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Shoe Carnival

Shoes are must haves that everyone needs and finding a great big place to find brand names and great prices can be a challenge.  However, Shoe Carnival has been able to keep up with new trends while providing excellent sales and promotions throughout their stores. Working at any of their stores requires a Shoe Carnival application.

Wayne Weaver, the former Jaguars owner, became part owner along with David Russell.  David Russell founded the shoe store in 1978 in Indiana.  Shoe Carnival offers women’s, children’s, and men’s shoes along with wallets, handbags, socks, and other accessories. Shoppers wonder around the store looking for the best deals and low price tags.  They announce special sales and promotions daily.

All over the south and Midwest, they have over 370 stores all working with the same concept of pushing the customer to buy through urgency with their short timed promotions.  This enables customers to save big on the items they want.  You never really know what treasure you are going to find. By 2007, they reached record sales and began more plans for expansion and the building of more stores.

Shoe Carnival careers allow people to have fun while working with their passion for shoes, fashion, and discounts. The direct application link is provided for you under the applications link in this article.  You are also able to download application form to submit through the specific local store you wish to work at.  The Shoe Carnival jobs online offer the job description and salary requirements.

Shoe Carnival Careers

Many people seek employment because they want to become a part of the Shoe Carnival careers which have a positive job environment and benefits packages. The job opportunities you can find are in the corporate side, retail, and distribution center side.  Each department is highly rewarded and they believe in hiring from within.  Each manager and general manager began as an entry level associate.

The retail positions are cashier, microphone, floor manager, sales associate, cash department lead, and more.  Each associate helps make the shopping experience fun and exciting while maintaining high sales and a good employee morale.  The benefits given to employees range from dependent care expenses, life and medical insurance, paid time off, flexible spending account, stock options, retirement plan, and more.

Working in the corporate division can be lots of fun.  Being a buyer’s assistant or working in the ecommerce and web designer division brings a lot to learn and still enjoy what you do.  There are also the positions that are in the financial departments and construction and new developments.  There are also the distribution centers that are hiring for delivery drivers, shipping and receiving, and the processing clerk.

How old do you have to be to work at Shoe Carnival?

Shoe Carnival jobs are available to people who are 18 years or older.  Their career website shows you how to apply for Shoe Carnival online using their online application portal.  Each store is opened daily from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.  Some stores may stay open later during holiday season and close on certain Holidays depending on each location.

Shoe Carnival Job Descriptions

Cashier- Processes sales transactions thanking each customer for the sale and asks for them to return.  They are responsible for also suggesting at least two items and measure children’s feet.  They also assist with displays and placing price tags.  Their salary is between $8.18 and $9.25 an hour.

Floor Supervisor- They open and close the stores ensuring day to day operations run smoothly.  They handle the final cash transactions as well as provide excellent customer service to shoppers and assistance to employees.  Their salary is between $25,615 and $28k.

Microphone Person- Greets customers and sets sales promotions announcing them over the microphone to create a sense of urgency and reach the sales goals set by management.  They adjust the promotions according to traffic and sales goals.  They make an average hourly pay of $10.

Sales Associate- Their responsibilities include the maintenance of aisles and merchandising, greeting customers, assisting shoppers measure their feet and find the items they are looking for.  Their salary ranges from $9.79 an hour to $12.

Buyer’s Assistant- They process and work many administrative duties such as maintaining sales reports, changing the pricing in the system, scheduling meetings with vendors, administer and monitor the Buyer’s visits, creates power point presentations, and keeps up with correspondence.  They make an hourly pay of $35k or more.

Shoe Carnival Interview Questions

After you apply for jobs at Shoe Carnival by submitting the free application when you apply online there will be an interview in which you may be asked the following interview questions.

Are you able to work with children well? Retail stores like this offer a variety of styles for the entire family.  Being able to work with children and having fun helping them is a great asset to have.  It is advised to answer with a positive note here.

Do you work better as a team or by yourself? Some people work better alone.   However, retail stores like this need people who can work as a team.  Express to them other instances where you have been a great team player.

What sales experience do you have? Sales experience is not required.  Being able to sell something is a very special skill that is very sought after.  If you’re a good sales person, tell them of a time you created a good sales presentation.

Are you looking for a long term career? Since they hire from within, there are great opportunities and growth.  Any desire to grow with the company is a good way to shine in your interview.

Can you work weekends? The retail business requires a lot of weekend work.  Let them know of your availability.  It is recommended to always be available on weekends.

Sell me this shoe. Practice selling something to someone at home before your interview.  That way, if you are asked this during your interview, you will be a pro.

Shoe Carnival Advice for Application Process

The shoe and fashion industry is constantly changing and growing allowing for more Shoe Carnival jobs to open up in its various locations. The Shoe Carnival application can be delivered either online or in person by using the printable application form.  The printable application for Shoe Carnival needs to be filled out thoroughly and a copy of your resume should be attached to it.

The Shoe Carnival job application online is divided by department and location.  It is important to understand the duties each job has and that you are certain that you can perform each task required.  After you have been called in for an interview, make sure that you arrive on time and at the correct location.  Appearance is always key when making a good first impression so be sure to dress in business casual attire.

Getting hired at Shoe Carnival is a great opportunity to grow into a great industry and later you may even run your own store.  Each interview question is important for every position.  Questions will range from previous work history to personal questions to gauge what type of personality you may have.  A positive attitude and good business ethics are keys to having a successful interview.

Review the interview questions mentioned above and come up with your own honest answers.  It is always suggested to show gratitude for their time and consideration.  Whether you apply online or in person, always know some details of the company and some key factors that make the company a great company to work for.  This works extremely well to make a great first impression.

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