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Ben And Jerry's

Ben and Jerry’s was founded, in 1978, by childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, in Burlington, Virginia. They are famous for making ice cream with huge chunks of candy or other treats mixed in the ice cream because the one of the founders suffered from anosmia which means that he lack the sense of smell and taste. The Ben and Jerry’s application can be found on their website.

The company does not just sell ice cream. They also produce and sell sorbets, cakes, smoothies and frozen yogurt. They also cater for parties. Ben and Jerry’s value the environment and they have made many efforts to make sure that their products come in an Eco friendly package and that they don’t pollute and create products that are harmful to the environment.

Ben and Jerry’s has locations worldwide including stores in Australia and Brazil. They also sell their treats in a variety of grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. With over 153,000 employees worldwide everyone wants to work there because of the 3 pints of ice cream employees can take home each day.  Also the potential to choose the name of the next flavor of ice cream is another reason.

Ben and Jerry’s Careers

Ben and Jerry’s careers are attainable for anyone. Ben and Jerry’s jobs can range anywhere from an entry level position in the retail store to a senior level quality technician in the manufacturing department. There are many places for people to apply for a job. Just search for available jobs to start.

There are many Ben and Jerry’s jobs that are available to the general public. They have retail positions available for team members, assistant managers and managers. For the manufacturing department they have positions for process operators, line technicians, and manufacturing supervisors. They also have brand managers, loaders for the factory, and mechanics in case something goes wrong.

How old do you have to be work at Ben and Jerry’s?

To work at the company you must be a minimum of 16 years old. Some positions may require you to be 18 and older and other positions require either a high school diploma or higher level of education.

There are many benefits to working for Ben and Jerry’s. One of the benefits they offer is discounted prices on any Ben and Jerry’s products. They also offer bonus incentives and like to promote within the company if you’re looking for a corporate job. Depending on what position you have you can also look forward to 401(k) retirement plan, paid vacations, life insurance and healthcare coverage.

Ben and Jerry’s hours of operations are Monday through Friday between the hours of 11:30am to 7:00pm. On Saturdays they are open from 11:30am to 8:00pm and on Sundays they are open from 11:30am to 7:30pm. They are also open during the holidays for regular business hours expect for Christmas

Ben and Jerry’s Job Description

Team member– this is the typical entry level position. Most team workers work part time and have several duties that can range from serving ice cream to cleaning the work station. They also help with decorations and promotions around the store. Team members are normally paid around minimum wage or up to $9.00 an hour.

Shift leader– this is the first level in the management department. They can either work part time positions or full time spots. The shift leader will work as a manager for a certain shift and be in charge the team members but they still report to the assistant manager. They will also typical get paid around $9.00 an hour.

Assistant Manager– they are on the second tier for manager roles. They only work full time positions and sometimes a high school diploma is required. Experience from working in the food and beverage industry is always a plus or preferred for the assistant manager position. They can make around $25,000 to $30,000 a year.

General Manager– general managers require a few years in college or a college degree.  They have responsibilities that include keeping the workers motivated and keep track of the other employee’s hours and pay. They must be able to work in a fast pace environment. They get a salary pay that is normally maxed out around the $45,000 range.

Ben And Jerry’s Interviewing Questions

There are a few questions that the interviewer will most likely ask when you get to the interview part of the employment process.

How would you take care of someone with a food allergy? The interviewer is asking this question to see if you know the procedures to handling a customer with a food allergy. You would ask the person before taking their order if they are allergic to anything. If so remember to use clean equipment that has not been used.

What do you know about Ben and Jerry’s as a company? There is a chance that this question will be asked. Just do some research about the company and you should be able to knock out this question with ease. The more information you know they better you will look.

Why do you want the job? This should be a simple question to answer. It does not require a specific answer but you don not just want to tell the interviewer that you are doing it for the money. Give a reason like you want to work for a company that has values and does its part to help out the world.

How long to you plan on working for Ben and Jerry’s? This is another question that doesn’t have a specific answer. Just be honest about the amount of time you want to work at this company. The longer you want to stay the better your chances of getting hired and finding a permanent position.

What are some of your goals and/or aspirations? This question will have many different answers and it all depends on the person how to answer it. Being honest is the best way to approach this question. When answering this question show them some enthusiasm so the interviewer can see your passion.

Advice For Application Process

The most frequently asked question is how to apply for Ben and Jerry’s online. The process is quite simple. You just go to the company’s website and click the bottom section that says jobs. When you get to the next page just follow the instructions from that page. That is how you find the Ben and Jerry’s jobs online.

The interviewing process for Ben and Jerry’s is not a long or tough process. Applicants who want to apply for jobs at Ben and Jerry’s just need go to the website to get an online application and apply online. Or they can go to one of the local Ben and Jerry locations to get a free application. You should be able to attach a resume with both forms.

Once the application gets to the hiring representative they will get in contact to the person. The interviews only take about 20 minutes. It’s best to answer questions in an enthusiastic and friendly matter. Since making people happy is one of their goals they are going to be looking for friendly happy people. You should also dress to impress so they see you are a serious candidate.

There is no printable application for the company, so a Ben and Jerry’s application must be finished in the store or online. There is no way to download application form. There is no printable application form. There is only a direct application you get from a store. There are plenty of career fields and job opportunities at this company.

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