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ServiceMaster is maid service company that provides essential services to households around the world. It offers a wide variety of services from normal cleaning to bug extermination.

The company started in1929 in Chicago, Illinois. Marion E. Wade founded a moth-proofing company that has now grown to be a company that serves thousands of customers worldwide.

With 75000 households to serve and 7000 locations around the globe, the company continues to grow and innovate. Its workforce of 13000 employees makes this a possibility.

Its employees are provided with benefit packages that include paid time off, healthcare assistance, discount on products and services, and retirement plans.

To motivate its employees more, the company frequently provide performance-based raises. Through this its workers’ efforts are rewarded. Trainings are also provided for development.

How old do you have to be to work at ServiceMaster?

Job applicants are required to be 18 years old or above to be able to work in ServiceMaster

ServiceMaster Careers

Commercial Branch Service Manager: This person is responsible for directing the staff of the Service Department. The commercial branch service manager also trains the employees to provide the best service to customers.

Service Manager: This person is in charge of motivating the employees to work. The service manager also answers to the concerns of the customers.

Sales Representative: This person attends training programs to learn job skills recording and preparing the needed information of the customer. The sales representative executes contracts and calculates job costs.

Fumigation Control Leader: This person is in charge of assisting in leading the work crew. The fumigation control leader ensures that the goals are met every day.

Jobs such as pest control technician, commercial pest control tech, business development representative, branch manager, and service resolution specialist are also available.

ServiceMaster Application

An applicant needs to create a user profile to proceed with the application process. After clicking the submit button it will automatically to the sign up page. All the fields must be filled up.

The company utilizes online application when hiring new employees. It is less time consuming than personally applying in the branch where the applicant wants to work in.

The applicant must have a background on customer service since most of the job openings include customer interaction. He/she must also be aware of what products and services the company offers.

Use numbers and quantify accomplishments in the resume. Do not just settle on listing job responsibilities and descriptions. An applicant must state how he/she was an asset to his/her previous job to make a good impression.

The applicant must market him/herself well during the interview. Be responsive and attentive to the questions of the hiring manager. Think of how this company will benefit from the applicant’s skills.

Things To Know About ServiceMaster

The company builds its values on the principles of empowering its employees to give back to the community where they live and work.

Because of this, its workers regularly do volunteer works. Recently, around 2500 employees donated more than 9500 hours to volunteer on various community projects all over the country.

The company is a known employer with a diverse workforce. Instead of thinking of it as a hindrance to a better understanding, it looks at it as a way to inspire trust and encouragement.

With the number of household it serves every day, the company has committed itself to help in maintaining a healthy environment. Any work that might harm the environment or cause damage to the community is immediately cancelled.

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