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The grocery supermarket industry has gained huge popularity and has developed many well-known leaders.  In New York and Northern Pennsylvania, Tops Market is one of them.  Today they operate 126 stores. Anyone interested in submitting a Tops application can find the online application readily available through their Tops jobs link.

This leader in the supermarket first came about in 1962 with the willpower of Ferrante Castellani when he opened his first store called Great Bear Market.  Later, his sons managed the store and expanded in 1970 with a store in Niagara Falls, NY.  Through many acquisitions and alliances, their company began to grow and change later going back to its local roots.  After being managed by other companies such as Konikijke Ahold, they went back to being locally owned.

They offer a plethora of self-serve services such as gas stations, self-check outs, recipe kiosks, and provide their guests with a TOPS bonus program.  Their costumers save by using their bonus points on weekly promotions and gas points.  They also provide an in-house butcher, baker, ready to eat foods, a pharmacy, and more.  A fast and efficient shopping experience is what they strive for and have successfully achieved that.

Tops careers help the community not only employing over 13,000 people, but also in giving back to those that need it.  Tops Market believes in ending hunger and donate over $10 million to charities like March of dimes, women and children’s hospitals, scholarships, and more.  Everyone want to shop at a supermarket with a neighborhood feel and Tops Market has certainly achieved that.

Tops Friendly Market Careers

It is now very simple to apply for jobs at Tops.  Tops jobs are available in any of their 150 stores because they believe in allowing each associate to move up to the next level through professional and career development.  This allows for more jobs to be available.  The many locations for this seasoned supermarket are hiring for positions such as cashier, butcher, bakery, flower shop, and more.

You may also look at their distribution and transportation job opportunities. These associates deliver and select the products that are being sold at all of the local markets.  You can become a delivery driver or a grocery selector for the grocery and frozen department.  Management positions are also available which have diverse roles such as assistant floor manager, bakery manager, general store manager, and regional manager.

The corporate positions as basically the glue that holds everything together.  You may find positions in the accounting department, pricing and selection department, finance, technology and information, advertising and marketing, and more.  The other available department is in the pharmacy.  For these positions, you will be required to have a college degree or certification.

Each position also comes with an exciting benefits package which includes, medical, dental, and vision insurance, a retirement plan, paid vacation, flexible hours, training programs, and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Tops?

There is a minimum age of 16 years old to be able to work there.  Each free application that you fill out online will tell you the minimum age for that particular position.  Stores open daily from 7 am to 12 am.

Tops Friendly Market Job Descriptions

Cashier- Responsibilities include engaging with customers at the end of their shopping experience ensuring they found what they were looking for.  Scan and process payment, coupons, and bonus points fast and efficiently while asking the customer to return to their store for future grocery needs.  They average an hourly pay of about $9.

Florist- Creatively put together bouquets and flower arrangements.  Ensure the healthy life of the plants and flowers by caring after them correctly.  Assist customers in finding the perfect gift and upsell balloons or vases.  Greets customers in a friendly manner and maintains area clean.  Salary of $9 an hour.

Bakery- Preparation of baked goods such as cookies, muffins, rolls.  They prepare special occasion cakes and answer phone to take orders.  Maintain work station clean and sanitized per company standards.  Arrange displays and maintain the freshness of the products.  Their average hourly wage is around $8.44.

Delivery Driver- Drivers work together with the produce/grocer selector and load and unload the products on time to each store.  They ensure the quality and freshness of the products are up to code and company policies.  They average an hourly wage of $13.60.

Manager- Responsible for driving the profitability of the store to success.  They motivate and train personnel and supervise each department to ensure adherence to company policy.  Provide excellent customer service and assist other associates when necessary.  A typical salary for a store manager is around $63k a year.

Tops Market Interview Questions

In order to secure a position in the many Tops careers, you must first submit a Tops application through the Tops job application online along with a resume (If you have one) and then appear for an interview and answer a few interview questions.

What would your references say about you? To answer this question you must sound confident yet humble.  Let them know what your previous positive experiences have been and how people perceive you in a positive way.

Are you able to handle cash and provide good customer service? You must be able to know how to handle cash properly while also giving good customer service.  Tell them that you are able to make change fast and can hold positive conversations with customers while handling their transaction.

What are your best traits? Enhancing some positive traits with adjectives will help you make yourself look like a valuable employee without sounding arrogant.  You can say that you are always on time, you make sure before you complete something you make sure it is right, or that you are a very positive and friendly person.

Are you looking for a long term position? Although you may not have plans to be there for a long time, letting them know that you respect their company and would like to see the benefits of career advancement within their departments is a good answer.  If you do want to be there for a long time, let them know your desire to grow with them.

Are you currently going to school? Many school aged people start out with them as a cashier or florist.  They support and give out scholarship to kids in school.  It could be beneficial to mention your career plans and what school you are attending as well as your availability.

Tops Advice for Application Process

When you search for Tops jobs online, you will find a printable application for Tops.  You can download application form and submit directly to the local store of your choice.  If you still have questions on how to apply for Tops online, simply go to the career website and read through the job descriptions for a link to the direct application for each position you are applying to.

When you apply online, you don’t need the printable application form.  Working for Tops is a very fun experience.  That is why their interviews are relaxed and easy to go through.  They will ask you a series of questions rewarding your previous employment experience.  Always sound positive and never say anything negative about any other previous jobs.

Applications don’t require a resume since the minimum age is 16 years old.  However, being prepared to answer any skill related question is highly recommended. A business casual attire will give a good impression to the hiring managers as well as a firm but friendly handshake.  You may have more than one interview or more than one interviewer.  Do not be nervous or fidgety.

Asking questions or pointing out positive things about the company is always suggested as it shows that you truly care about the company and carry yourself well with others.  Notations about your availability are important if you are attending school or have other prior commitments that won’t allow you to work certain hours or times.  Complete honesty is expected when submitting your application and during your interview.

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