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Adecco Staffing is a global recruitment company that provides staffing needs in 14 different industries across 60 countries. Its worldwide presence contributes to its success in providing permanent placement, temporary staffing, career development, consulting and outsourcing services. In over 50 years of its staffing business, it’s led the industry in terms of growth and expanded its extensive reach to thousands of associates worldwide that are assisted everyday in achieving better work and better lives.

From its roots as a company formed by a merger between Adia SA and Ecco in 1996, it used the combined assets to expand further its global foothold. Adia SA (founded by Henri Lavanchy in Lausanne, Switzerland) and Ecco (founded by Philippe Foriel-Destezet in Lyons, France) both were successful in their staffing businesses in each of their domains. The alliance created a synergy that paved the way for greater successes and acquisitions in Europe, North America, Canda, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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This Fortune Global 500 company houses more than 33,000 employees in over 5,100 branches, worldwide. In spite of its wide coverage, it has managed to earn 7th place of Great Place to Work® List of Best Workplaces in 2016.

Benefits provided by company to employees

The company is well known for its efforts in developing careers and skills among its employees. They have a training that involves acquiring best practices and learning from colleagues’ experiences. The company also provides an exclusive Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) that allows exchanging jobs between two workers in two different locations. This program promotes diversity and shared learning. The company has a leadership program for employees aspiring for upper management roles.

Why people like working here

Learning from its own business as a recruitment company, Adecco knows how to make a lively and dynamic working environment. This helps employees achieve a healthy and happy professional life. The international presence also makes Adecco an attractive company to work for to gain professional growth and security.

How old do you have to be to work at Adecco Staffing?

Employees at the company are required to be at least 18 years old. Starting a career at the company affords an exposure to a diverse working environment with a worldwide career opportunity.

Adecco Staffing Careers

Temp Worker

This is an entry-level career opportunity. This enables the worker to have a great start in building administrative skills, data analysis, staffing knowledge by working on projects within a fixed employment term. This is a stepping-stone to full-time employment after meeting company standards for promotion.

Temp Employee

This is a career opportunity with a fixed employment term. It’s a position to gain experience and skills in the staffing business Also, this role is a stepping-stone to full-time employment after meeting company standards for promotion.


This is a career opportunity focused on business relations and building connections with clients. It entails a thorough understanding of skills and career objectives to successfully match these with available opportunities. It demands high-level communication skills to better assist in providing HR solutions across a diverse pool of talents.

Branch Manager

This role is a big responsibility that involves supervision of the branch operations. This has a focus on competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, operational performance, staff development, sales, and customer relations among others. Managerial experience and knowledge of the industry are required.

Adecco Staffing Application

How to apply?

Applicants, regardless of type of employment sought, are required to submit their resumes to be evaluated before being given a pre-employment exam. This is a procedure done to assess if the applicant has the appropriate skills to fulfill the role.

Is an online application available or only in store applications are accepted?

Applications may be submitted in person or directly to the company website. Job vacancies can be seen easily online, which makes it a more preferred way to submit applications.

Tips for filling application form

Application forms will be provided which would require applicants to provide specific personal and professional information. It’s the easiest part in the application process. It simply needs to be complete and accurate.

Advice on resume

The resume is a story of an applicant’s professional life. It should highlight employment experiences, skills acquired and significant contributions made. If it could be brought down to numbers (100% collections per year or 90% attendance per month), then it holds more substance.

Advice on interview preparation or process

The interview process varies on the role being applied for. Applicants will receive a notice if they pass one stage and may proceed to the next. It is also recommended to follow up on the status of the application through a call or email.

Things To Know About Adecco


The company is a great place to work in. The management and the team encourages sharing knowledge and learning from colleagues’ experiences. The multicultural environment makes it dynamic and challenging, but overall, satisfying for Adecco employees.

News worthy events

The most recent news on Adecco involves the D4, LLC acquisition. D4, LLC is a strong player in eDiscovery litigation. A partnership with them will mean a synergy of legal expertise that will given Adecco a strong foothold in the legal staffing as well as eDiscovery solutions market.

Known for

With a long history as a staffing agency, the company has been known among many associates for their talent development and staffing support. Aside from that, the company is involved in sustainability efforts like energy conservation, less carbon emissions, and less mileage flown. It is a conscious initiative taken across Adecco sites.

Social efforts

The company is involved in outreach programs focused on children who have been orphaned, abandoned or sick. They raise the funds through their WIN4YOUTH program, where they organize triathlon, cycling and running events. They also have a partnership with Nestlé to bring about ALLiance for YOUth. ALL4YOU aims to provide thousands of jobs and training for young professionals.

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