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Waste Management

Waste Management, Inc. is a brand that started in 1971. It is a waste managing company that focuses on garbage disposal, and green initiatives. The company is located in Houston, Texas, and was founded by Wayne Huizenga and Dean Buntrock. At this moment the company is operating over 350 collection areas, 16 waste-into-energy sites, 146 recycling factories, and many more different operations. Keep reading to find out more about the Waste Management application.

Although this company is based in Texas, they are all over the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico offering services to millions of customers. They have the most trucks of any waste management company, and currently oversee half of all the garbage collecting services in the United States.

The company’s founder, Wayne Huizenga, was inspired to go into the collecting business because of a descendent of his, Harm Huizenga. Harm began moving garbage in 1871 for $1.25 a wagon in the Chicago. This lead to Wayne, Dean Buntrock, and Larry Beck founding the company Waste Management Inc. in 1968, and going public in 1972.

They began by purchasing many small collection services throughout the United States, and by 1972 they had made $82 million in revenue and had expanded into Canada. In 1993, they became WMX Technologies.

If you are interested in employment with Waste Management then fill out their free application which will be linked below. You will find out how to apply for Waste Management online, and will see the Waste Management application.

Waste Management Careers

Waste Management has a variety of careers for all people from any skill level. If you are interested in this industry, then Waste Management has jobs that you will enjoy. Some of the job opportunities you may encounter are: District Manager, Account Manager, Driver, Loader, Dispatch Center Supervisor, Small Equipment Operator, and many more. You are bound to find a local job that you will enjoy, and can find the printable application for Waste Management jobs online.

This company prides themselves on teamwork, and ensures that all their employees work well together. They are looking for people that are innovative, community oriented, concerned with safety, and interested, if not knowledgeable, about waste management. 

How old do you have to be to work at Waste Management?

You should be at least 18 years old to work at Waste Management. They are a good career choice for many students, and recent graduates.

Employing over 40,000 employees, this experienced company has great benefits for all eligible employees. These employees will be granted health care, including dental and vision plans, among other aids, family care, including scholarship programs and sick leave, and other financial and educational benefits.

If you would like to begin working for this company, and are interested in Waste Management jobs, then download application form or apply online. You can find the link is at the bottom of the page for Waste Management careers.

Waste Managament Job Descriptions

Account Manager – Account Managers are sales staff who promote Waste Management and try to boost revenue. These people are always trying to obtain new customers for the company, and are therefore vital to the operation. They also must maintain great relationships with current customers in order to confirm and sustain their satisfaction with the company.

District Manager of Collection – This position requires great managing and leadership skills. The person assigned to this job oversees the daily operations of collecting services. They are responsible for creating and upholding the presentation and efficiency, and also managing the budget well. Of course, the most important part of their job is ensuring all safety precautions are being upheld.

Driver Residential – As a residential driver you will be driving a heavy-duty truck in order to fulfill the collection services for many neighborhoods. You will transfer the loads to a disposal or recycle plant. Drivers are expected to inspect and ensure the safety of the vehicle that they are controlling. They must be aware at all times, and respectful of the customer’s property.

Dispatch Center Supervisor – This type of supervisor is responsible for overseeing day-to-day dispatch operations. They are also accountable for tracking the drivers. They should be familiar with GPS equipment, and are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of the drivers and loaders. They also create and coordinate schedules, and must makes sure all policies and safety precautions are being followed.

Welder Technician – The Welding Technician is a very important part of the Waste Management crew, and works closely with their equipment. They are on site to preform inspections and diagnostics of the machines used, and are often called upon to repair and weld containers and other mechanisms as needed.

Pizza Hut Interview Questions

If you are planning on getting an interview at Waste Management, here are some questions you may consider studying:

Why do you want to work for Waste Managment? This common question will likely be asked and, if not, you should go out of your way to answer it anyway. If you have any interest in the garbage disposal industry, then you may wish to express it, or if you believe you will gain valuable experience for furthering your skills you should say that too. 

What experience do you have? Depending on the job you are applying for you may want to highlight different experiences you have. For a driving job you would want to highlight your driving record, and any truck driving experience. As a loader, you would want to highlight heavy lifting experience, and working on a tight timeline. 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? This question is to give the interviewer an idea on whether or not you plan on having a long-term relationship with the company. If you want to climb their job ladder then express that here. If you want to find a long-term job you’re comfortable with, then say that. Do not lie if you are unsure. An unauthentic response is worse than an honest response.

When hiring for a sales job they may ask: What experience do you have working with the public? Be sure to highlight any retail or sales experience you have. Also, tell them if you are comfortable talking to people, and if you feel you are coercive or compelling.

Are you capable of working on a team? This question will likely be asked as this company is very team-oriented. Talk about any experience you have working with others including any relevant job, or schooling, experiences. Express that you can work well with others, but also mention that you can work strongly independently too.

Advice for Application Process

You can apply for jobs at Waste Management online, and also drop off their printable application form at any of their locations too. This company is looking for applications that stand out, so be sure to put your best foot forward. If you apply online with their direct application, make sure your resume stands out from the others since it will be your first impression.

If called upon for an interview, be sure to dress sensible and practical. For a salary job, that is most likely a management position, try to wear dress clothes and be clean. For a lower wage job ,such as driver or welder, there is no need for dressing very elaborate, but be sure to look well kept.

Although the interview is often short, you can make a lasting impression in that small amount of time. Bring a print out of your application form, resume, and cover letter even though they may already have a copy. Make sure you know the job description well, and be able to explain how you can fulfill the requirements. Express your interest in Waste Management jobs.

When exiting the interview, thank your interviewee(s) for their time and shake their hands. Ask any questions you may have, such as how long the process will be, and when you can expect to hear from them. Tell them you look forward to hearing from them, and thank them for considering you as an applicant.

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