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Advance Auto Parts

As the largest aftermarket automotive parts retailer, many people want to submit an Advance Auto Parts Application. The company started back in 1932 operated by Arthur Taubman.  They have grown tremendously and have developed many ways to help with the environment.  Helping the professional mechanic and regular automobile owners, they have now branched out all over North America.

Their corporate office is located in Roanoke, Va., and contribute to business in the U.S. with around 5,200 stores.  They own the branches Worlpac and CARQUEST, which operate in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S., and Canada.  They employ over 74,000 team members imprinting in them great customer service while caring for the environment and the customers as well.

Their company provides great assistance to the community.  They assist with the Red Cross Disaster Program, help build homes for service men and women, assist with after school efforts provided by United Way, and are always looking to sponsor or help with other relief organizations.  A career with Advance Auto Parts is not just a job but to make a good impact in the customers and community they serve.

With their large number of stores, Advance Auto Parts jobs are readily available to those who qualify.  From their retail positions, corporate, to commercial positions, every member is a valuable member and work as a team to build the best auto retailer business they can be always striving to be number one in their industry.  The Advance Auto Part Careers website is designed to show you how to apply for Advance Auto Parts jobs.

Advance Auto Parts Careers

Each team member is crucial for the success of the company and training to achieve that is provided in an ongoing basis.  Retail associates are the face of the store and they are who people go to when they need help getting their vehicle repaired.  They possess the knowledge needed to guide each customer to the specific solution to their problem.

In the commercial side, the personnel are responsible for ensuring that each garage customer has all the parts they need to keep their business going and successful.  They are required to excel in sales while maintaining good relationships with each client.  Many positions are available in the commercial side such as account manager, delivery driver, and more.

Corporate positions are very vital to the overall success of the business.  They maintain advertising campaigns, train and motivate team members, ensure proper inventory in each store, keep clients happy, and continuously look for way to better the company.  They also work closely with WORLDPAC and CARQUEST.  These positions do require a certain level of education or certification but can also be achieved through promotion.

Advance Auto Parts careers come with benefits.  The company is committed to providing the best care they can to their employees offering many competitive benefits.  Some of those benefits include, medical, dental, and vision insurance, flexible spending account, prescription drugs, wellness program, and an annual preventative health assessment.

How old do you have to be to work at Advance Auto Parts?

18 is the minimum age for employment.

Advance Auto Parts works seven days a week opening their stores at 8 am Monday-Saturday and closing at 9 pm.  Sundays they open at 9 am and close at 8 pm.

Advance Auto Parts Job Descriptions

General Warehouse Worker- In the warehouse, they maintain the order of the merchandise by arranging it per the company catalog.  They help unload and restock any new merchandise and scan it to ensure proper inventory counts. They also receive calls with questions regarding product.  $9.34 to $17.62 is the average pay.

Commercial Delivery Driver- Delivery drivers are in charge of loading and unloading each delivery to all commercial clients and local stores via their given route.  They also are required to let customers know of any new products available and ensure each delivery arrives on time.  Pay starts at $7.63 to $10.87 an hour.

Commercial Parts Pro- Part of the management team, they are responsible for sales, training and motivating of their team mates, keeping current accounts active and continuously serving their customers with exceptional customer service. They maintain good inventory counts and re-order parts for clients and stores.  $7.30 & $17.88 is the average pay for this position.

Sales (Retail) – As the face of the store, their responsibilities include greeting the customer and assisting them with their vehicle repair needs.  They need to possess a vast knowledge of the products to better assist the customer find a solution to their problem.  They assist in inventory and stocking of merchandise.  Their hourly salary is between $7.65 & $11.74.

Installer- Installers have extensive vehicle maintenance knowledge and use that in order to solve a customer’s auto problem.  They install the parts carefully to ensure proper care and standards are provided.  Typically, they diagnose and then complete the process.  Pay starts at $8.22 to $17.33.

Advance Auto Parts Interview Questions

Because some of the Advance Auto Parts Careers do require some type of knowledge in the industry, you will be asked a series of interview questions regarding your experience to help in the hiring process.

How much do you know about auto parts? Since that is the main focus of the business, knowing a little or a lot about auto parts will definitely benefit you here.  Unless you are applying for a cashier position, let them know of specific parts that you know and what their purpose is.

What is the hardest problem you have faced? Working with customers that have a broken vehicle requires a lot of problem solving skills.  Therefore, this question, if answered correctly, will let them know that you are able to follow a step process in order to solve the client’s problem.  Tell them of a specific time you solved a problem and the steps you took to fix it.

How much do you know about cars and maintenance? Again, cars and maintenance are their main focus.  Tell them your prior experience with cars, if any, detailing what you know, what you have done, and what you are wanting to learn.

Why do you want to work here? You will have to find important information regarding the company’s goals.  This will help telling them why want to work there.  You can mention their efforts to help the community and because you want this to be your career.

Can you work in a fast paced environment? Auto mechanics and maintenance is a fast paced environment where you need to meet deadlines because the customers want their vehicles fixed fast.  You need to be able to think and move fast in order to be successful in this company and field of work.

Advice for Application Process

Many people like to download application form and take it personally to their preferred locations.  There you can talk to the store manager and see what positions they are currently hiring for.  You can turn in your application form along with your resume after you have discussed the open jobs and their job description.  You can also find an Advance Auto Parts job application online and submit the free application.

The Advance Auto Parts jobs online are shown in their website with locations and required skills and have a direct application link for each position.   Once you are ready to apply for jobs at Advance Auto Parts and found the online application you wish to send, prepare yourself for your interview.  There may be an assessment asking you specific questions regarding maintenance and auto parts.

The applications they receive may be sent to other locations for consideration, so be open to another store other than the one you may have applied to.  If you are going to apply online, it is best to apply for multiple positions if you have the needed skills and locations. The printable application for Advance Auto Parts doesn’t always have the addresses so look them up online.

There are many job opportunities at Advance Auto Parts and it is important to make sure that you are qualified for the position you are seeking.  They do provide extensive training, however, having prior knowledge in the field certainly helps.  Each job has specific requirements and skills needed.  Prepare yourself by looking at the history of the company and the goals they want to achieve.

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