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The company has roots stemming back to the great Bell Telephone Company, established by Alexander Graham Bell. Nearly a century and a half later, AT&T still maintains a passion for service and innovation. That’s why your AT&T application is a ticket to an exciting new career.

AT&T is the largest landline service provider in the United Sates, and the second largest mobile service provider. Products also include broadband subscription and retail technology sales, such as handset and other communication devices. An innovation centre continues to develop new products.

The company believes in constant invention and creativity. It also prides itself on a commitment to making sure that consumers are getting the very best out of the technology they buy, by providing an effective support network. In this respect, staff product training is taken very seriously, to maximize their effectiveness as advisers.

The supportive and friendly atmosphere is enjoyed by staff as well as customers. The company believes in the fulfillment of its employees, encouraged by the provision of extensive training programs and career development pathways.

AT&T is a fortune 500 company. You’ll find them on the NYSE ticker as ‘T’. Current commitments include the coverage of 15 million locations over 48 states. The company has been awarded the Nobel Prize on eight separate occasions.

AT&T Careers

Responsibility for helping customers to get the best out of their technology falls upon employees working in the retail sector. This is the first port of call for customer looking for solutions, options or advice. In-store positions are perfect for enthusiastic individuals looking to develop a career in the technology retail industry.

Frequent job opportunities in the corporate division are as diversified as the range of candidates whose applications they attract. This is for those looking to add employment experience in business management to your resume – creative people, eager to make a real contribution to an innovative company. Search all AT&T jobs online using the link to the careers page below, where you can also make a free application.

How old do you have to be to work at XYZ?

You will need to be 18 years old on or before your intended start date. Other requirements for entry levels positions will be limited, but prior experience or relevant qualifications may be a minimum requirement for some corporate or senior roles.

AT&T careers often come with generous benefits and perks. Some of these include a free company phone, medical coverage and in-store discounts. This is supplemented by comprehensive paid-training and many other exciting ways to develop a career path.

Usual store hours are 10:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday, opening an hour earlier on Saturday. Sunday hours can vary from store to store, but they are generally reduced.

AT&T Job Descriptions

Retail Sales Consultant – Someone who is motivated by assisting others and who has a keen interest in innovative technology may be a great fit for the retail team. Sales goals are yours to beat, while providing a comfortable shopping experience for customers. Salary could rise to as must as $57,511, subject to your sales figures.

Sales Support Representative – This position comes with many busy and important responsibilities. An entry-level retail job, you will need to assist customers, answer their queries and man cash registers. Wages start around $8 to $9 per hour.

Assistant Manager – You will be responsible for activities such as maintaining the customer experience, generating sales, managing employees and upholding merchandising standards. You will also need to be capable of deputizing in the absence of the Store Manager. Assistant managers can earn around $44k, depending on store size and individual performance.

Store Manager – You’ll need to be used to being accountable for the profit & loss of your own store. Employees be led by your example, and your responsibilities will extend to the development and training of your staff. Store manager salaries can be anywhere from $25k up to $70k per annum, depending on the performance of your branch.

AT&T Interview Questions

Companies are becoming more innovative in their interview questioning. Try some of these:

What do you think is the best product we offer? Your product knowledge is being tested. Do some research on what is currently being sold, or check which lines are currently being promoted with the most emphasis. The interviewer is assessing how you would be able to advise and inform consumers.

How much do you already know about the company? It goes without saying that you should be reading up on the company’s history and what its core values are. Show that you care about getting this job by learning as much as you can about the business you want to represent.

What are you aiming to have achieved within the next 10 years? AT&T want candidates who will be around for the long haul – people who want to progress internally and develop new skills. Talk about what career paths are important to you and how you hope to achieve them by meeting your own personal targets.

What do you anticipate being the next ‘big thing’ in communications technology? Be as creative as you like here – that is the point of the question! The interviewer is looking at how imaginative your ideas are as well as how informed you might be on current design trends. Read up on the latest innovation projects the company is working on.

Why do you think customer service is so important? Consumers may be spending considerable sums on the latest technology. They will be more confident in doing so with someone they can trust, someone they find professional and someone who they feel will be able to continue to provide assistance to them going forward.

Advice for Application Process

The company is innovative in that it uses some popular social media websites as a means to apply for jobs at AT&T instead of providing a printable application form. It is not possible to obtain a printable application for AT&T, as no such ‘download application form’ option exists. You can of course apply online by filling out the online application form.

Fill out all relevant fields carefully. Remember, this is a direct application so the next person to lay eyes on it could be your hiring manager. Reading the full job description before applying for AT&T jobs is strongly advised – be sure that the role is right for you.

Your interviewer will expect see a candidate who is dressed smartly, has a professional manner about them and is easy to converse with. Coyness or quietness can be perceived as a lack of confidence, and managers can quickly find this tedious and disengaging. Confidence is crucial; show that you are bold in selling yourself, so just as capable of selling the brand to consumers.

The recruitment process and differ vastly, depending on the type of role applied for. Most entry-level store candidates will be invited to an interview at their local outlet. Some more senior corporate positions may follow a recruitment path of longer length, culminating in an interview at head-office. In either case, you should expect to hear from the company within a week or so of submitting your AT&T application.

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