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The organization always been focuses on developing the body, mind, and spirit and they serve about 10,000 communities in the United States.  There are many positions available at the YMCA as well as the camps that the organization runs.  To begin your search for YMCA jobs, click on the link listed below and fill out your YMCA application.

Young Men’s Christian Association, or YMCA, was founded in 1844 by George Williams in London.  By 1851, there were YMCAs in nine countries including the United States.  Local YMCAs are affiliated through their national organizations and the national organizations are part of Area Alliance and the World Alliance of YMCAs which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  The company has three main areas of focus:  youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Youth development provides transformational opportunities or moments to create the spark that will help development social-emotional, cognitive, and physical processes.  Healthy living offers several programs including diabetes prevention program that is a yearlong, life changing program and Y of the Rockies that allows families to unplug and go hiking, camping, and horseback riding, among others.  Social responsibility means that no matter whom you are, where you come from, or what your financial situation is, every person is welcome.

Many people give gifts or financial assistance as well as volunteer in order for this to happen.  If you are a person who would like to help nurture and improve upon the nation’s health and well-being, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

How to apply for YMCA online?  Find the link under Job Links to start looking for YMCA jobs, discover the perfect position for you, and submit your YMCA application.

YMCA Careers

The YMCA careers that are available are very numerous.  A few examples include Youth Support Specialist, Assistant Chef, Preschool Teacher, and Family Reservations Agent.  Most positions require either special certifications or experience and offer a very competitive hourly wage.  There are many more listed YMCA jobs online.

There are also available employment opportunities available at the campsites.  Those positions include Director of Education and Retreats, Business Manager, Food Service Director, and Outdoor Education Program Staff.  Some of these jobs are temporary but most require a four year degree.

How old do you have to be to work at YMCA?

The minimum age requirement is dependent on the position.  Some positions require that the candidate be 14 years of age with valid working papers while others are 18 years old or older.

The organization offers full time eligible employees a comprehensive benefits package.  Some of those benefits include health, dental, and life insurance, vacation and paid time off, retirement plan, and others.

There is a printable application for YMCA for you to fill out.  Most opportunities require to fax or email, but if you wish to get more information about the organization, hours of operation vary by location.  Otherwise you can go online and apply for jobs at YMCA.

YMCA Job Description

Assistant Chef – The Assistant Chef assists the chef in preparing meals, ordering, preparing, and doing inventory of supplies, and supervising dishwasher and cooks.  Other responsibilities include supervising cleaning and ensuring Health Department standards are being upheld and developing menus for guests and staff.

Preschool Teacher – This role is responsible for sustaining and implementing the Reggio Approach, observing children’s development, and upholding the Child Abuse Prevention Code of Conduct.  Other responsibilities include promoting a cooperative, positive, and caring atmosphere, and assisting in the cleaning of the preschool building and equipment.

Youth Support Specialist – The responsibilities of the Youth Support Specialist are to develop, implement, and maintain services and programs that identify and satisfy specific needs of youth.  Other duties include guiding students to resolve personal and social issues, conducting crisis interventions and developing and maintaining relationships with the students.

Family Reservations Agent – The Family Reservations Agent is responsible for reserving cabins and lodge rooms for individuals and families in both Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch.  Other duties include monitoring and modifying reservations, and posting reservations deposits and track those that are still owed.

YMCA Interview Questions

The following questions are examples that were taken from the organizations website and are meant to assist you in your interview.

How did you hear about the job and what intrigues you about it?  This is a good time to show off what research you have completed about the opportunity and the organization.

Do you have any questions about the job or the organization?  It is always recommended to generate a list of questions to ask the interviewer.  Try to stay away from pay and benefits; instead, focus on the functions of the position, what kind of career advancement might be available, etc.

What do you hope to gain by being hired for this position?  You should answer this question by relating what goals you have for yourself within the organization.

Can you tell me about some of the informal work experiences that you have had?  The type of information that the recruiter is looking for is babysitting, doing chores in the neighborhood, etc.  He or she is looking for a specific example of how you are committed to an assignment or a job.

Can you give me a specific example of the last time you were very tired, frustrated, or angry and how you managed your stress?  When you are working with youth that may or may not have troubling backgrounds, it can at times become frustrating.  The recruiter needs to know how you normally handle this type of stress.  Answer this question by giving specific, work related examples.

Advice for Application Process

Before you fill out and email or fax your application, there are a few things that you will want to do.  You first want to update your resume and ensure that your referral list of friends, family, and other contacts are accurate.  Then you should research the organization and the position that you are applying for and write down a couple of questions to ask the interviewer.

Before the interview, ask yourself what strengths and weaknesses you have and why the recruiter should hire you.  You should also think about the skills and abilities that you will bring to the organization.  Make preparations for the interview by memorizing the questions that you have gathered, making a copy of your resume, and ironing the clothes that you plan to wear.

When going to the interview, avoid wearing shorts or flip flops.  Dress business-casual, making sure that you are clean shaven with your hair out of your face and wearing natural makeup.  Introduce yourself to the hiring manager and use a firm handshake.  You should smile, be friendly and show your enthusiasm for the position that you are applying for.

Listen closely and attentively to the questions that are being asked.  When answering, be concise and use your previous work history for examples of specific situations.  Breathe, relax, and be yourself; don’t over exaggerate or underrate your skills and abilities.  Don’t forget to thank the person that you are speaking with for taking the time and considering you for the job.

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