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Smokey Bones

At Smokey Bones specializes in three things: good food, good drinks and good times.  They believe in laughing often, especially at themselves and harness a culture that enhances people’s lives through food, fun, friendship, and the occasional free drink.  To begin your search for Smokey Bones jobs, click the link provided near the bottom and fill out the Smokey Bones application.

This company was opened in Orland in 1999 under Darden Restaurants.  Darden Restaurants sold the company to Barbeque Integrated Inc., in December 2007.  Their headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida.

They believe that each person should be themselves and be accountable for their actions.  They also value those people who are bold, embrace excitement, have integrity and respect in all things that they do.

The company considers their people as being the spark that ignites energy, which fuels the bonfires of success. They look for candidates who are confident, courageous, motivated and work to have a good time. How to apply for Smokey Bones online?  Simply locate the link under the heading Job Links and search for Smokey Bones jobs that fit your personality.  Once you find the perfect position, submit your Smokey Bones application.

Smokey Bones Careers

There are three different types of career paths that can be chosen.  There are hourly jobs, managerial positions, and support center opportunities.  Some of the hourly positions include Bartender JobsServer JobsGreeter JobsBusserCook and Dishwasher.

The management jobs are in the areas of Culinary, Service, Bar and General Managers.  Support center opportunities include positions within finances, information systems, marketing, and training.  These openings and more can be found when you look for Smokey Bones jobs online.

How old do you have to be to work at Smokey Bones?

The minimum age requirement to work for this company is 18 years of age or older for most positions; however, there are opportunities for candidates who are 16 years old.

Smokey Bones benefits include Health saving account, vision and dental plan, individual and dependent life insurance, and short or long term disability insurance, vacation time that accrues the longer you work for the company, leave of absence, holidays, tuition reimbursement, a 25% meal discount, and manager referral.

There is not a printable application for Smokey Bones available for download.  However, you can go into your nearest location to apply in person.  Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday from 11:00am to 10:00pm and Friday and Saturday from 11:00am to 12:00am.

Smokey Bones Job Descriptions

Server – This role is responsible for bringing food and drinks to customers while providing assistance and friendly interaction.  Other duties include answering customer questions, refilling drinks, taking orders and carrying plates to dining areas.  Wages start around $5.00 per hour plus tips, depending on the state where you work.

Host/Hostess – The Host/Hostess position ensures excellent customer service by greeting guests upon arrival and providing customers with pagers to advise them when their table has become available.  Other responsibilities include communicating with servers and managers and monitoring the cleanliness of the dining and lobby areas.  The typical wage for this position is between the state minimum and $9.00 per hour depending on experience.

Cook – The Cook position encompasses culinary artists to grill masters and they are responsible for providing quality meals that follow the prescribed company recipes and ensuring that their areas are stocked and kept clean.  Other duties include following all food safety guidelines and making sure that sanitation procedures are being followed.  Average hourly pay is between $12.00 and $15.00 per hour.

Bartender – The responsibilities of the Bartender is to mix drinks while being fast and friendly.  This role is also responsible for keeping the bar area stocked, complying with beverage and alcohol standards, and following the company’s responsible service of alcohol policy.  The average hourly wage for this position is up to $8.00 per hour plus tips.

Smokey Bones Interview Questions

The following questions have been listed as examples of the types of interview questions that you will face for a position within this industry.

What about you will improve the company and/or increase customer experience?  Smokey Bones is a unique grill and bar that prides itself of allowing their employees to be themselves.  This question is an excellent opportunity to show off your skills and your personality.

Would you rather miss a detail in order to reach a deadline, or miss a deadline in order to attend to a detail and execute a job perfectly?”  This is a trick question.  The ideal candidate will want to reach the deadline on time AND execute a job perfectly instead of choosing one or the other.

What made you want to work in the restaurant industry?  This is a personal question that should be answered by explaining what motivates you.  Some examples would be that you like working with people, you love giving exceptional service and being able to know that you have done a job well done immediately by the reactions of your customers, or that you like being busy and the restaurant industry can provide that for you.

Are you comfortable working in a fast paced, demanding environment?  Though this sounds like a simple yes or no question, it really is not.  After you have answered, you should follow up with examples from your previous experience that proves that you are comfortable in this type of environment.

How much do you know about our concept?  This is a test question to discover if you are serious about the company that you want to work with.  This question is a typical question for most employers so it is always a good idea to do your homework and research the company and the position that you are applying for.

Advice for Application Process

Create or update your resume keeping the length to no more than two pages.  Set aside at least an hour to complete your application as there will be some assessment tests that you will most likely take.  Once you have completed the application, double check to ensure that everything is correct before you submit it.

On the day of the interview, arrive on time and dress appropriately for the position that you are applying for.  Style your hair out of your face and off your shoulders, wear natural makeup, be clean shaven, and leave the dangly jewelry at home.  Go to your interview with an animated and positive attitude.

When answering the interview questions, be concise and use your past experience as examples.  Keep your answers to no more than two minutes in length and use this time to interview the hiring manager as well.  Clarify details of the job that you are applying for, ask about career growth, and inquire about where the hiring manager sees the company going in the future.

At the conclusion of the interview, thank the recruiter for his or her time and for considering you for the position.  Email or write a thank you note and follow up on the interview in about a week if you have not heard a decision.

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