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Amscot Financial Incorporated caters to those in search of non-bank financial services. The company offers cash advances, money orders, check cashing, and even wire transfers.

The company was founded by Ian MacKechnie in 1989. Its first store was in East Broadway in Tampa, mainly serving as a check-cashing business for employees who wish to avoid going to the bank.

Amscot has since spread to more than 200 locations in Florida, and has around 2000 employees. The company managed to enter the Tampa Bay Business 100 list and was ranked 36th.

Employees enjoy benefits such as dental and health insurance. They also get overtime pay easily, given the high demands in most branches. However, the company only has six paid holidays.

Employees like working for Amscot due to the relatively high salary they are given. Having the chance to be promoted regardless of how long they’ve been with the company is also a plus.

How old do you have to be to work at Amscot?

Much like other firms in the non-bank financial service industry, the company’s minimum age requirement for employment is 18. This is due to the inherent risks and complexities of working for the company.

Amscot Careers

Financial Service Associate: Those given this position are required to assist clients and handle matters with a smile. They often have to move within store locations and are sometimes expected to lend a hand in other branches.

Help Desk Engineer: Employees with this job title are tasked to troubleshoot both hardware and software concerns in a call-center environment. It is also among their responsibilities to update proprietary applications and check for compatibility issues.

Assistant Manager: Individuals employed as assistant managers process transactions for clients. They usually set up the information of people in need of cash advances. It is also up to these assistant managers to ensure that all daily tasks are consistently done.

Branch Manager: Those given the brand manager position are required to stay up to date regarding all company policies, including those for payments and returns. They have to make sure that losses are prevented, and that all customers leave satisfied.

The company has other positions open, although not as commonly offered as the ones listed above. Examples of these include Assistant Leader and Information Technology Personnel.

Amscot Application

Applying for a job is done through the web. The financial firm has an online portal that allows for quick employment searches based on location, area of interest, requirements, and position.

Walk-in applicants are not accepted. However, since the company’s online job posts are kept up to date and with available positions per branch being listed, there is no reason not to apply through the web.

When filling up the application form, be sure to provide all the necessary details. Also, double-check for typos and other mistakes that could compromise your eligibility.

It’s important that the resume submitted contains only the most recent and relevant information. Be sure to highlight all skills and qualities that may prove to be useful in the position.

Interviews are fairly straightforward, with the questions being more on availability and goals. Be prepared for a short test that will evaluate your problem-solving skills. 

Things to Know About Amscot

The finance firm has a fast-paced culture. Aside from handling multiple tasks at the same time, employees are expected to work long hours. Also, breaks are minimal.

Given the planned changes on the payday loan industry, the company sent more than a hundred thousand letters to federal regulators. The letters were from clients who occasionally rely on the firm’s services.

The company is known to be a member of prominent trade organizations, with the Florida Consumer Financial Services of America and the Consumer Financial Services Association of America being two examples.

Aside from offering quick relief from budget concerns, the firm gives to those in need. Their involvement in the Salvation Army’s Tree of Lights campaign for more than a decade is an example of such.

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