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Wegman started with brothers Walter E. and John B. Wegman back in 1915. Walter was employed in a grocery store owned by his parents, while John peddled fresh produce to Rochester New York. Wegman officially started when John Wegman opened a grocery store called Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company. Walter soon joined his brother a year later.

The company is very committed to improving the experience of their customers and employees. Wegman has donated money to several causes such as the United Way Children’s Success Fund, area wide community events; check out donation campaigns, food bank donations, donations for employee scholarships, and low-income senior shopping shuttle.

In recent history, Wegman ranked 29th on the Supermarket News list of the top 75 North American food retailers. For being a private company Wegman is very large and was ranked to be the 66th largest privately held company ranked by Forbes. Unlike the older stores, most Wegman stores are of the superstore variety. Wegman in 2008 also stopped selling tobacco in their stores and was praised by the American Lung Association.

The environment is a central focus of the industry. Wegman in 2007 started organic farming in order to provide fresher produce for their customers. Wegman has implemented steps to improve the efficiency of their stores. Wegman stores have turned more than two and half million food scraps into renewable energy. Moreover, the store also provides options for using renewable bags to reduce paper and plastic waste.

Wegmans is an advocate of health. They provide accurate nutrition facts on their products for customers. Special diets are also provided for customers to support different tastes and lifestyles. This also includes the support of many healthy principles Wegman has created such as strive for 5 (cups of vegetables), get moving, yoga, and a passport for wellness.

Wegman Careers

There are a variety of careers available for people who wish to succeed in a Wegman career. Wegman careers at the corporate level include real estate development, human resources, consumer affairs, information technology and asset protection. These jobs are all located in Rochester New York and work to ensure that stores, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities are all working properly.

At the store level there are areas such as service, merchandising, perishable, culinary, pharmacy, and internships available. Providing service may include working at the front end, service desk, accounting office, or maintenance. Culinary careers can include making quality coffee, subs, pizza, sushi, or preparing foods. Merchandising careers may require an individual to monitor the produce, general merchandise, wine, and beauty products.

How old do you have to be to work at Wegmans?

All jobs at the store level require than an individual is at the age of 18 during application. At the corporate level jobs also require you to be over the age of 18 but usually require the applicant have a college degree.

If you do not have a college degree Wegman provides a number of benefits, including a fantastic scholarship program. Some benefits include dental coverage, life insurance, adoption assistance, paid time off, employee wellness programs and a 401(k) retirement savings plan. The company provides a scholarship called the Wegman Employee Scholarship Program. Since 1984 Wegman has awarded more than $100 million to over 32,000 employees.

A number of development tools are available in order to provide for Wegman employees to insure positive growth. Employees are given number of opportunities to pursue their passions and career goals. Wegmans provides on the job, instructor led and computer based training so their employees have continuous training to grow at Wegman.

Wegman Job Descriptions

Prepared Foods Team Member– Members are responsible for assisting team members by maintaining prepared food stations and ensuring that signs are displayed properly in accordance to Wegmans guiding principles. Members also educate customers on ingredients while providing prepared foods. Members make around $13.00/hr.

Part Time Cashier– If you enjoy dealing with people then this is the job for you. Cashiers are responsible for giving exceptional customer service. Cashiers preform tasks such as scanning and bagging items at a quick rate while ensuring different forms of payment are handled properly. Cashiers make an average of $9.00/hr.

Helping Hands Part-Time Customer Service – If helping people is what you love to do, then this job is perfect. This individual ensures that the parking lot is clear of shopping carts and hazards in the lot. This is unlike the average cart pusher at a grocery store; people working this position are responsible for assisting customers to their car and helping them into the store. Helping Hands team members make around an average of $12.00/hr.

Lead Cook – Responsibilities include assisting the sous chef in managing the kitchen and kitchen staff. Assigning tasks to team members that provide members the opportunity for productive growth. Also responsible for ensuring that foods and products are prepared consistently and with high quality. Lead cooks make an average of $15/hr.

Wegman Interview Questions

Why would you want to work at Wegman? There is usually always a question pertaining to the employer. To prepare for this, do some extensive research regarding the position you are wishing to achieve. From doing research you will be able to elaborate on why you think a certain Wegman job is a good choice for your career. This may include mentioning ways Wegman jobs focuses on the success of their employees etc.

Do you have any hobbies? Although this question may seem irrelevant to the job application process it plays an important role in assessing the potential employees personality, drive for new things, and skills apart for previous work experience. If you have hobbies pertaining to the job you are applying for, elaborate on what exactly you do. Be prepared to provide proof for that either in a resume or from a reference.

If an employee asks you to take their shift on your day off, would you take their shift? In these kind of pointed questions, elaborate possibilities. This will show that you are a team player and also have the interest of your coworkers in mind. It will show you can think critically in a work environment regarding business etiquette.

Have you held a position of leadership? If you have not, explain how you may have provided leadership by indirect work ethic. Often if one worker is working exceptionally well, other co-workers will follow by example or ask for advice. Being a leader does not have to actually entail holding a position of leadership, it requires an individual has the mindset of being a leader by example and that is what makes a true leader.

How would you handle a problem at work? With these questions the prospective employer is trying to gauge how you may handle a situation that will disrupt the work environment and potentially the experience of customers. Try to envision scenarios that may occur in a supermarket. Explain how you may deal with them regarding your position at work. This will show that you are prepared to fix problems by anticipation.

Advice For Application Process

If you are wondering how to apply for Wegman online, there is a link attached below to find Wegman applications both in the corporate and store listings. There you can find a number of online applications, which show their listings in accordance to local areas. Also try finding a Wegman job application online by searching “Wegman Jobs online” in a search engine. Doing cross research can broaden possibilities that may not be posted yet on Wegmans official page.

If you live near a Wegman store you may be able to find a printable application for Wegman. Most applications you may find at stores are free applications. Ensure that you dress appropriately because often asking for a physical application may result in some pre-screening questions in order to evaluate you as a potential employee.

Before interviews make sure you have a downloadable application form. Having a form you can download is useful in order to create a printable application form. Bringing a printed form along with a resume is necessary along with the submission of an online application. This is because in some cases, the employer may want to review your application in person and it would help if you were already prepared.

Ensure that you have gone over the job description a number of times before the interview. Being able to elaborate on how you can fulfill the requirements of a specific job by listing what was in the description is a useful way in showing an employer of what you can do, other than what is listed in paper.

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