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Randalls Food Market was founded by Robert R. Onstead, R.C. Barclay, and Norman N. Frewin in July 1996 with the first store opening in Houston, Texas.  Safeway Inc. bought the company in 1999.  Their headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.  To begin your search for Randalls jobs, click on the provided link below and fill out the Randalls application.

The company was founded around the philosophy of offering customers the products they want at a fair price.  Their mission is to earn the loyalty of the people they serve by first anticipating, then fulfilling their needs and provide a unique, customer-focused shopping experience.

They are very active in the communities where they are located.  They are a part of several organizations that center on wildlife, disaster relief, education, hunger relief, obesity, and many more.  During Hurricane Alicia in 1983, they kept their doors open despite serious flooding.  Since 1996, they have donated nearly $24 million to 8,000 different local non-profit organizations.

How to apply for Randalls online?  Simply locate the provided links under the Job Links heading to begin your search for Randalls jobs.  Once you find the position that matches your qualities and personality, complete and submit you Randalls application.

Randalls Careers

Since Randalls falls under the Safeway umbrella, when searching for Randalls jobs online, you will find many opportunities for all of the stores that are under the same umbrella.  Some positions available in the store are Meat Cutter, Cake Decorator, Courtesy Clerk, and Store Manager.

Other Randalls careers can be found through other departments such as Accounting, Distribution, Loss Prevention, and Information Technology.  The types of opportunities in those departments include Backup Recovery Engineer, Asset Protection Specialist, Accounting Coordinator, and General Ledger Accountant.

How old do you have to be to work at Randalls?  The minimum age to work for this company is 16 years old for some positions and 18 years old for other positions.

The company offers a very competitive and comprehensive benefits package.  A few of the benefits include a choice of medical plans, prescription drug coverage, vision care, dental and orthodontia insurance, health and dependent care flexible spending accounts, company paid basic life insurance, paid time off for vacation, sick leave and holidays, 100% company paid retirement plan and 401(k) plan.

There is not a printable application for Randalls available to download; however, you can go directly into your closest store and apply for jobs at Randalls through the kiosk that is available.  Store hours are daily from 6:00am to 1:00am.

Randalls Job Description

Courtesy Clerk – The Courtesy Clerk will be responsible for bagging groceries, load purchases into cart, assist customers outside to their vehicles, retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot, perform price checks when asked by the cashiers, maintain store cleanliness including check stand area, facing and organizing display areas, sweeping, mopping, emptying trash, and cleaning of the break room.  Other duties include maintaining the cleanliness of the parking lot, assisting customers with their shopping needs upon request, stocking supply of bags at check stands and collect grocery items not purchased to be returned to the appropriate stock shelf.

Meat Cutter – This position will operate saws, grinders, and other meat processing machinery, use knives to cut, trim, and prepare meat products, inspect, sort and grade meat products, and inspect displayed products for expired dates and remove products when necessary.  Other responsibilities include maintaining division markdown policies, taking special orders from customers and providing special cuts, and maintaining the area and conducting business in accordance with state, federal, and local regulation and employer policy.

Cake Decorator – This role provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service while decorating cakes and pastries with designs using an icing bag or paper cone.  Other duties include trimming uneven surfaces of cake or cuts and shapes cake to required size using a knife, spreading icing between layers and on surfaces of cakes, tinting white icing with food coloring, and maintaining product organization in freezers or coolers.

Randalls Interview Questions

The following questions are those typically asked during an interview for this type of industry.

What are your goals within this company?  The company is all about career advancement and the interviewer asks this question to find out what kind of training they will be providing.  They want to discover if it will be a fast track type training, management training, or just positional training.

What is the most important aspect of a team environment?  This is a very important question as it will determine if you are a team player or not.  Think about this question carefully before answering the interviewer.

Have you ever gone above and beyond the call of duty to help someone? The interviewer is probing to see if you are a team player and if you are willing to work outside of what your job duties entail.

What do you know about the company?  This is an opportunity to show that you have done your research and that you know where the company is heading and where the company has been.

What is your greatest weakness?  This is always a difficult question because you may be afraid of saying something that will ruin your chance at landing this job. Present the answer in a way that shows how your strengths have helped you in overcoming your weaknesses.

Advice for Application Process

Read all application instructions before trying to complete it.  You should expect to take some assessment tests at the end of your application, so plan accordingly.  Make sure that your application matches your resume and include addresses and phone numbers to previous employers.

Once you have an interview set, there are a few things that you should do beforehand.  Research the company and make a list of questions to ask that steer away from what the company can do for you.  Instead, have the questions centered on career growth and the company’s values and goals.  Print a copy of your resume to take with you and choose professional attire to wear.

During the interview, display positive body language by shaking hands in greeting and keeping eye contact.  Answer the questions clearly and concisely, without mumbling or using profanity.  Use your past experience to answer scenario-type questions whenever possible.

At the conclusion of the interview, don’t forget to thank the hiring manager for the time and opportunity to discuss the position.  Follow up with the person that you spoke with in about a week if you have not heard an update.

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