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The company was founded in February 1934 by a gentleman named Gus Belt in Normal, Illinois.  They value people and want to make a fast paced work environment enjoyable.  You may be asking how to apply for Steak ‘N Shake online.  Simply find the job link located near the bottom, search for Steak ‘N Shake jobs, and submit your Steak ‘N Shake application.

This company has a mission to constantly serve their customers the highest quality burgers and shakes along with extending them outstanding service at the lowest rates possible.  This mission has been the basis of the company for over 80 years and has served them well.  They also have a vision to lead and dominate the premium burger and milkshake area of the restaurant industry.

Mr. Belt had this vision as well and proved it by bringing in a wheelbarrow full of steak that he proceeded to grind into hamburger in front of his customers.  This served to prove that his steak-burgers were steaks, and that they were as fresh as he claimed.  Today, they have over 500 restaurants in 21 states.

The employees and management team work together to support their vision and mission to get results.  They place high value on consistent execution, they work fast, with focus and a relentless pursuit of excellence, and they exercise the functions of integrity, intelligence, and passion.  The company has a performance-based culture and they select leaders and team members who have a high level of integrity and intellect.

This is a great place to begin your career in the restaurant industry.  Start out by searching the available Steak ‘N Shake jobs, the fill out the Steak ‘N Shake application.

Steak ‘N Shake Careers

There are three basic positions within the restaurant.  Those positions include Restaurant Associate, Manager, and General Manager.  Entry level is an hourly wage that is at or slightly above minimum wage.

There is more Steak ‘N Shake careers found at the corporate level.  A few of those positions include Field Human Resource Manager, Instructional Design Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, and Marketing Manager.  More opportunities can be found as you continue your search for Steak ‘N Shake jobs online.

How old do you have to be to work at Steak ‘N Shake?

In order to work at this company, you must be at least 16 years of age or older.

There are many benefits to being an employee for Steak ‘N Shake.  Some of those benefits include 24 hour flexibility in scheduling, great pay, and medical benefits.  Full-time eligible employees also receive 401k, life insurance, dental insurance, and meal discounts.

Listed below the Job Links heading is a printable application for Steak ‘N Shake that you can download, fill out, and submit in person.  Business hours vary by location, so make sure you contact your local store.  Otherwise, you can apply for jobs at Steak ‘N Shake online.

Steak ‘N Shake Job Description

Grill/Line Cook – The Grill/Line Cook is responsible for preparing all products according to specification, utilizing grill, bun, toaster, fryer, shake mixer and other equipment, and monitoring equipment temperature and settings.  Other duties include monitoring cook times, cleaning and maintaining all equipment, floors, and utensils, preparing food products as displayed, and maintaining safety and security procedures at all times.

Server – The Server delivers prepared drinks, side dishes, shakes, and food within the designated timeframe using Steak ‘N Shakes seven steps of service.  This role will also maintain guest sensitivity at all times, clean and restock all guest areas, and maintain floors and all surrounding guest areas.

Cashier/Drive-Thru Operator – This role is responsible for providing hospitable service to all drive-thru and counter guests, maintaining guest sensitivity, taking orders and accurately keys them into the point of service system, and preparing and delivering drinks and other orders in a quick manner.  Other duties include processing cash, credit and coupon transactions; and stocking, restocking, cleaning and sanitizing the counter and drive-thru area.

Manager – The Manager is responsible for ensuring that the restaurant is running smoothly and making the guests the number one priority.  To achieve this, the Manager will ensure that all team members consistently adhere to the company’s policies, procedures and specifications and follow up on the delivery of service.  Other duties include assessing team members’ performance and coaching on opportunities that have been identified, tracking procedure execution and conducting training and development for team members.

Steak ‘N Shake Interview Questions

The following questions are those typically asked when interviewing for a position in the restaurant industry.

How familiar are you with the company’s culture?  This is where you can show off how much you researched about the company, the position, and the culture.  You should also reflect whether you believe in the culture and how you would uphold it if given the opportunity.

What does the golden rule mean to you?  Pretty much everyone knows what the golden rule is.  When you recite it to the interviewer, give examples of how this rule would be effective in a restaurant setting and how applying it would give exceptional customer service.

Why do you want to work for Steak ‘N Shake?  When answering this question, you can explain what the mission statement is, what kind of service that you have noticed since entering the restaurant, and what contribution you can give to ensure that the restaurant runs even better.

What is more important, a good product or fast and friendly service?  This is a tricky question because some places have horrible food but the service and entertainment make them a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.  Other places have great food but lousy service, yet customers still come to the restaurant.  Ideally, both aspects are equally important.  If the restaurant has both good food and fast and friendly service, then it is sure to be a huge hit.

Advice for Application Process

The application and interview process depends largely on how many positions are being filled and how many applicants are vying for the open positions.  So, it is very important that you stand out from the crowd.  The first step of doing this is to create or update your resume.  Even if you are still in school, you can have volunteer work, and school employment listed as work experience.

You should also research the company and write a list of questions regarding the company and the position.  Once you have completed your resume and application, give the hiring manager a week to invite you for an interview.  If you have not been contacted within a week, then call to check on the status of your application.  Only call once a week; this shows persistence without being a pest.

You will want to dress business casual while practicing good hygiene habits for your interview.  Style your hair out of your face and off your shoulders, where natural makeup, be clean shaven, and leave the dangly jewelry at home.  Before entering the building, spit out gum and turn off your cell phone to minimize any distractions.

If this is your first interview, or if you get nervous for interviews, take a deep breath and smile as you enter the building.  Advise the closest team member that you are there for an interview and introduce yourself by name.  Shake hands and introduce yourself again to the hiring manager.

You should look relaxed while keeping a straight posture and making eye contact during the interview. Be concise and use your past experience as examples when answering questions.  At the conclusion of the interview, thank the recruiter for his or her time and for considering you for the position.  Follow up on the interview in about a week if you have not heard a decision.

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