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Advance America Application Online


Business – Key business area and products of the company

Advanced America has been providing short-term financial solutions for over 19 years now. The services they offer range from cash advance, installment loan, title loan, purpose visa prepaid cards as well as gold buying, money gram and certified tax services. As a Grupo Elektra subsidiary, it has a rich resource of financial knowledge and experience that helped it attain the success it has garnered over the years.

Info – When the company was founded, by whom, etc.

The company was started in 1997 with a focus on providing immediate help to cash-stricken households with short-term loans. Its corporate affiliation with Grupo Elektra helped it gain the financial expertise that the parent company has built by being the biggest provider of financial services in Latin America.

Facts / Awards / recognition: Include things such as number of stores, no. of employees and key facts and awards.

In only 2 decades, the company was able to expand to 2,400 branches earning annual revenues of at least $500 million. With a total of 6,000 employees, altogether they provide customer experience that is generally accepted as either good or excellent.

Benefits provided by company to employees

The company provides a comprehensive list of employment benefits which includes medical, dental, vision, disability, accidental, death and life insurance. They also offer 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, holiday and educational assistance.

Why people like working here

This is a company that invests in its people. The competitive compensation package provides a motivating climate work hard and commit to the company. They offer health and welfare benefits, an annual $2,500 spending accounts, employee assistance program, tuition reimbursement and employee discounts.

How old do you have to be to work at Advance America?

The company employs workers with a minimum age of 18 years old. The also offer internship, part-time, and full-time employment.

Advance America Careers

Customer Service Representative

This is a career opportunity offered for part-time or full-time employment. It requires communication skills and computer skills to be able to respond to customer inquiries. This role includes account handling, confidentiality agreements, sales, collections and other duties that may be required.

Assistant Manager

This is a role that requires two years of relevant work experience. It requires communication skills, administrative skills and, most importantly, leadership skills. This role also demands an ability to improve operational and financial performance of the business unit being supervised.

Compliance Specialist

This is a career opportunity that requires dealing with compliance issues, audits, and setting quality standards. The compliance specialist should be able to work with less supervision and assist in improving the compliance procedures in the company to better internal control and supervision.

Loan Specialist

This is a career opportunity will require a knowledge in loan documentation. The loan specialist should have an understanding of filing mortgage liens, and consumer loans. This position must meet quality and service levels.

Advance America Application

How to apply? 

There are many means to send applications to Advance America. Applicants may log into the careers page of the company’s website to upload their resume. Applicants may also walk into the company premises to indicate their interest for a job vacancy.

Is an online application available or only in store applications are accepted?

Online application and in store applications are both encouraged. The online platform, however, provides a list of job vacancies that will help applicants search for a role that suits their skillset best.

Tips for filling application form

The application form is required to be filled out completely. It should accurately detail all personal information such as work experiences, educations, skills, and professional trainings attended.

Advice on resume

The resume should emphasize work experiences, skills acquired, and, most importantly, significant contributions made during the past employment. It should emphasize these essential details to better recognize an applicant’s credentials.

Advice on interview preparation or process

All applications will be acknowledged by the company. Any interview invitation will be made as soon as the company sees potential in the candidate. The hiring manager will initiate the process and the applicant may afterward follow-up to check on the status of the application.

Things To Know About Advance America


This is a financial institution that values reputation and customer satisfaction. Advance America has a culture that fosters respect, professionalism and good customer relations.  This has helped employees meet quality standards that enabled delivery of great service to clients.

News worthy events

Early in 2016, Google has announced that it will ban advertisements on short-term loan. This has caused an outrage among financial institutions, including Advance America, that have been offering this service according to the strict banking rules. The company responded on behalf of the interest if its customers in terms of a more challenged accessibility to financial products that will offer short-term liquidity.

Known for

The company is known for its efforts in helping a big market of borrowers achieve a credit line the easiest way possible. This is a service they have provided excellently over the years and will continue to be appreciated in the future.

Social efforts

The company is an advocate of education, community development, and better housing. They have key partnerships with Mission Mississippi and Community Development, Faith for Change and Habitat for Humanity.

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