food and drinks, cleaning up tables, and talking to guests.  They help servers and bartenders with managing discounts, scheduling, and training.  They make about $10-$12 per hour.

Baker- Red Lobster is known for their cheddar biscuits which are made in house.  The baker prepares the biscuits throughout the shift to ensure freshness.  They mix the ingredients and time the biscuits. They are in constant contact with managers and front of the house for preparation.  Hourly for them is between $8.10 & $12.75.

Line Cook- They prepare the food according to the given recipes and guidelines.  The food is prepared fast and efficiently in order for the food to be delivered within a reasonable time.  Prepping and plating the dishes and maintaining proper cleanliness of all work stations is also a requirement.  Salary is between $9 & $13.97.

Red Lobster Interview Questions

After applying for any of the Red Lobster careers through the Red Lobster job application online, which is a free application, be prepared to have an onsite interview and answer some of the following questions.

Are you able to work nights and weekends?  Nights and weekends are the most profitable for any restaurant so it is vital for any employee to be available to work these shifts.  Let them know of any special requests you may have at the very beginning of your meeting with them such as school nights, etc.

Have you worked at a restaurant before? Although having experience is not required, having some knowledge in the restaurant industry is definitely a plus.  Let them know your prior experience, if any, and tell them what you liked about each place.

What makes Red Lobster a desirable place to work? Be sure to know a bit about their company and what their core values are.  Since it is fresh sea food, liking that type of cuisine or wanting to be a part of a great restaurant chain are great answers.

Do you work best as a team or on your own? Restaurants always work better as a whole and that means working in teams.  Always express some type of leadership skill you possess and incorporate that in a team environment when you answer that question.

Are you okay with working on holidays? Holidays sometimes are the busiest for restaurants so having an open availability is crucial.  If for any reason you can’t work due to a religious holiday, please express that to the person interviewing you.

Advice for Application Process

To apply for jobs at Red Lobster, you must first find what Red Lobster jobs online are available or get a printable application for Red Lobster and bring the filled out application form to the restaurant of your liking.  Once the online application has been received, a hiring manager will call you to schedule a time to interview you.  Applications are received Monday through Friday between 11 am and 4pm.

The restaurant industry does not require you to come in wearing business casual clothes but it is recommended to make a good impression.  Research their menu items and cocktails and have a couple of questions for them in mind when you arrive.  If you apply online you may call the restaurant to see if they received your application since the direct application may get sent to a different store.

Once you have finished your interview, they may offer you employment right away and schedule an orientation day. Your job at Red Lobster can lead to many added benefits in career growth and corporate level opportunities. Answer all the interview questions truthfully and have an upbeat energy.  Restaurant jobs require a personable and friendly personality.

The Red Lobster application comes in many forms.  Download application form, fill out, and take it to your restaurant of choice for immediate consideration.  You may even get an on the spot interview.  Each application form will ask you what position you are seeking.  Below are the job descriptions commonly available for hire in many of the local restaurants.

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