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In the heart of The Big Apple lies a giant.  Sleepy’s is a leading mattress and bedding retailer.  It also sells bedroom furnitures, decorations and storage solutions.

In 1931, Louis Acker and his son turned a dream into reality and opened their first mattress store.  They didn’t sleep on the job and turned the business into an empire of its own.  However, in 2015, it was acquired by competitor Mattress Firm.

The company primarily operates in the northeastern region.  Always hungry for expansion, it managed to place itself in fastest-growing furniture retailer list twice in the past 7 years.  The 1-800-Mattress network is also owned by the cushion authority.

Benefits such as health, disability, life, accident and dental insurance plans, vision care, time-off, EAP, 401k, and tuition reimbursement are waiting for would-be employees.  If those are not enough, there are also employee discounts.

The workers praise the stability and growth of Sleepy’s, with lots of perks and ways to make money once inside.  There is great room for growth and advancement.  Oh, and the dress code is casual.

How old do you have to be to work at Sleepy’s?

To join the team of sleep-loving professionals, you have to be at least 18 years old.  This is a fixed requirement in all US states.

Sleepy’s Careers

Customer Service Representative: Their primary role is to interact with customers about the products and respond to concerns.  Must be at least a high school graduate with pleasing personality.

Inventory Auditor: They ensure the accuracy of inventory stock to the database.  In case of discrepancies, the auditor must be able to investigate and work to solve the problem.

Assistant Sales Manager: They assist the sales manager and store manager in their duties and responsibilities.  Can also act as either manager when both are not present.

Maintenance Technician: Their main duty is to “maintain” the carpentry, electrical, and janitorial status of the store.  Must have a variety of skills in areas covered.

Sleepy’s is hiring not only people working in stores, but also outside.  Here are some its job openings: sales associate, delivery driver, human resources manager, store manager and administrative assistant.

Sleepy’s Application

Interested applicants may apply in one of its stores, online, or through a recruiter.  The hiring process usually takes a couple of weeks before the final interview.  Questionnaires, behavioral screening and aptitude tests may be part of recruitment.

If you apply online, you can check the status of your application in their website instead of calling the store or the recruiter.  Another advantage of online application is the ability to apply to multiple openings.  Links can be found below.

Always be specific and precise in filling out the job application.  Never make the mistake of generalization.  Making a little research about the company and the industry before applying can do wonders.

Make your resume a strong one. It should be able to highlight your strengths and achievements.  Let your future employer know your potential.  Make them feel that they need you, and not the other way around.

Close the deal with the interview.  At this point they have already rated your skills.  Now, it’s all about your attitude and interaction skills.  Dress professional, be professional.  Relax, it may turn out more of a casual conversation rather than an actual interview.

Facts About Sleepy’s

It may be a mattress empire, but the culture inside a store is a lively one.  Co-workers are helpful and cordial.  Outside events, such as the annual summer barbecue, help create solid a solid bond among its workers.

Through the years, the company has fought a number of lawsuits.  One of the biggest was a lawsuit against Sleepy’s alleged misleding return policies in 2004.  The mattress giant agreed to pay a whopping $750000.

Sleepy’s is a known supporter of the servicemen.  Wanting to serve those who serve, the company offers a 15% on its product to police officers, military and firefighters.  It is their way of giving back to those who gave so much.

Speaking of giving back, the organization is also active in philanthropy.  In recent years, it has partnered itself to at least 10 charitable programs and organizations such as Covenant House, American Cancer Society, United Way, etc.

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