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Wawa is a chain food store and gas stop for all travelers needs found primarily in the Mid-Atlantic States. The company prides itself on having clean, energetic stores that welcome individuals from the community and people who may want a quick stop from a long travel for a cup of coffee.

Interestingly enough, originally, the company was an iron foundry, which started in 1803. A man named George Wood moved to Delaware county Pennsylvania and started the Wawa dairy farm. The food market chain was founded in April of 1964 in Folsom Pennsylvania. The company quickly grew. In the span of 8 years, in 1972, Wawa already had 100 stores expanded across Delaware and New Jersey.

The Wawa name is taken from an Ojibwe word. Ojibwe or otherwise known as the Chippewa were a large group of Native Americans that resided in North America. The word means goose; it reflects much of the Wawa philosophy. This is because the goose signifies teamwork and group consensus. The goose is also on their trademark logo, which has not changed much since its implementation in 1974.

Although Wawa has remained a largely family owned company, today employees hold a large amount in stock. In terms of private companies Wawa is also impressively large, ranking 47th on Forbes list of largest private companies. The company is expected to grow even larger as it is continually opening new locations west.

Wawa has a lot more than your average convenience store or gas station. Wawa is famous for its coffee in Pennsylvania. Wawa has award-winning coffee, and has a history of providing quality dairy products for over 100 years. Wawa also offers fresh food such as hoagies, soups, salads and wraps.

Wawa Careers

There are a range of Wawa careers available for those who wish to succeed in the convenience store business. Wawa job opportunities at the store level can entail being a customer service associate, inventory merchandise manager, fresh food manager, assistant general manager, and general manager. All of these Wawa jobs are customer service oriented.

At the industry level there are also many opportunities available for applicants. Industry jobs range from being a marketing director of fresh food and beverages to being a food safety program manager. Jobs at the industry level require that individuals be focused, as they demand for higher responsibility.

How old do you have to be to work at Wawa?

At the store level you have to be at least 16 years old to be considered as an applicant. A high school diploma is not required. At the Industry level you must at least be 18 and possess a bachelors degree. This may vary. Pay close attention to the job description. Reliable transportation is also a must at the time of application.

Wawa offers a number of great benefits for their employees. Wawa gives benefits from educational assistance to an employee credit union. They provide benefits to life as well, such as basic life an accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Individuals have the opportunity to join the employee stock ownership plan, otherwise known as the ESOP. 10,000 employees participate in the plan currently.

The company prides itself on associates who excel in work in order to further their career. Wawa has recognition programs such as the presidents club, goose bumps, wings of excellence, marketing sales promotions and service awards. The company is associate oriented and prides itself on making sure its employees are well valued.

Wawa Job Descriptions

Customer Service Associates– These individuals are the cogs in the machine. They do everything in the Wawa store that pertains to customer service. Duties range from working the cash register, housekeeping, and food prep. Aside from duties associates are also expected to work with people and practice good communication skills. Associates make $9.25hr-$12.00/hr.

Inventory Merchandise Manager– the merchandise manager is the guy who makes sure everything is accounted for and where it should be. If you are analytical and enjoy coordinating projects to get things done, then this is the job for you. Managers also review the general performance of the store and look at sales trends. Merchandise managers make a range of $12.50hr-$16.25/hr.

Fresh Food Manager– Dealing with food is the primary duty. Individuals who are fresh food managers coordinate daily menus, execute the food service program and train the fresh food team. Responsibilities also include inventory management and make sure associates are following all food handling procedures. Food managers make $12.50hr-$16.25hr

General Manager-The general manager is the big shot of the store. At Wawa, most general managers are managers of a cluster of stores or a multiunit. Duties include training new associates and the supervision of day-to-day assignments. GMs are required to be leaders and have the ability to multi-task on a regular basis. GMs make a hefty salary of  $65,000-$80,000 a year. A bachelor degree is preferred.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work at Wawa? Talk about your initial interest with Wawa. Do not say you are interested just because you need a job. Interviewers are looking for vision in potential employees. This shows that a potential associate has a chance for growth in team environment that is essential to the Wawa philosophy. This can upstart your Wawa career.

Are you customer service oriented? If you have past experience with customer service talk about what you did in the past and how it was successful towards a team effort. If you lack experience, relate the question to an experience that is similar such as catering for family members or club activities. This will be helpful to show that you see customer service not just as part of the job, but part of how you treat people in general.

Have you ever held a position of leadership? If not, have you ever shown qualities of a leader? If you have held a position of leadership, talk about the ins and outs of your job. This will be useful to show the interviewer what kind of managing skills are translatable to a job with higher responsibility and attention to detail. If you have never held a position of leadership personally, again, talk about a past experience that relates to the question. It helps greatly to provide a picture of who you are to the interviewer.

Do you enjoy communicating with people? In a convenience chain customer service is essential, if a store lacks sufficient customer service it becomes inconvenient. If you do not enjoy communicating with people, talk about how communication is more than just speaking. Do good things for others. Ask simple questions such as, “Can I help you?” Sometimes the simplest form of communication is best.

Advice For Application Process

Wawa interviews at hiring stores, especially at the store level are casual. Dress appropriately. If you are wearing a T-shirt, do not wear anything with graphics or large logos. This can be distracting to the interviewer and in some cases, offensive. Wear a nice polo with jeans, or a single colored shirt. Avoid wearing open toed shoes such as sandals. Ensure that the clothes you wear are comfortable as well.

Make sure that you have reliable transportation to a Wawa store. This can do wonders to show that you can make it to work on time every day. Since Wawa is primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic States make sure you live in local areas, as it will be difficult for an interviewer to see you as a prospective candidate for the job, especially at the store level.

If you feel the need to meet some of the associates working there already, stop in for a printable application for Wawa, or a download application form and bring it in for advice. Asking questions before even providing a finished application can do wonders to show you are a proactive employee. The online application can be found on the appropriate links below. It is a free application and does not cost anything out of pocket to apply for a position.

If you are wondering how to apply for Wawa online, links are attached below under “Application Links”. From there you can find the appropriate Wawa jobs online you are looking for as well as advice to apply for jobs at Wawa.

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