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Timberland is a manufacturer and retailer company based in America that provides its customers with unique designs of outdoor clothes. The company is more known for its footwear products.

Nathan Swartz founded the company in 1918 with the goal of offering footwear with a touch of the outdoor lifestyle. Swartz brought the footwear industry to another level by introducing the injection-molding technology.

The company has over 250000 workers who strive to bring to people a satisfying outdoor experience with Timberland. These employees are designated in more than 300 factories in 30 countries.

The company offers its employees with benefit packages that include healthcare assistance, insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and up to 70% employee discount on company products.

Its employees are provided with a flexible working environment. Their efforts are also regularly recognized by the company thru the giving of rewards during the quarterly employee rallies.

How old do you have to be to work at Timberland?

Job applicants are expected to be 16 years old or above to be able to work in Timberland.

Timberland Careers

Senior Brand Management Analyst: This person is responsible for marketing and licensing the products. The senior brand management analyst also plans and analyses the financial aspect of the business.

Supply Chain Analyst: This person is in charge of assessing the functions within the Global Supply Chain. The supply chain analyst also plans how to improve the products and processes of the company.

Financial Control Analyst: This person assists in evaluating the functions of the Brand Management and Finance organizations. The financial control analyst provides insights on capital spending and transaction processes.

Designer: This person is expected to design footwear and assist the category design director. The designer ensures that the designs created pass the company standards.

The company also provides the following job opportunities to applicants: sales associate, store manager, account executive, retail marketing manager, and IT manager.

Timberland Application

The applicant can choose between creating a user profile in the website or using a LinkedIn account. All the marked fields in the application form must be filled up.

The company uses both personal and online application processes. The applicant can use any method but the waiting period may be the same.

Since the company promotes volunteerism among its employees, it can be an advantage to include in the resume any volunteer work that the applicant participated in.

The resume should be organized in a way that all the important details are included without it being too long. But do not abruptly cut it just to pass a one-page resume.

The applicant must think of his/her skills and strengths that the company needs. Hiring managers usually ask applicants why the company should hire them. Provide reasons why the applicant believes that these skills are essential to the business.

Things To Know About Timberland

Volunteerism and environmental protection are deeply embedded in the company. Its employees are highly encouraged to take part of its programs to help the public.

Just this year, 100 employee volunteers started their five-year goal to restore the Mott Haven neighbourhood in South Bronx. The company is planning to transform one city every year into an urban green space as part of their environmental advocacy.

The company is known for using efficient manufacturing process and materials that helps the environment. Last year, the company used one million pounds of recycled PET and 379 metric tons of recycled rubber to manufacture its footwear products.

Timberland started a tree planting program on 2001 and now around 8.7 million trees are planted by its volunteers. These employee volunteers worldwide have already served more than 1000000 hours and they still plan to add more.

Application Links

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