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76 Gas Station is a licensed Top Tier Detergent Gasoline retailer. Their gas has more detergent in its composition than the minimum required by the EPA, surpassing the standards.

76 is owned by Phillips 66, an American multinational energy company which spun off from ConocoPhillips. The Union Oil Company of America was the creator and owner of the 76 brand until its sale in 1997.

The Orange Ball is the trademark and recognizable icon of the company.  The sign was a brainchild of advertising director Ray Pedersen in 1962. The headquarters is located at Albany, Oregon.

The benefits offered by 76 cover insurance, health and wellness, financial and retirement, family and parenting, and vacation. It also has several perks including free lunch and discounts.

Employee reviews listed the company as a fun and productive place to work. Tips and bonuses are abundant. Overall, it is a great place to work in as long as you don’t mind the short breaks.

How old do you have to be to work at 76 Gas Station?

Different states mean different age requirements for employment. Many states listed their minimum working age at 16 or 18 years.  However, some states grant work permits to those below 16.

76 Gas Station Careers

Sales Associate: Sells oil products and automobile parts inside the store, or outside.  A high-school degree or any equivalent is required for the position.

Gas Station Attendants: Duties include cashiering, collecting payments and handing out change to customers. Additional responsibilities may be required by the manager.

Maintenance Worker: Performs upkeep on equipment and facilities.  Applicants must possess a wide range of skills needed for electrical and mechanical areas.

Assistant Manager: “Assists” the manager in the store operations.  Must know the duties of a manager, and be ready to step up if the manager is not present.

The company is a haven for entry-level applicants and aspiring managers. Some openings include customer service, cashier, shift manager and store manager.

76 Gas Station Applications

The application locations depend on the desired position.  Entry-level, blue-collared workers can hand their resumes on preferred site while the higher level aspirants must go to the nearest 76 office.

Since, 76 does not have its own recruitment website, only in store applications are accepted.  However, you can check out various recruitment websites on the internet that offer application processes.

Never lie on the job application. Always assume that the management already knows you before you even apply. Include only the skills related in your desired position.

In writing resumes, it is vital to identify accomplishments and not just job descriptions especially in technical fields. Properly highlight and quantify your accomplishments. Avoid generalization.

During interviews, managers ask about schedule flexibilities.  Entry-level employees may need to work the graveyard shift. The interviewing manager also rates how the applicant handles conversations. Be cheerful while maintaining a level of professionalism.

Things To Know About 76 Gas Station

The environment in a 76 gas station is fast paced and can include working under the sun.  The small number of workers in a site builds a tight-knit bond and can lead and enjoyable shifts.

In 2012, the gas conglomerate awarded Marie Brown, a California resident, a lifetime supply of gasoline in the Gas for Life promo. She won by gassing up TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline at a participating station.

Phillips 66 has its annual sweepstakes with more than 3500 participating gas stations. Customers who filled up with 10 gallons or more get a chance to win prizes, including the grand prize of free gas for life.

ConocoPhillips became the first US oil powerhouse in 2007 to join the US Climate Action Partnership. They also pledged 150 million dollars that year on research and development of new energy sources.

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