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This company has gone through its ups and downs throughout the years.  Regardless of the challenges, this company has kept four core values throughout its history.  Those values are honor, integrity, continually seeking knowledge, and having fun.  If you encompass these same values, there is a Rod Robin jobs link located at the bottom for you to fill out a Red Robin application.

In 1969, Gerry Kingen bought a restaurant originally called Sam’s Red Robin and expanded it.  In 1979 Mr. Kingen sold the rights to the Snyder Group to open the first franchise.  In 1995, the company had started to flounder and Mr. Kingen, then a minority share-holder, stepped back in to help Michael Snyder bring the business back to profitability.  Currently, the Headquarters are located in Denver, CO, and the company has grown to 450 restaurants and is grossing close to $1 billion.

One of the ways that this company shows its core values is by how it helps the communities.  They support organizations that focus on health, welfare, and education.  They also have the Red Robin Foundation that was established by team members in 2006 which is a giving fund for the needy and the charitable outreach programs.

Another way that Red Robin walks the walk of their core values is by their take on environmental stewardship.  They have switched their florescent lighting to LED lighting saving 420 acres of trees, and they are beginning to harvest solar power starting with three Colorado restaurants.  On top of eliminating much of their energy use, they also recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, steel and aluminum containers.

When you share the same values as the place that you work, suddenly it is more than just work; it is a career.  To find your career with Red Robin, apply for Red Robin jobs online.

Red Robin Careers

There are many non-management Red Robin jobs available.  Some of those include server, host/hostess, expo, and dishwasher.  Other in store Red Robin careers includes Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager, and General Manager.

If working in the restaurant is not a career that you would like to get into, there are corporate positions available.  Some of these careers include Manager of Restaurant Accounting, Tax Accountant, Corporate Counsel and Employee Relations.

How old do you have to be to work at Red Robin?

For all management positions, the minimum age is 21.  For all other positions, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Upon meeting eligibility requirements, Red Robin provides its employees and their family members a great benefits package.  Some of those benefits include medical and prescription drug plans, dental, vision, Flexible Spending Accounts, 401(k) and work/life balance resources.  These are just a few benefits that are offered, but it does not include all benefits offered.

To apply for jobs at Red Robin, you can fill out a Red Robin application online or download the printable application for Red Robin located at the end of this article.  If you choose to apply in person, make sure you call your local Red Robin to find out what positions they have available and what hours they are available for you to submit the direct application.

Red Robin Job Descriptions

Server – The Server position is responsible for ensuring guests are seated at a clean and properly set table.  This role requires a person who has an outgoing personality and friendly smile in order to be comfortable making menu suggestions.  You will also be responsible for accurate order taking and the delivery of food and drinks in a timely fashion.

Host/Hostess – This role is responsible for greeting the guests and guiding them to their table.  You will also learn how to book a reservation, open and close areas of the restaurant and be energetic.

Bartender – The Bartender is responsible for monitoring and re-stocking the bar inventory, preparing mixers and garnishes, and mastering the Red Robin recipe book.  Other responsibilities include refusing service to minors, asking for personal identification, cash handling and being personable to the guests.

Kitchen Manager – The Kitchen Manager is responsible for training Team Members in Health Department rules, company policies regarding cleanliness, and ensuring that federal state and local employment and wage laws are followed.  Other duties include increasing sales and making sure that food is prepared properly.

Red Robin Interview Questions

The questions listed are a mixture of questions normally asked for a restaurant position and questions that are specific to Red Robin.

Best experience dealing with customers?  The answer to this question lays in the kind of extraordinary service that you performed for a customer and the customer’s reaction to it.

Why should you be picked for this position?  The interviewer wants to know what makes you different than any of the other applicants that they have spoken with.

What does integrity mean to you?  The person that you are speaking with wants to know if you will do what you say and say what you mean.  This is an important part of the Red Robin core values.

What’s something you like in a server?  Tell the interviewer what your ideal experience would be coming from a customer point of view.

What’s a bad day look like for you?  This can be a tricky question and if you’re not careful, can sink the interview.  When and if you are asked this question, what the interviewer is really asking is how you overcome your bad day.

Advice for Application Process

After filling out and turning in the application but before the interview, take some time to do a self-assessment.  Ask yourself what your motivations, strengths, weaknesses, values and personal traits are.  Write down any answers that you come up with and ask your family members or friends to see how their answers compare.

On the day of the interview, arrive on time and dress appropriately for the position that you are applying for.  Relate the answers to the interview questions to your own personality, experience and the applied position.  Make your answers personal and authentic.

Whenever possible, use past work experience to demonstrate values. Red Robin needs energetic and enthusiastic associates. Provide customer-focused answers and exhibit a team-oriented attitude. Always put the needs of the customer first when answering interview questions

When answering tough interview questions, such as the question about what a bad day is like for you first state your strength and weakness, then the solution that you found.  You can respond that you recognize that it’s a bad day, then you find out the reason why it’s a bad day, and then what solution you have for it to no longer be a bad day such as smiling through it or thinking of something that makes you happy.

At the conclusion of the interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity to discuss the position and hopefully become the newest team member.  Remember to ask your interviewer when you should hear a response about the position.

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