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Starbucks Coffee has been open since 1971 and runs under the umbrella of the Starbucks Corporation. Founders Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker opened the first location on March 30, 1971 in Seattle, Washington. This chain aims to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one cup of coffee at a time. Starbucks Application link is located at the bottom.

The Starbucks Corporation is over multiple brands that can be seen in local stores. Those brands include Teavana, La Boulange, Evolution Fresh, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Tazo Tea. Starbucks originally only sold coffee but has now branched out into distributing quality coffee, tea, and food products. Coffee exports is a 20 million dollar a year industry.

The original store is still located in Pikes Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Today Starbucks has expanded locations to five continents and 65 countries. Globally there are 21, 536 store locations.

Starbucks Coffee is a company that prides itself on ethics and responsibility. The coffeehouse chain has received multiple awards throughout the years. Including, but not limited to, “No. 1 Best Coffee” Fast Food and Quick Refreshments category in Zagat’s Survey of National Chain Restaurants 2009-2011. A complete list of awards and recognitions can be found on the website.

Starbucks Careers

Starbucks offers a variety of management positions in many locations. Since there are multiple brands under the Starbucks Corporation some job positions vary. Local management positions include: Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, and Regional Director.

There are also positions available at the corporate level. Corporate career categories include: Administrative Support, Business Development, Accounting, Global Supply Chain, Legal, Marketing, Human Resources, Research and Development, Retail, and Design Creative Studio.

Part-time positions are also available. There are job postings that are available online. Simply go to retail careers under the Starbucks Careers center on the website. Available Starbucks jobs include: Barista, Shift Leader, Café Lead, Café Associate, and Cook. All positions are set up for online application. 

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks?

You must be at least 16 years old, except in Montana where the minimum working age is 14.

The company offers a total pay package for all employees called “Your Special Blend”. It is tailored to the needs of each individual partner. For employees who work more than 20 hours a week other benefits could include bonuses, 401K match, discounted stock purchases, and healthcare coverage. Partners also can receive perks such as 30% discount, in store and online, and one free pound of coffee or tea a week.

Starbucks also offers the College Achievement Plan which offers all benefit eligible partners a full tuition reimbursement of a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University online program. For more information visit the College Plan tab under the Career center online.

To begin, select your preferred role, choose your location (you can select up to 4), create a new account, and fill out the online application. Starbucks is a company that promotes in house and offers opportunities to boost your Starbucks career.

Starbucks Job Descriptions

Regional Director – Leadership skills are required to be a regional director. You would be in charge of 90-100 stores, striving to grow business in new locations. You would also manage the leadership of the current stores in your region. Average annual salary is 135,000.

District Manager – District managers are over all the stores in their district, working closely with their communities. They manage the production output of their stores by knowing their local markets and customers. Average annual salary is 85,000.

Store Manager – As a store manager you will lead a team of partners to create the Starbucks Experience for customers. You will be in charge of staffing decisions, hand picking your team to produce quality products and maintain customer satisfaction. You will be in charge of the safety and security of your team, while managing the store’s financial performance. Average annual salary is 48,000.

Assistant Store Manager – Aids in the supervision of store partners and maintains a concise level of communication. 1 year of customer service in a retail environment is required, as well as supervision and delegation skills. You work with the store manager to achieve goals within the store and in the community, seeking out opportunities. Average annual salary is 36,000.

Shift Supervisor – The shift supervisor acts as the assistant to the store manager, making sure the daily tasks are smoothly executed. A required skill of the shift supervisor is the ability to delegate responsibilities and maintain an upbeat customer service attitude.

Barista – Being a barista is about creating the Starbucks Experience for the customer. As a barista you will provide prompt service, dispense first-rate beverages and products, and maintain a relaxing atmosphere. As a Starbucks barista you are the welcoming face to under caffeinated people, greet them with a smile. Hourly wages start slightly above minimum wage.

Starbucks Interview Questions

These are some of the interview questions you should prepare for ahead of time.

Why do you want to join the Starbucks team? The interviewer is expecting a personal response. Keep your answer concise but be honest. They want to get to know you, so relax and be yourself. 

What experience do you have? Include previous work experience along with the duration of the job. If you’ve had a Starbucks job before be sure to mention it. Stick to recent experience, from the past ten years or less. When answering this question briefly go over previous responsibilities, but be cautious of rambling. 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? The interviewer wants to know if you would be a long term employee. Multiple managers and directors worked their way up the ladder in the company, so be realistic about your future plans.

Give an example of how you would deal with a difficult customer. The interviewer wants to know how you would handle a difficult situation, while maintaining a professional attitude. Here would be an opportunity to discuss situations from past experience. Give specific details about how you dealt with the customer, what the issue was, and if a manager or shift leader had to be called in.

Advice For Application Process

All hopeful candidates should do their research before applying for a position. Research can include reading the Starbucks Mission Statement, familiarizing yourself with the company brands and Starbucks competitors, and research the team you are meeting with. Their information can be found on LinkedIn.

You can also practice answering interview questions using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) method, along with standard behavioral interview questions. Keep eye contact with your interviewer, if there is more than one be sure to evenly split your focus.

Most stores use the Starbucks application online, but if you are granted an interview bring a copy of your resume. Your resume should list your accomplishments from previous experience, not personal information. Try to limit your resume to a single page, listing only relevant jobs. Make sure it is concise and that you’ve used spell check.

For the entry positions interviews tend to last 15 minutes, manager hopefuls can expect a 30 minute interview, after an initial phone interview. Be polite and courteous when on the phone. When you go in for the interview and you are offered a drink, take it. You want to show that you believe in the company and can back up its products.

Entry level position applicants should dress appropriately for their interview. Business casual is acceptable, refrain from blue jeans and t-shirts. Your attire is your first impression, so ensure that your clothes make a professional statement.

Management applicants should dress semi-formal for their face to face interview. Reasonable dresses, appropriate length skirts, dress shirts with a tie, and formal shoes. Men should be well groomed with trimmed facial hair. Women should wear modest jewelry and their hair pulled back.

When the interview concludes shake hands and show gratitude for the opportunity given. The screening process could take up to a few weeks for a job to be filled. Occasionally call the manager and check the status of the job, it shows that you are serious in getting hired.

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