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Founder, Tom Stemberg created the first store in 1985. His philosophy was that the world needed a supermarket for office products. Over the past thirty years, the company has continued to grow strong, and create job opportunities, as well as promote and sell office products to those that need them.

The company lets customers shop however and whenever they want, whether it’s in store, online or on mobile devices. Staples offers more products than ever before in categories, included, but not limited to, technology, facilities and breakroom, safety, medical and copy and print. Headquartered in Boston, this company operates throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, the company’s North American Commercial business consists of Staples Advantage and Both subdivisions offer ways to save the greatest amount on products purchased, and provide a customized level of account support and best-in-class customer service. On another note, the company believes that differences in age, race, gender, allows them to be more innovative as a company.

An applicant can now visit the link at the bottom of this article to view open positions in the career section and search open jobs. Additionally, an applicant can apply online using the online Staples application or downloading a printable application for Staples.

Staples Careers

Staples jobs are thrilling. A staples career requires strong customer service skills. If an applicant is interested in job opportunities, they can submit a free application form obtained from the jobs site. An applicant can also submit by filling out a Staples application online.

Want to know how to apply for Staples online? It’s not hard to fill out a Staples job application online. First, submit a direct application to the store. The candidate is advised to read each job description. There are also benefits from a career in this organization.

How old do you have to be to work at Staples?

Ready to apply for Staples jobs? For Staples careers, an applicant must be 16 years of age. Make sure to check all job requirements, age requirements and restrictions before applying.

This company is an exciting place to work. It’s one of the world’s top five internet retailers, and it is a recognized name across more than 26 countries. It is the company’s mission to make more happen for associates, local communities and the planet, through programs, policies and the values that the organization lives by.

By pursuing a career within this industry, an individual becomes one of the 27,000 new associates that join the company annually. These associates eventually head off in all different directions. To help their employees grow, the company offers training. They empower their associates and make suggestions. The company simply seeks out ambition, energy and commitment.

To get started and be considered for employment, the applicant should complete an application form or printable applications for the company. It is important to complete this online application. The store is constantly accepting new applications so an applicant can complete the printable application form. What makes the online application process so easy is that applicants can check the status of their application under the My Jobpage tab and view their completed submissions.

Staples Job Descriptions

Technology Sales Associate Job Description- As a technology sales associate, this individual is responsible for offering every customer a total solution for his or her mobile device and technology needs. This person is expected to have extensive knowledge of the products, carrier plans and offerings, as well as tech services available to customers, including the operations of the kiosk. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr.

General Manager- This person must be able to establish and maintain an environment to support and strengthen the company’s brand. The store leader is responsible for creating a culture focused on the differentiated customer experience through building an A plus team and delivering profitable sales regularly. Typical compensation: $10.00/hr

Sales Associate- The individual working in this position is responsible for providing exceptional customer service and creating a customer centric environment. This person should have great customer service skills, basic selling skills, and be able to meet and uphold merchandising and retail operating standards. Typical compensation: $8.00/hr.

Copy and Print Center Supervisor- The responsibilities of this individual includes creating and maintaining a successful selling culture in the copy and print center that is committed by providing solutions to customers by managing relationships. This is a critical role in which the person is accountable for achieving sales and providing quality customer satisfaction. This individual is the leader for this department. Typical compensation: $10.00/hr.

Staples Interview Questions

Are you ready to apply for jobs at Staples? Once an applicant has applied for Staples jobs online or downloaded an application, they can begin researching some potential questions that applicants typically get asked during the interview process. By downloading an application form, the first step has been completed. Now it’s about preparing the best possible version of yourself for the interview. Wear your brand.

What are some of your leadership experiences? Be honest when answering this question. This may consist of things like the fact that you were president of your high school basketball team, or captain of the debate club. The recruiter wants to know that you might be able to one day move into a leadership role within the organization.

If you were hiring for this position, what type of person would you hire? Be honest with your answer here. Perhaps, if you were hiring, you would look for someone who is personable, upbeat, friendly, animated, with good customer service skills and work ethic, all rolled into one. Perhaps you would want someone who is a good leader and a team player.

What questions haven’t I asked you? This is a good question for interviewers to check that you have been paying attention. Perhaps there are questions they have not asked, that you would be able to answer, and thus, be able to market yourself more as the most desirable candidate. Think about a question that you would want to know if you were hiring for this position.

What are your hobbies? So, not your typical interview question, but a question nonetheless. Here, the manager is simply trying to get to know you, as a person, as an applicant. When you are not at work, what types of things do you do for fun? Reading? Writing? Traveling? The manager wants to know that you are versatile and have a life outside of work.

Would you work holiday’s or weekends? Be honest here. In a job like this one, there is a very real chance that you will have to have some holiday and weekend availability. Holidays’ can be very busy. Back to school times can be very busy, and some weekends, especially when a sale is taking place can be busy.

Advice for the application process

When filling out online job applications, avoid providing information that is not requested. There are many reasons for this. Plus, if the employer wanted the information, then it would have been listed as a question. Providing information without being asked has the tendency to have a negative effect on the applicant. For instance, if you are not asked for a salary number, do not willingly provide your “potential salary.”

Something else that may help, do not be afraid to print out that job application and hand deliver in person. Not only is this impressive, but you never know if your online application made it through the company’s HR filters. Get your application to the decision maker; that is ultimately to the person who will be your future boss, the person who has the final say in the hiring decision.

Something else that’s important when submitting an application and resume, and may also be helpful is to submit a pain letter. This is a brief letter, sent directly to the decision maker that discusses your qualifications, and why you would be a great asset to the team. This should be brief and get straight to the point. It needs to get to the hiring managers hands.

Lastly, never tell a lie. Ever. While this should go without saying, it is amazing how many applicants lie or sugarcoat information when filling out an application form. If the truth comes out later, the person could be sacked. Also, only use items that you can defend or speak about at an interview. Lastly, before hitting the send button, get someone else to eyeball and scan your information.

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