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ShopRite is a cooperative of individually owned and operated supermarkets in the Northeast United States.  Operating under the Wakefern Food Corporation since 1946, they are committed to family-owned businesses that benefit both their employees and the surrounding community and environment. See the links below for two applications: the online application and printable application form.

ShopRite began in Newark, New Jersey in 1946, when eight independent grocers joined together to begin buying cooperatively buying their goods from Del Monte Foods, which allowed them to sell to their customers at lower prices. The grocers maintained independent operation of their stores, but formed a larger cooperation called Wakefern Foods. The grocers adopted the ShopRite name in 1951 and grew to 70 total members by 1961.

Today, they are one of the largest supermarket chains in the Northeastern United States, with 296 stores that employ more than 50,000 people, so job opportunities are many. The franchise has expanded to include ShopRite Wines & Spirits, with locations both inside and independent of ShopRite supermarkets. They have also launched a website,, which offers non-food goods to customers across the nation.

Although they have grown significantly since their beginnings, the cooperative still strives to maintain a family owned-and-operated feel. Several of the supermarkets are still owned by their original families, having been handed down through the generations. They are also dedicated to helping the surrounding communities by contributing to local food banks and helping to educate and support special needs children in their surrounding area.

This community-centric attitude, combined with a drive to excel as the premier supermarket cooperative in the industry, makes ShopRite an exciting and rewarding place to work. See the link below for how to apply for ShopRite online.

ShopRite Careers

ShopRite and the Wakefern Foods Corporation offer a multitude of jobs for all experience and education levels. In-store positions are available at many locations for both degreed professionals and non-degree holders. ShopRite jobs include clerks at areas such as the deli, floral area, bakery and customer service, as well as baggers, bookkeepers, maintenance crew, and pharmacists.

Individuals with degrees in finance, marketing, business, and more can find fulfilling careers at the Wakefern Corporation. Positions include financial analyst, digital marketing specialist, call center representative, and more. Wakefern also offers a 1-year “Leaders-In-Training” Program that puts young professionals on track to become a leader with Wakefern. The four career paths are information technology, procurement, support services, and logistics. Interested individuals can follow the link below.

How old do you have to be to work at ShopRite?

The minimum age to apply for jobs at ShopRite is 16 years old. Other requirements include excellent understanding of English, standing or walking for a shift, and for some jobs the ability to lift and carry moderate weight (25-50 lbs). Individuals looking to begin their ShopRite careers should ensure they meet the above standards before hiring on.

ShopRite and Wakefern Corporation offer competitive benefits upon employment. Medical benefits include both health and dental insurance and a vision care plan. A 401K is available to employees, as well as life, home, auto and pet insurance plans and reimbursement for tuition. Employees will receive paid time off for vacation and holidays. Other benefits include employee assistance and health programs and cell service discounts.

Because ShopRite stores are individually owned, operating hours will vary from store to store. However, the standard hours of operation are from 6am to 12 am, all 7 days a week.

ShopRite Job Descriptions

Below is a job description list for several ShopRite jobs.

Clerk- Clerks are responsible for managing certain areas of the supermarket. These may include the bakery, deli, dairy section, produce, and more. Clerks are responsible for answering any customer questions with exceptional customer service and kindness. They should be knowledgeable about their area and are responsible for keeping the area clean and organized per the food handling procedures. Clerks may earn $8-11/hr. Nighttime and weekend flexibility is required.

Cashier- Cashiers are responsible for scanning, pricing and bagging products when the customer buys them. This job requires excellent customer service, ability to stand for an entire shift, effectively scan and bag products as quickly as possible, and promptly attend to returned or damaged goods at the checkout. Cashier salary usually starts at minimum wage ($7.25-$9 in the Northeast). Nighttime and weekend flexibility required.

Store Manager- Managers must lead and maintain the supermarket. Responsibilities include effectively leading store operation, keeping track of store expenses such as payroll and goods, developing members of the staff and evaluating performance, and providing exceptional customer service. These positions typically require 3-5 years of managerial experience and a college degree is preferred. Managers can expect to make $45,000-$65,000 annually, plus benefits.

Merchandiser- Merchandisers are responsible for maintaining inventory to ensure that merchandise is available to customers. They also follow advertising schemes and sales to ensure that the most appealing and up-to-date merchandise is on the shelves. A merchandiser typically oversees one department, such as the dairy department. Experience as either a supermarket manager or a merchandiser is strongly preferred, as is a college degree. Average salary is $45,000 annually, plus benefits.

ShopRite Interview Questions

Below are some questions one may expect to hear at an interview with ShopRite.

Why would you like to work with ShopRite? This is a fairly standard question for any company to ask. However, that is no reason not to take it seriously. Be honest, and make sure you make several points about what has motivated you to apply.

Are you a customer-oriented person? ShopRite’s focus is on the customer; they have a passion for improving the lives of the people that shop there, and they will want you to share in that passion. Prepare some specific examples of your affinity for interacting with people.

Are you a team player? Working at any grocery store will involve teamwork, interfacing not only with your manager but also cashiers, clerks, merchandisers, maintenance workers, and more. It is important to show that you are capable of working effectively and pleasantly with a group of people.

How well do you handle a fast-paced environment? ShopRite mentions several times in their career promotions that they offer challenging work at a quick pace. You should be prepared to bring the same drive and excellence to your job that the Wakefern Foods Corporation as a whole possesses.

Where would you like your career with us to progress? The presence of programs like Leaders-In-Training demonstrate that ShopRite and Wakefern support careers, not short-term jobs. They want individuals with long-term vision. Relay your passions to the interviewer and discuss how you may be able to translate them into a long-term career path.

How flexible is your schedule? Night and weekend work is inherent to any job in a supermarket, except perhaps the manager. If your lifestyle makes you unavailable for work on nights and weekends, you are unlikely to be hired and should consider applying elsewhere.  

Advice for Free Application Process

There are several steps you should take before your interview to ensure your success. First, be prepared. Bring copies of your résumé for yourself and the interviewer. Do research on the particular store and any programs they participate in, such as donations to a food bank. Not only will your preparation impress the interviewer, it is important for you to know about where you are going to work.

Make sure your ShopRite application is carefully filled out and your résumé is up to date.  Whether you apply online or send in a printable application for ShopRite (see link below to download application form), ensure it is well written and legible. Errors in either of these documents demonstrate carelessness, which is undesirable to an employer. In addition, be honest when constructing your résumé.

If you prefer not to apply for ShopRite jobs online or via mail, you can also go into a local store for a direct application. This is more common for jobs such as cashier or clerk than for managerial jobs.

It is also important to make a first impression. Make sure you are well groomed, that your hair is styled, your breath is pleasant, and both your face and body are clean. Dress code for the interview may vary depending on the position; when applying for a cashier or clerk position, a nice button down or blouse and slacks may be sufficient, but for a manager interview, a suit would be more appropriate.

Job interview style will vary with the position; cashier or clerk interviews will be more informal and likely shorter, while interviews for professional positions such as store manager or financial analyst will be longer and go into more depth on job experience and suitability for the position. Make sure you are on time for your interview to demonstrate punctuality to the employer. Finally, relax and enjoy talking with the interviewer.

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