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White Castle is credited with the title of the first fast food chain in the United States of America which led to numerous imitations. The chain of restaurants was first founded in 1921 and remains an energetic environment that is always looking for new employees. To search for White Castle jobs and careers follow the White Castle application link at the bottom.

Walt Anderson and Billy Ingram, a cook and an insurance man, joined forces to open this chain, at a time when, the 1906 novel The Jungle, had made people scared because of the hygiene issues with the meat packing industry. However, to make people feel safe and to promote the restaurant’s cleanliness, the chain used white porcelain, stainless steel and spotless uniforms.

The company has wide range of services. The menu offers a variety of sliders, combos, big craves, sides and drinks, breakfast options and desserts. However, there is more to choose from with this chain. A number of signature products can also be found in the supermarket or you may try one of the recipes from the long list online or even take advantage of the catering service.

White Castle careers are an exceptional option. With this company you can anticipate a family environment with a lot of energetic colleagues who strive to create a memorable experience both for the employees and the customers. Search the several locations available where you will be able to apply for jobs at White Castle in the links given bellow.

White Castle Careers

Job opportunities can be expected in the restaurant, home office or the manufacturing plants. The home office operates from Columbus, Ohio and there you can expect to find a vibrant atmosphere with constant challenges and rewards that will keep you enthusiastic about your job.

If you are thinking to apply online for restaurant or manufacturing jobs, take into account this will be a fast paced environment where you will be surrounded by fun and dedicated coworkers that will make you feel like family and with whom you will most certainly get along.

How old do you have to be to work at White Castle?

To be a member of this team you have to be 16 years of age or older. The hiring requirements to apply for White Castle careers change amongst the different posts but as long as you are enthusiastic, hardworking, dedicated and work well in a team setting you are on the right track.

The benefits of working for this team will vary according to your position, experience and time with the company. Among them you can count paid training programs, potential for career growth, competitive pay, health, dental, retirement plans, paid time off and insurance.

Hours of operation are Monday to Thursday from 10:30am until 12:00am and 10:30am until 04:00am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, when looking for White Castle jobs online be sure to pay attention to the job description as the desired schedule should be present to help you make a more precise decision.

White Castle Job Descriptions

Team Member – This position implies serving customers and preparing food, receiving cash and other types of payment, as well as keeping the restaurant clean and tidy. For this reason it is important to feel comfortable working with cash registers, fryers and grills and having a well groomed appearance and strong health and safety values. The salary for this position easily is around $9/hour.

Quality Control Technician – This is an occupation that requires a more complete resume with vast education and work experience in this area. Knowledge using laboratory scales, thermometers, colorimeters and computers will be essential as you will be using them on a day to day basis to do quality control of the food. A pay around $40000/year can be expected.

Manager – This is a post that requires monitoring the performance of the complete restaurant, meaning the employees performance, the customer satisfaction and the overall store performance. Managers should also be able to perform every other task within the restaurant, when necessary, having themselves worked in those positions. Salary can be between $38000 and $58000 per year.

Assistant Manager – The assistant manager has the function of being the connection between the employees and the company leaders as well as reporting to the manager and assisting with anything he may require. The responsibilities assigned to the position are mainly supervisory and he should also be able to perform all the tasks for the positions bellow him. The pay for this occupation normally comes to $12/hour.

White Castle Interview Questions

After you are finished with your White Castle job application online it is essential to prepare for the interview by studying questions like the ones bellow.

What was your last job like? The employer may be looking for similarities between your previous job and the one you are applying for at this time. Be honest and describe your duties as well as how performing them may help you with the position with this company.

What did you like and dislike about your previous job? Your likes and dislikes about your previous position may be vital for the company to know whether you will do well or not with the duties being assigned to you. Choose your words carefully and be sure to talk about likes that match the position you applied for.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Be careful with your choice of words, as far as weaknesses go choose something you feel you still need to work on but that you are making an effort to better. Strengths wise talk about qualities that can help you in the job with this company.

How would you react if a customer got angry at you? Customer service plays a big part in the restaurant business so it is imperative that you know how to handle a customer. Use your experience and precise examples of similar situations you have been through in the past.

What can you bring to the company? Be honest and realistic and focus on your qualities and what might set you apart from your peers. Choose a quality you are proud of and that you know is strong.

Advice For Application Process

You should know that there is no printable application for White Castle, so you won’t be able to find a printable application form or download application form. If you wish, you may go to your local restaurant and ask for your employment options. The manager can help you by giving you directions as to how to apply for White Castle online.

Whether you chose to make a free application, a direct application or an online application it is important to be sure you researched the White Castle jobs properly and that you are ready to fill in the required information or send the required documentation swiftly and correctly. Be honest and truthful with all the information you submit.

Your White Castle application is the first contact the company will have with you which is why you have to be certain your application form gets attention. If you want to stop by the restaurant to know how your applications may be progressing, dress accordingly and show a friendly demeanor, but make sure you do not overdo it.

Pay close attention to your appearance when going to meet the hiring manager and be sure to always show respect and gratefulness for the opportunity the company is presenting you with. Being nice and demonstrating you have manners can also go a long way and set you apart from the other candidates.

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