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Founded by Sam Walton in 1962, Walmart continues to be a family owned business and a multinational retail industry corporation.  It’s the number one store in the world based on revenue.  It employs 2.2 million employees.  It is home for 15,000-50,000 Walmart job opportunities all around the world. A link located at the bottom will show you how to apply online in the Walmart direct applications site.

Walmart is still ran by the Walton family and is part of the Fortune Global 500 list.  The Walton’s family own more than 50 percent of Walmart’s holdings.  Its grocery business is the largest grocery retailer in the United States and has generated over $284 billion in sales in 2015.  Walmart has risen from being a regional retailer to a national leader in the industry.

From the 1990s its growth became apparent showing up from the West side of the country to the East side increasing even more their presence in every state.  The company’s success has been seen all over the world with different investments in other countries seen high revenue.  However, they have had little success in Germany and South Korea.

With many stores still being opened, the number of Walmart jobs and growth are enormous.  There are so many departments and managerial positions available that even starting at the entry level can bring you many long term and future benefits and area of growth within the company. Promotions from within are very popular in this industry.

Walmart Careers

With their mentoring programs, leadership courses, and associate resource groups, the room for growth and development is never ending.  There are plenty of manager in training positions available across their local retail stores.  Positions available in management range from Retail Area Manager to Manager in Training.  There are other areas besides management such as corporate jobs in accounting, human resources, compliance, communication and corporate affairs, and many more.

There are also many entry level and hourly positions with competitive wages and benefits.  To find these positions, you may go online through the career center in their career website.  Positions range from merchandiser, loss prevention specialist, sales floor, health and wellness, grocery, front end, and membership associate for clubs.

How old do you have to be to work at Walmart?

The minimum age required to work at Walmart is 16.  However, there are some positions that are restricted to a minimum age of 18 years old. When applying for a desired job, make sure to read the requirements prior to initiating the application process.

The Walmart careers are about growth.  Therefore, there is an ongoing set of learning guidelines and assistance.  The benefits to working for Walmart are extensive and include matching contributions to your 401K and stock purchase plan.  Employees also receive significant discounts on merchandise as shown on the Associate’s Discount Center online.  They also provide you with health and life insurance for you and your dependents.

With 4362 locations in 51 states, the hours of operation will vary from store to store and department.  Many Super-centers are open 24 hours where as other smaller neighborhood stores open at 6 am and close at midnight.  Depending on the location, some stores will remain open during holidays including Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

You can find many Walmart jobs online through the links at the bottom of the page and fill out a free application.

Walmart Job Descriptions

Walmart is always hiring for the following positons:

Cashier: The duties of a cashier are the most important since that is one of the last places the customer sees a store representative besides the greeter.  They scan and check out items purchased by the customer in a fast and friendly manner offering any assistance should they need it.  They operate the resisters and handle cash payments responsibly. Pays $8.80/hr. or more.

Stocker:  Performing the stocking duties include stocking sales floor with merchandise or groceries neatly and organized.  They are also there to provide assistance to customers that may need help finding something or have a question about products.  They are the face of the store while people are shopping. Pays $8.80 or more.

Inventory Associate:  As an Inventory associate, you will be managing and counting inventory for the stockers.  This job is highly important because it manages the merchandise and gets it ready for the sales floor after unloading the delivery trucks.  Therefore, these duties need to be performed accurately.  Pays $8.80 or more.

Manager in Training: Responsibilities include loss prevention and the supervision of the proper execution of customer service and assisting in leadership training.  In charge of improving profits by lowering losses as well as supervising asset protection practices.  Their role is very important since they are the eyes of the store that report back and resolve any issue that may arise. Salary depends on experience.

Courtesy Associate:  Being in this position requires a friendly attitude and attention to detail.  They are in charge of collecting and maintaining all the shopping carts in an organized manner.  They are also required to upkeep the front entrance of the store.  You must be friendly and available for assistance should a customer need your help. Pays $8.80 or more

Walmart Interview Questions

Once you have landed the interview, these are some questions you should be prepared to answer. Be sure to bring your resume.

The company’s focus is on sales and customer service. You can expect to be asked questions like: “Tell me about a time that a customer needed a lot of attention and how did you help them?”  They want to know that you are able to provide the type of customer service they are looking for.

Explain a time when you had to finish a task in a quick and efficient matter. How did you complete the task what tools did you use and how did it turn out?  Here they want to know that you are reliable and can complete tasks even under pressure.

Why should we hire you?  This question is very typical in many interviews yet very powerful.  Use this time to sell yourself to them without sounding over confident.  Tell them your strengths and why you are an asset to the company.

Having positive feedback from customers is every company’s main goal so asking, “Was there ever a customer who was particularly happy with the help you provided them?” is very important to ask in an interview.  Make sure to use a real story that had a positive outcome.

How have you used knowledge gained from past employers in your current situations?  Talk about any past employment experience that you use in your daily like time management, leadership, or organizational skills.  The interviewer wants to know that you implement important skills needed for the job in your daily life.

For higher level positions like managers, you may be asked questions like: “How many people have you previously managed in your career?” Answer these with positive notes and acknowledge that you have been a successful leader.

Advice for Application Process

It is important to always approach a new job possibility with a serious attitude.  An excellent way to ensure both you and the interviewer are relaxed and comfortable is to smile naturally and listen to the questions being asked.  Respond to the interviewer slowly with a clear tone of voice and answer every question clearly but short.

The Walmart application process can last up to 2 weeks.  The first interview will be very basic and fit to the desired position.  After the first interview has been completed, you may be sent to another person that will finalize the process.  The interview process takes about 15-20 minutes.  Be sure to have researched the position you are applying to so that you may answer quickly.

Dress appropriately in business casual clothes.  Look clean, well groomed, always smile and have direct subtle eye contact.  The dress attire always has a good impact on an interview if done properly.  You don’t need to wear a tie if you don’t have one but make sure to wear clean clothes and a tucked in shirt.  Be sure to always say thank you for the opportunity for the interview.

Many successful applicants receive an interview after receiving the application form and a job offer after the interview process.  You may follow up with them three days later.  If hired, you will be asked to go in for a drug screen. Apply for jobs at Walmart.  Visit one of the links below for:  Walmart job application online or printable application online for Walmart, or download application form.

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