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Toys R Us

Toys R Us is a company in the United States of America that deals with a wide range of kids’ products. The products range from toy cars, bicycles, baby mats to services like entertainment for kids, birthday cake making and a number of others. It has more than 865 stores in the United States with the main operation base in Wayne, New Jersey in the United States.

The company aims at delivering the best products to their highly esteemed customers be it kids or their parents. It seeks to bring joy to the lives of the customer, through easy access of services and products in their outstanding outlets across the globe and offering products at fair prices.

The company was founded by Charles Lazarus in 1945 as a baby-furniture retail store in Washington DC. Lazarus received significant orders of customers demanding baby toys and in extension products for older children. He responded by introducing these products in the store, and later Toy R Us stores was developed.

Why It Is a Good Place to Work In? The company is made up of employers who have an ear for their employees. They treat and handle them with care, salaries are promptly paid. The atmosphere is convenient and exciting for workers. Each person is held with respect and dignity. The working hours are good and commensurate with the wages given.

Toys R Us Careers

They have a number of careers for free application according to one’s career choice. These include managers, assistant managers, project management marketing, and business analyst forecasting.  Moreover, there are chances for corporate communication manager, director financial reporting, coordinator corporate philanthropy and designers. One can visit theit site to find and review Toys R Us careers available and how to apply for Toys R Us online. For those seeking employment in the positions listed above, they can download application forms or fill a printable application form. Printable application for Toys R Us are attached with a resume of the individual seeking the job.

In Toys R Us application, all the career opportunities available are open to all qualified candidates, local and international, who are interested in joining the company’s team of staff. These opportunities are presented equally, to all races and individuals who are confident to add value to the industry of toys. Whether an Analyst or an Internal Auditor, you can further your career through direct application to these job opportunities offered by Toys R.

How old do you have to be to work at Toys R Us?

One need to be an adult of above 18 years of age, have relevant skills in the field of interest, be a bachelor’s degree holder and has a minimum of two years experience in the job type to apply online for jobs at Toys R Us.  Most of the Toys R Us jobs require one to report to work in full schedule, meaning from morning to late in the evening.

In the case that one is hired in one of the, numerous benefits are accrued. These may include the best working environment which is conducive, good work experience coupled with good remuneration ranging from $ 9 per hour to $ 52 per hour.  For senior employees, their salaries are pinned at $ 78000 and above per month.

Toys R Us Job Descriptions

Business Analyst – They are incharge of foreseeing/ forecasting demand and provide relevant and timely statistical data, to help the company manage short term demand. One is supposed to develop strategies that will help hinder changes in demand in the future and hence prompt necessary actions to counter the occurrence. The analyst in conjunction with the planning and supply chain staff partner to make decision that correlate with other job posts.

Assistant Project Manager – An Assistant Project Manager is responsible for overseeing projects from when they are initiated to their completion. They are also charged responsible to planning and development of new projects. They develop and maintain high collaborative relationships while compiling and disseminating information of various projects to the concerned stakeholders.

Director Financial Reporter – The responsibilities of a Director Financial Reporter include filing all financial earning release. Filling legal entity bank reports and analysing call information. They manage an effective internal audit process and coordinate the annual Sarbanes –Oxley walk through and testing procedures. Planning and presenting CPE sessions is also their sole duty.

Designer –RUS – A Graphic designer creates creative and innovatively, high quality work in the standards of the brand. One has to conceptualize and develop strategic creative solutions for cross-channel marketing campaigns, adapting messages to suit the requirements of each media channel. They also design broader range of media, capacity to create visually compelling solutions for viewers while independently managing all responsibilities and timelines of assigned projects.

Toys R Us Interview Questions

In any form of employment be it formal or informal, one is likely to be interviewed to test his/her capability to handle Toys R Us jobs. Here are some of the interview questions one is likely to be asked at Toys R Us jobs online or at their different locations where hiring exercise is taking place.

Tell us about yourself? Here one needs to give a small account of who he/she is, where is he from? Academic qualifications, skills, his nature and character of a person.

Why should we hire you? In this question, one needs to convince the interviewer on the reasons as to why he/she should be hired. One has to state clearly his potentials and the capacity to handle the particular job. One should be precise and to the point on his quality and the ability to live to the expectations of the organization if successful after a Toys R Us application online process or during a face to face interview.

What are your past job experience? Here one need to explain where he/she has worked previously and the kind of experience gained. One should state clearly how the experience will add value to the company.

Why do you want to work at Toys R US? Here one need to explain what has motivated him/her to seek a job at the company. One should focus on explaining some of the positive strengths of the company that are very compelling and attractive to make one wish to work there

Which was your favorite childhood Toy? One should pick that toy that coincides with that popular during their time as a child. This serves as a test that they are familiar with toys and can recommended some good toys if hired.

Advice for Application Process

One should follow all relevant steps in the Toys R Us job application process. Skipping any of the steps would render the whole process perhaps, trash or even demand for it being redone. During the interview, first impression is vital. This implies that dressing formally is paramount to avoid injuring the reputation on the early stages of the process.

One should always respect the interviewers and the whole management. It is important to exude regards to the protocol of Toys R Us in a bid to win their trust. Most of the senior officials are infuriated at a slightest provocation. To avoid that, observe all the relevant protocols to be on the safe side as well as respond to questions with respect as much as possible.

It is also always advisable to do a background check of the company before indulging yourself in the whole application process. One should also be grateful for being given a chance to attend the interview. Being a candidate for any job position should be highly gratified since, very few people do get such chances.

It will always be better to try and speak well with fluent and quality English or any other language relevant to the interview. This way, the interviewer will gain trust in you fast and be confident that you will be an asset rather than a liability to the company. Maintain Eye contact with the interviewer as this will prove your level of honesty.

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