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Togo’s is a chain of West Coast fast food restaurants known for its meaty sub sandwiches made of high quality and fresh ingredients. Franchise holders operate the majority of the sandwich shop’s locations.

San Jose State University student, Mike Cobler, founded the sandwich shop and its first location was near the university campus. Following the opening of a second shop downtown, the company started franchising locations in 1977 throughout the state.

It currently has some 250 locations mainly based in the West Coast. Its locations have been consistently recognized for their high quality sandwiches, including the Sacramento branches being named Best Sandwich Shop eight years in a row.

Since Togo’s is a franchise-based business, there are no consistent benefits packages across locations. Each franchise holder offers its own benefits including health insurance and participation in a 401(k) retirement plan.

Although conditions differ among various locations, employees said that they found the working environment fun and enjoyed the fast-paced job. In addition, they liked the flexible schedules.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Togo’s?

The minimum age to apply for a job at a location is sixteen. The lower age allows students to work at a branch as their first job.

Togo’s Careers

Cashiers ring out customers’ orders and help ensure that they have a good experience dining at the sandwich shop. When not assisting patrons, they may also be asked to perform other duties such as helping to tidy the shop.

Prep Team members prepare customers’ orders, ensuring that they are up to the high standards set by the brand. Their other duties may also include ensuring that the shop is clean and organizing the work areas.

Team Leaders work with prep team members to ensure the quality of their service. They also run the day-to-day operations of a location. Their duties include scheduling assignments for employees, managing stock and ensuring that safety standards are met.

Catering Leaders are tasked with building up the catering business of various locations. Their duties include contacting prospective clients to generate business, assembling and delivering orders and making follow-up calls.

Other common in-store positions include assistant managers who supervise team members, store managers who oversee the operations of a location and cooks who prepare the food and ensure that it adheres to high quality standards.

Togo’s Application

Before applying for a position, the applicant must find a location close to where they reside or study. They must then contact the location owner in person to inquire about available positions.

Since each location is a separate entity, there are no online application forms. You will have to visit the physical location to fill up the required forms.

During your visit to the location, make sure to showcase your skills. Be prepared to show the best version of yourself as an employee and what can you bring to the company.

Due to the low minimum hiring age, a resume is not required for team positions. Applicants for management positions should stress work experience relevant to the responsibilities they will undertake at a location.

Since you may be interviewed on the spot when you apply, you need to dress appropriately. During the interview, communicate that you are ready to handle the fast-paced environment and the responsibility of working at a sandwich shop.

Facts About Togo’s

Although the culture varies from location to location, team leaders and managers worked to make employees feel at home. Co-workers also enjoyed friendly relations with each other.

Togo’s recently celebrated its 45th anniversary and is seeking to build on its brand by expanding its network of locations. It is currently seeking more franchisees to double the number of branches over the next few years.

The sandwich shop chain is known for its oversized sandwiches that use premium ingredients such as proprietary pastrami and slow roasted turkey that is 98% fat free. Its homemade tuna and chicken salad also help set the brand apart.

As part of its efforts to support the growth of its employees, Togo’s offers an annual education fund. The Fund provides $1,000 scholarships to employees who plan to enroll in, or are currently enrolled in, a continuing education program.

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