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The Ritz Carlton hotels are popular in the US and abroad, providing luxurious living space to patrons and tourists. Aside from dozens of new hotels, the company created residential properties in the US and in Thailand.

The company started in the 1900s, operating in five locations in the United States. The founder was César Ritz but Mr. Albert Keller bought the franchise. By 1940s, the hotel in Boston was the remaining one.

The breakthrough happened in the 1980s when the company founded the Ritz-Carlton, LLC. Now, it has around 85 hotels in29 countries. As of to date, the company has more than 38,000 employees worldwide and received hundreds of awards.

Although benefits vary from one country to another, the hotel company strives to provide reasonable pay to the employees. Besides, employees have the opportunity to experience luxury and to work in a diverse environment.

The company maintains the gold standard of hospitality, providing excellent service to its guests and to its employees. Working in the company gives employees the opportunity to improve their interpersonal skills and learn operations in the international hospitality industry.

How old do you have to be to work at The Ritz Carlton?

The minimum age is 18 years old. Most of the hotels might set an age limit for a certain position and particular work experiences to some positions.

The Ritz Carlton Careers

A front desk assistant is one of the most common entry-level positions in the Ritz Carlton hotels. They greet hotel guests. They handle check-in and checkout of guests, confirmation, and cancellation of reservations. They assign rooms and activate keycards.

The second common position is a server. They take orders, answer any question about the menu and arrange tables per guest’s instructions. After a guest’s meal or an event, they clean up tables and the event area.

Housekeeping attendants are also common in the hotels. They clean the hotel guest’s rooms, change dirty bed linens with clean ones, and provide additional items that guests requested.

Valets are highly in demand in the hotel industry. They open and close doors for guests. They park and retrieve parked cars for the guests, and keep the car keys secure.

Other positions may include supervisory and managerial positions such as hotel supervisor, hotel manager, restaurant supervisor or manager, chef cook and pastry chef. Visit the careers page of the company website to know more of their job opportunities.

The Ritz Carlton Application

You may apply online or visit a hotel branch in your region. For online application, just click on the link below. The link will direct you to a site.

The company accepts online and offline applications. For convenience purposes, apply through their site. To follow up your application, make sure to call during business hours to avoid being a nuisance.

Since their application forms are not printable, scan the details and write them down. Take the time to answer the details. Visit the site again and fill out the form.

In making your resume, use bullet points to highlight your accomplishments. Italicize or use bold format to your sub-headings to draw the attention of the interviewers. Do not exceed to two pages.

Attend your interview in business attire, early. Prepare your answers ahead and be honest. To feel nervous before a scheduled interview is normal but try not to show it. Whatever position you are applying for, be confident.

Things to Know about The Ritz Carlton

The company modernized American hospitality by introducing private baths, lighter bed linens, and fresh flowers in the hotel lobbies. They provide guests with extravagance and give them choices with the food they eat.

The Ritz Carlton LLC is in the process of establishing its first hotel in North West China. This hotel will open in 2018. The company received awards in the 29th annual Readers’ Choice Awards of Condé Nast Traveler.

Aside from its excellent hospitality, the company is known for its lion and crown logo. The lion represents wealth while the crown logo symbolizes royalty.

Despite their worldwide popularity, the Ritz Carlton hotels continue to engage in socio-civic causes. With their community footprints program, the management, and their employees participate in the social activities that benefit other people.

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