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Clark Brands, a U.S-based gas and oil company, licenses its subsidiary brands like Clark gasoline, Four Corners Coffee, and On-The-Go convenience store to petroleum retailers. It offers high-quality, low-cost gas and oil services to customers worldwide.

The Clark Brands, founded by Emory Clark in 1932, started out as a gas refill station known as Clark’s Super Gas. In 1943, it expanded its market by refining oil.

Clark Brands operates in 30 states, and has outlets in over 700 locations. It ran and equipped 1,500 gas stations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin when it was at its peak.

Depending on hours worked, employees gain health insurance, paid time-off, dental and vision plans, flexible schedule, and a generous pay, paid trainings, and 401 (k) plans.

Clarks is a fun workplace because of its work-conducive atmosphere. Its staff and management are also easy to get along with. The company gives workers training that will help them improve their performance.

How old do you have to be to work at Clark Brands

Being one of the highly respected gasoline brands in the world, it needs to generate good quality performance. An applicant should be at least 18 years old to qualify for a position at any of its offices.

Clark Brands Careers

Gas Station Attendant: The successful candidate will be responsible for working counter duties like receiving customer payments and pumping gas. He will also be expected to assist with the stocking and cleaning duties in the convenience store.

Lead Attendant: The successful applicant will be responsible for training new employees. He will also serve as higher personnel to gas station attendants, and will perform managerial duties in the absence of the manager.

Assistant Manager: The successful candidate will be expected to aid the manager in his managerial duties. He will also be expected to provide assistance when the gas station is short-staffed.

Manager: The successful candidate will be in charge in hiring and firing of staff as needed. He will also be responsible in the operation of the gas station.

Applicants may also be interested in the following positions: office assistant, sales associate, delivery driver, auditor, business analyst, business development manager, buyer, category manager, claims specialist, communications specialist, communications manager, and assistant sales manager.

Clark Brands Application

The applicant must submit a comprehensive resume, together with a cover letter to the human resources office. Shortlisted applicants will then be contacted for a series of interviews.

The company wants to hire the right person for the job. As such, future employees are required to apply in person. It has no online application system.

You can get an application form from one of the company offices. Be sure to answer all queries. It’s also important to be truthful and specific in your answers to avoid delay in the application process.

One should submit a short resume with all the necessary details. Lengthy applications usually get lost in the profile pooling, and rarely gets noticed by the HR staff.

Take the time to read your resume before attending the interview. Interviewers are fond of asking applicants to give them an overview of their education and job experience.

Things to know about Clark Brands

It promotes hard work and loyalty. As such, it rewards high-performing employees and regulates below-standard staff. It’s a fun work place because employees get to take on numerous tasks with no pressure from the management.

Clark Brands confirmed that it will be allying with Allied Brand Capital, taking on the challenge of being the first company to offer point-of-sale upgrade solutions. 

It is known for being a top notch gas and oil provider of all time. It’s also well-noted for having employees who have the necessary training and discipline to exceed their customers’ expectations.

It actively participates in health promotion by selling gas and oil services of pure derivation. By doing so, they are minimizing the health effects brought about by additives.

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