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Business – Key business area and products of the company

Aflac is an international insurance company servicing over 50 million policyholders with health and life policies, with coverage in dental, vision, disability, accidents, intensive care and cancer treatment. It also sells policies with coverage in medical equipment, emergency treatment, and hospital confinement. Aflac is the shortened version of its company name American Family Life Assurance Company. The company has a major presence in Japan, which contributes 75% of the company sales revenues.


The company began in the 1950s with the initiative of the family of the current CEO, Dan Amos. His father as well as his uncles were at the forefront during the early years of the company and helped it gain recognition among American families over the years.

Facts / Awards / recognition: Include things such as number of stores, no. of employees and key facts and awards.

The company, with over 60 years of experience in the insurance industry, is now worth more than $10 billion in annual revenues. Its humble beginnings as a family-owned company have taken the world stage to offer competitive insurance policy coverage. Such efforts were recognized when the company earned 2016 Novarica Research Council Impact Award for a Core Systems Initiative at a Large Insurer. The current CEO Daniel P. Amos also ranked 32nd Best Performing CEO in the World in Harvard Business Review’s 2016 list.

Benefits provided by company to employees

The benefits that Aflac employees enjoy wide-ranging financial products that include insurance, retirement plans, stock options and profit sharing. Not to mention paid vacations, paid time off programs, and employee assistance programs.

Why people like working here

The company promotes a participative management strategy that puts a high importance on teamwork, employee participation and empowerment. The company provides training to develop career and working relationships.

How old do you have to be to work at Aflac?

The company requires its employees to be at least 18 years old. This is the best time to start working at Aflac primarily because the company provides performance rewards based on company tenure and professional merits.

Aflac Careers

Insurance Agent

This is a career opportunity that is sales-oriented. It involves building businesses through customer interactions, providing rate quotes and package benefits, and closing sales deals. This role demands an understanding of customer needs to be able to provide customized insurance plans.

Customer Service Representative

This is a career opportunity that is customer-centered. It involves handling phone calls to respond to service inquiries and handling complaints. It also requires excellent communication skills to address issues professionally.

Sales Representative

This is a career opportunity that is sales-oriented. This requires constant interface with customers to provide general information on insurance products offered by the company.

Administrative Assistant

This is a career opportunity that is offered as an entry-level position. This requires communication skills, computer literacy and ability to solve administrative concerns.

Aflac Application

How to apply?

The company has a website that provides a platform where job applications can be sent directly to HR inbox. The applicant will be required to fill out the application form or upload resume. If considered for the role, the HR personnel will initiate the process with an interview invitation.

Is an online application available or only in store applications are accepted

Although applying personally is accepted, submissions online are more preferred. Applicants will be able to see a list of job vacancies, choose the job that suits their skills, and then check the status of their applications.

Tips for filling application form

It is important that the application form reflect a candidate’s accurate professional information. It should be checked for completeness and correctness of grammar or spelling.

Advice on resume

The resume should comprehensively detail one’s professional achievements, significant contributions and skills acquired from previous employment. This should also include training and seminars attended as well as certifications and licenses acquired that may be important for the role applied.

Advice on interview preparation or process

In preparing for the interview, the applicant should be able to thoroughly recount the details of past employment. Since communication skills are being evaluated, practice articulating all these personal details. Learn how to verbally emphasize professional accomplishments and significant contributions made from past work experiences. 

Things To Know About Aflac


Current and previous employees share a common perspective about the Aflac culture. The family oriented approach helps foster an environment conducive to learning, growth and development. This is a culture that adds value to business relationships inside and outside the company.

News worthy events

The company enjoys 6 years of consistent recognition in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. This is a recognition that involves an assessment of a variety of criteria: Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Governance, Code of Conduct, Risk Detection, Operational Eco-Efficiency, Environmental Reporting, Occupational Health and Safety, Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy, Labor Practice and Human Rights, and Talent Attraction and Retention. Competing along 867 other companies, this award reveals the company’s commitment to sustainability standards.

Known for

The company is known for its insignia, the Aflac Duck. It first appeared in 2000 and subsequently in several commercials. This symbol was used in the company’s marketing efforts both locally and internationally.

Social efforts

The company has four major social efforts – the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Aflac Duckprints, Aflac Parents House and Tomodachi Initiative. Their advocacy in cancer treatment among children and education of Japanese and American youth are all celebrated for their success and contributions over the years.

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