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The international company Radisson Hotels, also a subsidiary of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, operates brands such as Radisson blue, Radisson RED, Radisson, and Park Inn. Its headquarters are in Minnesota.

The first hotel built was in Minneapolis back in 1909. The hotel was named after a French explorer in the 17th century named Pierre-Esprit Radisson.

Most of the hotels are in the USA. Some of the hotels are spread out on more than nine hundred ninety locations and in seventy three countries.

Employee benefits include an employee discount where they could stay at the hotel for fifty dollars a night.For hotels with restaurants, employees will sometimes get discounted food, too.

The employees of the company value outstanding comfort and service. They make sure that they maintain their reputation in hospitality by being responsible, socially connected, and displaying friendly attitudes.

How old do you have to be to work at Radisson?

Different policies are followed in different hotels but most agree of having a minimum age of 21 years for their employees. You may call the hotel directly if you still want to make arrangements.

Radisson Careers

Room Attendant: You must have the characteristics of being friendly, thoughtful, resourceful, and genuineto give guests great experiences. You must be willing to step out of your own way just to satisfy the guests’ needs.

Lifeguard: Your job is to enforce all the rules of the Water Park so every guest’s safety is ensured. You must also maintain customer service through effective communications.

Night Auditor: Your responsibilities include ensuring hotel accounting on all operating areas, balancing, auditing, reporting and posting on the front desks, even in rooms and food outlets.

Water Park Cashier: Your obligations include providing change, balancing and preparing bank deposits, creating worksheets for cash preparations, and resolving and researching discrepancies in the deposits.

Other job opportunities of the company include pool attendant, front office supervisor, dairy queen cashier, front office manager, director of rooms, bartender, cook, and many more.

Radisson Application

There are no printable application forms for the job opportunities of the company. If you are interested, you’d have to contact their administrators by visiting their official site.

There is also no application form that you can download or fill out online. The only way to apply is to contact the company directly.

Before filling up your application form, make sure to have read all the instructions and follow them with utmost care. Take all the time you need to review all the terms on the application form.

For your resume, you should focus your time on writing a compelling and striking summary statement. This section would be on the very beginning of your resume.

Before getting interviewed, be sure to have researched and planned thoroughly the day of your interview. Write all the potential questions then have the answers ready for each of them.

Things To Know About Radisson

The company’s culture is full of aspiration – aspiring to be the first ranking hospitality company, and aspiring to continue providing great care and service to all customers. 

Last November 7, 2016, the hotel group Carlson, in which the hotel chain is a part of, appointed Kevin Carl as the global chief IT officer.

The company is one of the entire world’s biggest hotel companies. It is now operating and spread out over ninety countries with 90,000 inspired employees in the company’s brands.

The company has a commitment in achieving social and environmental stability, particularly in Sydney. The team continues to strive to improve the hotel’s social and environmental sustainability.

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Company: https://www.radisson.com/

Careers: http://carlsonrezidor.com/careers

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