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Captain D’s is a restaurant chain famous for its seafood meals sold at affordable prices.

The company was first known as Mr D’s before merging with Shoney’s, Inc. and getting the name that it has today. It adopted the wharf style atmosphere as a way to be at par with other fast food chains.

With more than six thousand employees working at locations in more than twenty different states, this company has become one of the most successful chains in the market. Currently, it earns more than $300 million annually and is continuously expanding.

Employees are provided not only with career opportunities, but also health and retirement benefits. The salary is also competitive, and everyone gets a chance to receive more upon performance reviews.

Employees who have stayed with the company for years have cited the positive environment and the numerous career advancement opportunities as the reasons why they have enjoyed staying with the company for years.

How old do you have to be to work at Captain D’s

If you already love eating at Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant, you will certainly have a lot of fun working there as well. The company offers an exciting and fast paced environment which gives training and opportunities. People who are sixteen years or older can apply for a job.

Captain D’s Careers

If you are interested in getting a job at Captain D’s, there is a lot of opportunities for you to choose from, all of which can provide you with an opportunity to establish a career for yourself, as well as a chance to meet people and discover great food.

Captain D’s is popular amongst job seekers not just because of the many job opportunities, but also because of the benefits that the company offers, ranging from paid vacation to insurance coverage. Here are just some of the jobs you can apply for:

Guest Specialist: The minimum age requirement for this job is sixteen years, and it is a good option if you are looking for a way to start creating a career for yourself. Friendly people who have a passion for customer service are welcome to apply for this position.

Manager: Captain D’s offers opportunities for people looking to develop leadership skills. They are also looking for individuals who have at least two years’ worth of managerial experience either in the food serving or any other industry.

Corporate Positions: If you are looking for a job as a departmental leader in a company that is continuously expanding, Captain D’s will offer you the career start you want. Those who wish to apply for a corporate position best present themselves at Captain D’s corporate headquarters, located in Nashville, TN.

Captain D’s Application

If you are interested in applying for a job at Captain D’s, they offer a link on their website which lets you choose a job between the available job titles. Corporate positions require you to send an email.

Upon clicking on one of the job titles, you will be given a list of the things they are looking for in an applicant for each available position. The online application process takes twenty to thirty minutes.

The online application process is straightforward, so the only thing you need to remember is to be completely honest, especially on your preferred work locations, your age and on your ability to work in the US.

On the other hand, since you will need to send an email for a corporate position, make sure that you highlight the things that make you suitable to the job in the body of your letter.

Since you will be in the customer service industry, ensure that for your interview that you emphasize on presenting yourself as a positive person. Remember to smile, and to answer the questions honestly.

Facts About Captain D’s

Captain D’s has been around for 45 years in the food service industry, and they have established themselves as the place to be for individuals who are outgoing and friendly.

The company has remained extremely popular despite the recession and the rising popularity of similar chains, and have mostly rooted themselves along military bases.

Captain D’s is known for its high quality seafood meals, heralding their breaded fish as one of their most famous products.

The company has been actively involved in promoting seafood, which has been overshadowed in the past by beef burgers and French fries, especially to younger customers who prefer the latter.

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