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If are energetic, enthusiastic about health, but also passionate about service and creating a fun experience for guests, you are just the person to think about filling out a Smoothie King application for employment. With job opportunities frequently hiring in your local store, now is the time to consider Smoothie King careers.

Since founder, Steve Kunhau, founded the first smoothie bar back in 1973, the company has grown to include stores in over 650 locations across the globe. In that time, the core principle of promoting a healthy lifestyle in delicious flavors has not changed. An innovative feature about these products is that each particular recipe has a distinct purpose in terms of well-being.

The store environment is uniquely laid-back and friendly, which benefits relaxed and outgoing staff as well as guests. Employees find that they are able to really engage with their communities whilst developing a career working in the health-food retail industry, making Smoothie King jobs some of the most sought after.

The company has been honored as the number 1 franchise in their category by a popular business magazine – an accolade it has been awarded no less than 20 times. The franchise is privately held, based in the New Orleans area.

Smoothie King Careers

The action end of the business is the company stores. Here is where the brand really interacts with the community, where guests can enjoy the unique atmosphere provided by in-store teams. This is the place to direct your Smoothie King application if you are passionate about promoting health and having fun.

The company’s corporate division has been described as a house of innovation. Here, creative and talented people are always coming up with new and exciting ideas for future products, business direction or ways to support stores in their quest for success. Send your free application here if you this you have the right attitude and resume to add to this team.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

To apply for jobs at Smoothie King you must be at least 16 years old. Management positions and some areas in the Corporate Division may carry additional requirements, including the need to be 18. Check the applications page on the Smoothie King jobs online webpage to check these details.

Employees are rewarded with performance bonuses where applicable, on top off other perks on offer such as Vision Insurance and assistance with a health savings account. Most, however, will find themselves more drawn to the free-lunch and generous employee discount on company products!

Although different outlets are independent from one another, store opening hours are generally from 7am to 10pm during the week, and 10am to 6pm on weekends. Employees are asked to be flexible and available when required.

Smoothie King Job Descriptions

Team Member – This is an entry-level position, but a great platform on which to progress to further responsibilities. You need to be friendly and courteous in serving guests, enhancing their overall retail experience. Hourly pay starts at around $8 to $10. 

Shift Supervisor – The operation of a given shift will be your opportunity to supervise. Your job description is expanded from team member in the extra accountability you have for the performance of a shift, reporting directly to management. Hourly wage will be somewhere between $9 and $11. 

Assistant Manager – You are aspirational, with a desire to learn about business management as well as effectively coach others in company principles and policies. You will need strong organizational skills and will be able to deputize for the General Manager when required. Assistant managers can expect an hourly wage of around $10 to $12 per hour, dependent on experience and performance. 

General Manager – With full accountability for the operation and financial reporting of your own store, you will need to be an experienced business leader. With the development of your hires also under your umbrella of responsibility, you will also need to be an effective coach. Salary can be anywhere between $28k and $43k per annum, although this is usually dependent on the size of store and annual performance reviews.

Smoothie King Interview Questions

Although interviews are often short, prepare yourself for questions such as these:

Why do you want to work at Smoothie King? Your interviewer wants to know what has attracted you to the company. Talk about the opportunities you have heard about, and the fact that you have always enjoys the in-store experience as a customer. 

Do you promote a healthy lifestyle to your friends? The hiring manager is just trying to gauge how much you know about nutrition, and is wondering if it was something you were previously interested in. Maybe you go to the gym or play team sports? 

How flexible are you with working hours? Any employer will always jump at the chance to hire someone who is available at short notice and willing to go the extra mile to help out the rest of the team. Don’t forget that hours are always flexible, but you get more leeway if you can be too. 

What is your favorite flavor? Really, this question is there to test your product knowledge. Be sure to read up on the menu before your interview, including the nutritional purpose for each product. Remember – you’ll need to be relaying the same information to a customer, if asked! 

Can you think of a new product idea or flavor? Go bananas – and custard? Your hiring manager just wants to know how creative and innovative you are. Just pick a bunch of things you like and throw them on in there!

Advice for Application Process

When investigating how to apply for Smoothie King online, you’ll find an easy and intuitive online application service by following the below link to the company’s website. Although you can easily apply online, direct applications can also be made using a social media service. There is no printable application for Smoothie King, however – there is no ‘download application form’ button from which you can generate a printable application form.

It is important that you take care when filling out the online forms. All information should be honest and you should be able to verify any and all skills that you have listed. Be clear and concise in your information, and ensure that any social media accounts are presentable and professional.

If successful, it is likely that you will receive an email or a phone call from your local outlet, asking a few questions before inviting you to an interview. For some entry-level positions, you might be handed a uniform upon arrival – but often a brief, informal chat will take place with your prospective manager.

Dress smart casual, with a clean, professional appearance. Show that you are confident and polite, outgoing and easily approachable by anyone. Answer questions truthfully but above all try to come across as someone who anybody would be happy to having working in their team.

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