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The Walgreen Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1901. The headquarters are in the suburbs of Chicago, in Deerfield, Illinois. It is one of the largest drug retail store in the United States with over 8,000 locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. The Walgreens application is founded from these attributes.

Walgreens values honesty, trust and integrity with the communities they serve, including their customers, shareholders, suppliers and amidst themselves. They take pride in providing quality reliable service, products and advice. By providing customers and patients a caring, and driven experience they issue terrific service and promote healthy results. Every team member has a strong community commitment and presence by having strong service, expertise and personal engagement skills.

There is a total of 8,232 Walgreens locations throughout all 50 states including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. They also operate specialty and home care facilities, mail and institutional pharmacies. In June of 2015, they ranked 35th in Fortune magazine’s 500 Largest U.S. companies list.

There is a wide variety of services available such as prevention and wellness where vaccines, physicals, health screenings & testing are offered. Customers can also conduct prescription refills, monitor ongoing conditions and manage their health by receiving medications and treatments. They also offer photo printing services for birthdays, weddings, and special events.

Walgreens Careers

Walgreens offers abundant distinctive job opportunities. Starting from photofinishing to store management and even to the pharmacy department, the employment opportunities are endless. Walgreens careers give you the chance to put your skills on display.These jobs show the range of talent they have and proves that working together makes the shopping experience for customers grand.

Their corporate careers hold responsibilities of establishing plans and actions for store locations, especially for the benefit of the health and wellness department. Jobs can stem anywhere from marketing to finance, information technology to human resources and even operations and support. Having a corporate career there will put you in a position to set the outline for helping consumers.

Walgreens jobs require individuals to have good punctuality, customer service skills, and hard work ethics. Make sure to stress these qualities on your application form and throughout the interview.

How old do you have to be to work at Walgreens?

To work as a clerk or cashier you must be at least 16 years old. Most of the other positions require you to be at least 18 years old.

With the most competitive employee benefits in the industry, Walgreens offers holiday vacation pay, employee discounts and prescription discounts. Employees that work at least 20+ hours a week also qualify for flex pay, profit sharing and an employee stock purchase plan. Full time benefits such as life insurance, medical plan/HMO coverage and dental coverage are offered to employees working 30+ hours a week.

The hours of operation vary by location. Most locations open as early as 7am and close at midnight. You can also find 24 hour locations, this may be a benefit if your local store is one of them. On most and almost all holidays they are open for business. On Christmas especially, non 24 hour locations remain open.

Walgreens Job Descriptions

Pharmacy Technician– On a daily basis a pharmacy technician is responsible for receiving and filling out prescription requests from hospitals, patients and nurses. They must be aware of all the doses, actions, uses, names of the medications in use. They also assist the pharmacist with pricing and preparing prescriptions. The pay can start off at $12/hr all the way to a maximum of $20/hr.

Assistant Manager– Assistant managers basically run the store. This involves checking in vendors, making sure the stock room is clean, receiving warehouse merchandise, stocking product, building the displays, and at most cash and floor crew management. The yearly salary for this position pays at least 43k a year.

Photo Specialist– Besides from operating processing equipment they monitor all orders, including unique orders such as mugs, photo calendars, and films. They are also responsible for negative processing, opening and transferring digital files, photo printing, and monitoring paper and ink supply levels. The pay can be at a minimum of $9/hr to a $14/hr maximum.

Service Clerk–  Throughout their shift a service clerk is responsible for recording and collecting the store revenue, understanding customers requests and resolving their problems, handling problems with billing of any sort and takes care of the organization of customer service. The pay is estimated to be about $9 an hour.

Cashier– Being a cashier involves greeting customers as they enter the store, directing phone calls to their respective departments, ringing up customers and making sure they were able to find all the items they came to purchase. The position does involve heavy lifting when necessary. The pay averages about $9 an hour.

Walgreens Interview Questions

When you fill out you Walgreens application and finally land an interview, it is important to be prepared and know what to expect for the interview. Here are a couple of examples.

Tell us about yourself. Tell the interviewer about your past work experience, your interests and education. Make sure your answer is short and right to the point.

Why do you want to work for Walgreens?  You can talk about the positive experience you have every time you visit Walgreens and how you would love to represent the company. You can also mention their merit to the community and how you appreciate their efforts.

What is your greatest strength? It is best to mention of your best qualities. If you are a fast learner say so. If you are a very personable individual also express this to the interviewer. They will be confident about training you and how representation of the brand if hired.

Why should I hire you? Enlist your best work ethics such as that fact that you are personable, always on time, a hard worker and work well over pressure. Any skills you have that are fitting the position you are applying for, alert the interviewer about them.

Where do you see yourself in five years? If you see yourself working there in the next 5 years, mention you can seeing yourself being promoted into management with more sharpened skills. Maybe you plan on attending college, if so state in during your interview. They are hiring ambitious individuals so it is important you have that quality.

Advice for Application Process

There are many options on how to apply for Walgreens jobs online. They are always hiring nationwide so it is sensible to make it as simple as possible for prospects to find out.  They have a free application prospects can apply online for a Walgreens jobs. Prospects can download application form, make sure it is a printable application form.

When you learn how to apply for Walgreens online you are a step closer to getting the job. The online application can be on the company’s website or with an direct application from job websites. You will also have the option of using a printable application form or to download application form.

Make sure when you are filling out the Walgreens job application online, you are prepared by having your email, an up to date resume, internet access, and employment history ready. The printable application for Walgreens is also an option, you can keep it for your own records or submit it to your chosen Walgreens location.

During your interview it is important to ask questions. Hiring managers are always looking for inquisitive people who are not afraid to gain clarity about the matters they are unsure about. It is best to come to the interview dressed professionally, first time impression certainly counts in the eyes of hiring managers.

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