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Rent A Center

Rent-A-Center, or RAC, is a chain of rent-to-own stores based in the United States. The company sells furniture, appliances, and electronics. Customers receive the items on the day they make a contract for them, and pay them off over time, or rent them with an option to buy. Find a link for a Rent-A-Center application at the bottom.

The publicly owned business is traded on the NASDAQ as RCII. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, the company has over 4285 stores across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. More than 20,000 people are employed by this company. The company offers franchise opportunities through its subsidiary, Rent-A-Center Franchising International, Inc.

The company’s founder, Ernie Talley, opened Mr. T’s TV Rental in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960s. He had owned a regular retail company before that, and he saw many potential customers who were unable to afford items by buying them outright. His idea to open a business that would allow those people to rent items with an option to buy them formed the basis of RAC as it is today.

The company has provided support to numerous charitable organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Random Acts of Caring, Junior Achievement, North Texas Food Bank, and non-profits that support U.S. soldiers and their families. You can get a printable application for Rent-A-Center at the website below.

Rent-A-Center Careers

Well over 2000 Rent-A-Center jobs are listed on the company’s website. Examples of corporate level positions available include Director of Pricing, Chief of Staff- IT, Director-Risk Modeling & Decision Analytics, Franchise Consultant, Director of Mobile Merchandising, Liability Claim Analyst, Recruiter, Manager of Operations-Strategic Initiatives, Software Developer, and Worker’s Compensation Claims Analyst.

In-store offerings are for Area Operations Manager, Assistant Manager, Bilingual Customer Account Manager, Collection Specialist, Credit Assistant Manager, Customer Account Manager, Customer Account Representative, Customer Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Delivery Driver, District Manager, Manager in Training, Product Delivery Specialist, Sales Assistant, Sales Manager, and Store Manager. Browse job opportunities at the different locations at the website below.

How old do you have to be to work at Rent-A-Center?

You must be 18 to work at Rent-A-Center. Many positions require a valid driver license and a clean driving record. Read the job description carefully for any Rent-A-Center jobs that interest you. You can fill out employment applications at the company website.

Jobs with RAC come with attractive benefits. Along with standards like paid time off, life and health insurances, including vision and dental, and 401(k), the business offers a Coworker Assistance Plan. This plan assists employees with difficulties get help with budgeting, legal problems, child care, and more. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Saturday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Rent-A-Center Job Descriptions

Delivery Driver – As a Delivery Driver, you would load and unload the company vehicle, deliver items to customers, pick up items from customers, refurbish merchandise, and keep the truck, storeroom and backroom areas clean. You must have a high school diploma, a driver license, two years of driving experience, and be able to lift heavy objects. This position starts at minimum wage, which varies by state.

Collection Specialist – The Collection Specialist collects on past due accounts, drives company vehicle to past-due customers’ residences, makes payment arrangements with past-due people, and sometimes repossesses items. Requirements are a high school diploma, an operator’s license, and professional manor and dress. Salary for this position starts around $10.00 per hour, and can pay several dollars more.

Sales Assistant – As a Sales Assistant, you would assist customers by explaining rent-to-own transactions, prompting them to make timely payments, and keeping records of accounts. You would need to be proficient in Windows. Experience and an associate’s degree preferred, but not required. You would start at or a little above minimum wage, which is typical in the retail industry.

Sales Manager – The Sales Manager plans the work day, makes schedules, trains employees, monitors the store’s finances, assists customers, and works with the staff as a team. At least one year of experience and proficiency in Windows are required, and an associate’s degree is preferred. You can apply online for Rent-A-Center careers.

Rent-A-Center interview Questions

Be prepared to answer questions like these when you interview for a career with RAC:

Would you describe yourself as self-motivated? This retailer prefers hiring people who are enthusiastic, positive, and hard working. Smile at your interviewer and remember to make eye contact as you give examples to show that you have those qualities. You can read job responsibilities and download application form at their website.

Have you participated in any charitable events or organizations? This business has donated well over a million dollars to various charitable organizations and food banks over the years. Discussing your own volunteerism or donations will help establish that you fit in with the company’s outlook. Find local Rent-A-Center jobs online.

How would you talk to a customer who couldn’t pay on time? Unfortunately, dealing with customers who can’t make timely payments is an expected part of this job. The business has guidelines for behavior that you will be expected to learn. It is important that you treat all clients with kindness.

Have you ever been hurt by gossip or cliquish behavior? Respect for coworkers and customers is part of the core values of RAC. Your interviewer wants to know that you will cooperate with your coworkers and be respectful of everyone. You can apply for jobs at Rent-A-Center at their website.

Are you interested in owning a franchise someday? This growing business has opportunities for people who are interested in owning their own franchise. If you would like to own your own business one day through your experience with the company, ask about it. It isn’t too soon to plan for your future with RAC.

Advice for Application Process

This company is looking for people who work hard, are trustworthy, and respect each other. You’ll want to convey that you have these qualities with the first impression that you make. To get a Rent-A-Center application, click on a job that interests you at their website, and that will lead you to a printable application form.

Don’t be late for your interview. You’ll want to be on time, dressed professionally, and prepared with any papers you need. Fill out a Rent-A-Center job application online. The free application process is easy, and you’ll be glad you used the online application the company offers when they call you in for an interview.

Make sure you thank your interviewer for their time. If you would like to know how to apply for Rent-A-Center online, go to the website through the application links below. While you’re there, read about the different careers offered and fill out a direct application. You won’t need a resume, just filling out the application form will be enough.

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