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Smith’s Food & Drug Centers a supermarket chain that mainly operates in western US states.  Most of its sites are traditonal supermarkets with bakery and pharmacy add-ons, hence the name.

The company started as a simple convenience store owned by founder Lorenzo Smith.  The store grew exponentially, and in 1997 it was acquired by Fred Meyer for $700 million.  Two years later, it was absorbed by current owner Kroger.

While Lorenzo Smith was the founder of Smith’s, it was his son Dee Smith who took the company to great heights.  He promoted the store in boxing and wrestling matches that he promoted.  The supermarket empire now has more than 130 stores.

Employees are enjoying numerous benefits the company gives.  Aside from the usual coverages and retirement plans from other companies, Smith’s also offers military leave, and discounts with other partner companies such as cell phones, cars etc.

Aside from the pay and benefits, employees also praise the advancement opportunities even those without college degrees.  Management offers a flexible.  A perfect haven for hardworking people.

How old do you have to be to work at Smith’s Food and Drug?

You have to be at least 18 years old to work full-time at the supermarket chain.  However, given the nature of the jobs and the frequency of part-time employees, the company offers jobs to individuals 16 years old and above.

Smith’s Food and Drug Careers

Cashier: An entry-level position that involves a great deal of customer interaction. Primary duty is operating a computerized POS terminal.  The position has minimal requirements, and is perfect for newbie job seekers.

Bagger: Puts purchased groceries in plastic or paper bags for customers.  Sometimes, a bagger carries the groceries right inside customers’ vehicles.  A bagger needs to be fast and courteous.

Customer Service Representative: Another entry-level position that includes a lot of customer interaction. They tend to customer inquiries and offer product recommendations. Good communication skills, in addition to a bright and cheerful personality, are required.

Assistant Store Manager: Just as the name implies, the assistant store manager assists the store manager in responsibility of the store. Flexibility is needed as the duties range widely from monitoring inventory to responding to customer needs and concerns.

There are always vacancies in an ever-growing corporation.  Other in-demand company positions are stock clerk, glocery clerk, store manager and meat handler.

Smith’s Food and Drug Application

Application process starts at stores where applicants inquire about vacancies.  Each applicant fills up an application form that asks basic information.  While the application process takes at least a week, referred applicants get interviewed in just one or two days.

Online application is available on the parent company’s website. There you can search openings depending on location.  Online process is easier than the walk-in process.  The link can be found below.

Since all applicants sign the same application form, make yours stand out by using powerful words and job-specific skills. Answer honestly and precisely because minor alterations such as on degree grade can result to a felony.

Resumes can make or break a good recruitment process. Make impactful opening lines to draw the attention of the recruiter. Place skills related to desired position on top.

Applicants may get a screening call first before the actual interview.  Prepare to answer the most basic interview questions on both occasions.  Remember to smile and make the interview a fun interaction.

Things to know about Smith’s Food and Drug

Culture in a Smith’s store is a tight-knit one.  Co-workers are generally nice, and the atmosphere is young and lively.  There are also company parties where they get to bond more.

In an attempt to solidify its hold in Utah, the company recently opened its third new store in a 12-month span located in Davis County.  It

boasts a floor area of 103000 sq. ft.  To compensate for the larger size, an additional 100 workers were added to the usual number.

Smith’s, by way of Kroger, is a known supporter of the US military.  Together with USO, they established Honoring our Heroes, a program dedicated in serving servicemen and their families, as well as veterans.

In addition to the military, the company is also dedicated in their desire to help out the community, particulary in education.  Last year alone, more than $30 million dollars were donated to support educational programs of local schools.

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