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For a direct application link to apply for jobs at Schnucks Markets scroll to the bottom. Schnucks jobs are best for those interested in learning and growing in the retail food industry. In the country, it is one of the largest supermarket chains still private. The grocery chain originated in the St. Louis area of Missouri and now has over 100 store locations in five states in the Midwest.

The symbol for Schnucks is a soldier, which was introduced during the Vietnam War. In 1937 Edwin Schnuck began selling meat wholesale which led to his wife, Anna opening a family retail store in 1939. The business only grew and led to other family members opening additional stores. Four Schnucks families worked independently, but functioned together under the umbrella of a trade philosophy, and ways of buying and advertisement.

The family’s fourth generation is now steering the company. Even with the larger size, people still find a lot of support in their Schnucks careers as the family-owned business lends to a unique attractive culture and communal, familial work environment. Both those starting off on the career track, as well as those searching for a longer term career in the food business should check out the job opportunities available.

Those interested in knowing how to apply for Schnucks online should look through their careers website page. One can search through the available positions in a department at one of their operational sites or supermarkets. When you apply online, you need to submit Schnucks applications only once as it stays on their system for 60 days, which can be referred to for any position.

Schnucks Careers

There are job opportunities galore throughout Missouri, within several departments, to search through and submit a Schnucks application for. Departments outside of the marketplace include Administrative, Pharmaceutical, Production Facility, Bakery Plant, Focus on Design Floral Center, Schnucks Kitchen, and Schnucks Distribution Center. There are many open positions typically available within each for entry-level as well as experienced employment candidates.

If you want a chance to grow in your sales career applying for a job at Schnucks is a great choice. There are many store positions typically beginning part-time which offer on the job training in a family-like supportive environment. Positions include Baggers, Checkers, Pharmacy Technicians, Store Janitors, and Bakery, Deli, Food Service, Meat, Stock, and at some locations Fuel Center Clerks.

How old do you have to be to work at Schnucks?

16 is the minimum age to be able to work for the company. If you are younger than 16 though, you have the option of getting a special permit to be able to work in some states. For management or departmental positions it is likely you will have to meet an age requirement of 18. 

Schnucks jobs offer the opportunity for employees to work in a friendly family-oriented team environment. The company offers benefits of flexible schedules, competitive wages and pay raises, and a fast-paced work environment. After a time period you are also eligible for a teammate discount, paid vacations, health insurance, training options, and opportunities for advancement. 

You can search the stores online directory for your local store’s open hours. Stores typically open about 6am and close between 11:00pm and 1:00am, other than the select 24 hour store locations. Most marketplace sites are closed only on the one holiday of Christmas Day. Otherwise the company is open often with reduced hours on other holidays.

Schnucks Markets Job Descriptions

Bagger – The job description for this role includes being a courteous customer service person while putting guest’s orders into appropriate bagging and assisting them with takeaway orders. Other jobs for this position include bringing in the loose and stacked shopping carts around the lots and maintaining the cleanliness of the parking lots, as well as the front of the store. Those in this job typically make about $8.00 per hour.

Bakery Clerk – Clerks in this position are to demonstrate great customer service skills. While they package, slice, and stock the store’s freshly baked goods, they must make sure to adhere to procedures to keep everything safe and sanitized. They also process customer orders within the bakery while serving guests and handle the details of orders for vendors as well as the Bakery Plant. The common hourly rate is $10.60. 

Meat Manager – Employees in this position have the responsibilities of supervising and overseeing the meat clerks and the handling of all aspects of packaging, stocking, maintaining cleanliness for, managing the equipment, and sales of all of the meat and poultry. They should have experience providing exceptional customer service and supervising others. The hourly rate for this position is about $19.50. 

Customer Service Manager- A typical salary of $42,000 starts these employees, but those in management can make up to around $80,000 with raises. This position requires skills in supervising, motivating others, hiring, overseeing a range of duties within production and sales, and providing outstanding customer service support and constructive feedback to workers as needed. You must be at least 18 to fulfill a part or full-time position as a manager.

Schnucks Interview Questions

Below are some of types of questions you will likely be asked during a conversation with a Schnucks hiring manager.

Describe a time that you went above and beyond in a volunteer or school situation.  Here they want to see your personality and if you have a desire to achieve more than what is asked of you. They want to see if you will put in your all, and more, into the job.

What is good customer service in words you would use to describe it? You may be asked this question to decide whether you meet their description of what customer service means to them. Before the interview prepare with the strengths you have in the area of people skills and bring charm and friendliness into the conversation.

What is the most important thing to say to a customer before they leave the store? A hiring manager would ask you this to gauge your personality and awareness of proper communication and kindness. It is always important to be polite and thank a guest for shopping with you before they leave.

What do you believe a customer considers as greatness? Most of the questions you will be asked if interested in working at Schnucks are related to customer service. This is another one. Here you are being asked this to gauge how well you respect and honor those you serve in work environments and if you care how you come across.

Are you interested in management? This will be asked to determine if you are interested in long-term employment with the company and sticking around. They also want to see if you have career ambition and a desire to advance in a retail position. The company often promotes those from within.

Advice For Application Process

To prepare for submission of a Schnucks application for one of the several jobs to be filled, make sure you have twenty minutes to an hour to complete the online application. It will ask you for information such as demographics, background, the position you want, scheduling availability, education, and past employment details, especially most recently. It would be a good idea to have your resume available to reference.

To download application form for a printable application for Schnucks you can search, but you can easily find the free application link below to apply online. After applying you’ll be initially screened for the basic employment requirements. During the interview process you’ll be further vetted based on demonstration of sincere customer service skills, friendliness, work ethic, and professional demeanor. You should also know the store and products in preparation.

If you decide to apply for Schnucks jobs online that you saw, while shopping at a local store, you can pick up a printed application form available there. The family-run chain is interested in hiring those with determination and motivation. The customer service manager typically manages the hiring process and should you be qualified for a position you will receive a call to schedule either a one-on-one or group interview.

To be fully prepared for an interview with the hiring manager and portray being a solid candidate, you should review what you would like to share from your background as well as your career interests. If you are interested in an entry-level position with not a great deal of experience behind you, you should think about how you will sell yourself with a strong and responsible professional sales persona.

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