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Business – Key business area and products of the company

Alabama Power Company is an electric utility company that has served a majority of the residents of Alabama. To provide electricity to a customer base of at least 1.4 million people, it generates power from its plants – hydroelectric generating plants, nuclear generating stations, cogen facilities, steam plants and electric generating plants – all located across the southern state. This long-time success has helped the company create a niche in appliance store operations.

Info – When the company was founded, by whom, etc.

The company started its operations 110 years ago when the demand for low-cost electricity was prevalent. William Patrick Lay, the founder, spearheaded this undertaking despite the challenges of the times such as the Great Depression and World War II. Since 1906, the company continued in building coal fired plants and river dams for hydropower. All of those power plants that had been built early in the 1900s still continue to produce electricity and provide for utility needs across the state.

Facts / Awards / recognition: Include things such as number of stores, no. of employees and key facts and awards.

The company, a Southern Company subsidiary, operates with about 5,001 to 10,000 employees and earns expected revenues of up to $10 billion. The whole stretch of its power lines that go 78,000 miles long make it one of the largest energy companies. Its efforts in recovery operations during thunderstorms earned the company the EEI Emergency Recovery Award seven times and EEI Emergency Assistance Awards nine times. In addition to its service awards, it earned recognition for its philanthropy. It was awarded Outstanding Stewardship of American Rivers Award in 2006 for its sustainability efforts in protecting the Coosa River.

Benefits provided by company to employees

Working for the company will help engage its employees with seminars ad training enabling them to make significant contributions and prepare them for leadership roles. The company also provides its employees with medical, dental and vision insurance, 401(k) retirement plans as well as paid vacations.

Why people like working here

The company offers a wide range of positions which employees can use to expand their skills and advance their careers. They offer an opportunity to grow professionally through seminars and training that will take employees one level higher. Because of the demands of working for a power company, employees find fulfillment in having met the standards.

How old do you have to be to work at Alabama Power? 

The company accepts applicants of at least 18 years old. They offer internship, full-time and part-time employment.

Alabama Power Careers

Customer Care Center Representative

This role involves direct interaction with customers to handle phone calls, services inquiries, electrical service concerns and billing questions. It requires communication skills and strong aptitude to deal with varying issues and resolve them appropriately. Multilingual skills are an advantage for this role.

Meter Mechanic

This is a highly technical role that requires experience in mechanical equipment, installations, testing, repair and maintenance. It requires having a driver’s license and a passing rate in skills tests such as math and computer.

Alabama Power Application

How to apply?

Applications at Alabama Power can be filed online or in person. Interested applicants, however, can easily find job vacancies posted on the company website. Online submissions are preferable for a more efficient processing.

Is an online application available or only in store applications are accepted

The company’s online platform for job applications helps speed up the evaluation of the candidate’s profile and skill set. Applicants will be required to open an account where the details on their personal and professional information will be required.

Tips for filling application form

Filling application forms is a quick process. The applicant can simply fill up the form or take the option to upload the resume. In either case, the information should be reviewed to correct grammar or spelling errors.

Advice on resume

Resumes should accurately detail one’s professional achievements. List work experiences along with skills acquired for better assessment of one’s credentials.

Advice on interview preparation or process

Preparing for the interview will include knowing the details of one’s professional life, the contributions made, and the skills learned from the experiences. It’s important to give straightforward and sincere answers because the applicant is also being evaluated based on the ability to integrate into the company’s culture. After the interview, the applicant has the option to follow up that status of the application.

Things To Know About Alabama Power


All the challenges of the job make working for this power company such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The working culture creates a dynamic environment that’s conducive to learning and growth. The knowledge in energy and utilities will make an impact in one’s career in the long run.

News worthy events

The company is currently building sources of renewable energy. Solar panels are under construction in Fort Rucker. By end of 2016, it will be completely filled with arrays that generate photovoltaic solar energy and convert them to electricity. This power resource will augment the total energy output and more revenues for the company.

Known for

The company is known for its long history of providing electricity across Alabama. Although constantly challenged by the environmental impact of such business, the company is engaged in green technology innovations to help foster a sustainable future. Through its natural resource of hydropower and nuclear energy, it achieved free emissions across 30% of all its power generation.

Social efforts

The company extends social efforts through the Alabama Power Foundation, a non-profit organization. The foundation deals with the protections of the Coosa River and other environmental initiative across Alabama. Through this foundation, it gives the Good Roots grants that promote tree-planting efforts. Also, the company is involved in land preservation projects such as the Horseshoe Bend National Military Park and Little River Canyon National Preserve.

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