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Royal Farms

In 1918, Royal Farms began as a milk delivery business. By 1959, the company opened a milk shop in Baltimore, Maryland, which sold milk to its community in the mid-Atlantic region. The company’s headquarters is now in Baltimore; the business is now more like a convenience store, too. You can find the Royal Farms application link below.

The convenience store now has more than 160 stores throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The business has stores in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The stores sell ready-to-eat foods, like bagels, donuts, chicken and sandwiches. Other products include basic grocery items and fountain drinks. The company’s slogan is: “Real Fresh. Real Fast. Real Green.”

The company wants to be the fast and friendly restaurant of choice in the areas where there are locations. To reach this goal, they strive to offer quality prepared foods, convenience store goods and fuel for a low price. In September of 2014, the company purchased the naming rights to the Baltimore Arena. Now, it is known as the Royal Farms Arena.

The core values of the company include respect, change, customer focus, honesty, constant improvement, people, unique culture and passion to win. The business hires the best people who act honestly and respectfully. These employees are expected to constantly get better and give the customers the best experience possible. The company wants to constantly improve and grow.

Royal Farms Careers

Royal Farms jobs span the full career range. The company offers both entry-level and managerial job opportunities. Managerial careers require applicants with previous experience. These positions are typically paid a yearly salary. If this sounds like something you would like to get into, be sure to fill out a Royal Farms application.

Royal Farms jobs that are entry-level can be part- or full-time. Entry-level positions will be in-store, so employees should be friendly and welcoming to customers. In-store positions may require some heavy lifting, and applicants should be able to stand for extended periods of time. These jobs are usually paid hourly.

How old do you have to be to work at Royal Farms?

To start working at Royal Farms, you must be at least 18 years old. As is common in the convenience store industry, the stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employees might have to work holiday, night and weekend hours.

The benefits that this company offers its eligible employees include health insurance, competitive wages, retirement plans, and vacation time for employees that have been working for the company for a year. The company also offers its employees bereavement and maternity and paternity leave. Holiday pay is an additional benefit, since the stores are open on all holidays.

Royal Farms Job Descriptions

Food Service Associate – Food service associates are responsible for running the restaurant part of these convenience stores. Responsibilities include preparing, cooking and serving food for customers. These associates also need to follow food safety rules to ensure that the customers are safe eating the products. Associates are also responsible for keeping the kitchen area clean. Pay ranges from minimum wage to $9 an hour.

Customer Service Associate – Customer service associates need to be able to do basic math and run a cash register. Duties include cleaning, greeting customers, stocking products and assisting customers. These employees also need to be able to count the register at the end of their shift. Pay is usually around $8.50 an hour.

Store Leader – Store leaders need to make sure the company meets monthly and yearly financial goals. Employees in this position should know how to follow a budget, work well with vendors, order the proper inventory, manage cash and manage other employees. The store leader has the most responsibility in the store. Royal Farms careers in store leadership require people who can work well with both employees and customers.

Regional Training Associate – Regional Training Associates help stores hire new employees, train staff and run safety training programs. These employees need to be able to present information to inexperienced trainees and help them learn proper company policies and techniques. This position requires at least a high school degree and some travelling.

Royal Farms Interview Questions

After applying, you may be called in for an interview, so you should prepare yourself to answer questions such as these:

How did you hear about this job? Companies are always interested in what methods are bringing in the most applicants. How you heard about the job doesn’t matter to your interviewer, but it is important that you answer honestly. Also, some companies give bonuses to employees who refer new employees, so if you heard about it through a current employee, give their name.

What is your biggest strength? Employers will want to know what you think makes you a great employee. Be sure that you tell your prospective employer something that relates to the job you applied for.

What is your biggest weakness? In line with the previous question, this question lets the interviewer find out how you see yourself. After you say what your weakness is, say how you plan to combat it or work through it in the workplace.

What past experience do you have working retail? While experience isn’t required for all positions, it can always help if you have past experience. If you don’t have experience, be sure to highlight a quality you have that will make you a good fit for the job.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? You probably applied for a job that you thought you would excel at, so just explain why you thought you would do a good job in that position.

Advice For Application Process

If you wish to apply for Royal Farms careers, there are a couple ways you can do so. You can browse Royal Farms jobs online. If you find jobs that you would like to apply for, the website will tell you how to apply for Royal Farms online. There is no printable application for Royal Farms, nor is there a place to click download application form.

The Royal Farms job application online is easy to fill out. The online application allows you to type in your information. Be sure to attach your resume to the application. Keep in mind to tailor your application to the job description, as this helps the person doing the hiring sort through applications.

Since there is no printable application form, you will either have to apply online or pick up a free application at a local store. Regardless of how you choose to apply, be sure to include a resume that details previous experience. Always fill out a direct application that is easy to read. If you hand write your application form, make sure that it is legible.

If you apply for jobs at Royal Farms, understand that it will take a few weeks for the business to review applications. If you are still looking for employment after a few weeks and haven’t heard back, you can call the store to politely inquire about the position. This will make you stand out against other applicants, as you clearly want the job.

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