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Auntie Anne's

With an interest in serving and caring for others, Anne Beiler and her husband Jonas started the company as a farmers market stand in Downingtown, Pennsylvania in 1988. From there it grew and there are now over 1500 shop sites in many locations around the world. The company is famous in the food industry for their fresh hot served pretzels and tasty dips to go along with them.

Auntie Anne’s, acquired in 2010 by FOCUS Brands so the couple could focus on their ultimate dream of opening a family counseling center now holds its’ corporate headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has several franchisees. The company is known for donating millions of dollars to supporting medical causes, as well as its partnership with the Food Donation Connection to donate extra pretzel products to support hunger relief.

The company’s brand carries a promise to be “Pretzel Perfect” and in 2014 the shop’s redesign was revealed hosting a warmer appearance, superior equipment, and noticeable branding. A pretzel perks mobile loyalty app was also created. The shops have now increased their appearance with food truck and amusement park sites serving tasty items including mini pretzel dogs, pretzel nuggets, pepperoni pretzels, and cinnamon sugar pretzel stix.

Those interested in Auntie Anne’s careers can apply online at their website. You must have a desire to help people feel happy and hold great people skills. If you are this type of person, for a printable application for Auntie Anne’s application link scroll to the bottom of this page. The company seeks those interested in employment with a customer service background.

Auntie Anne’s Careers

There are several job opportunities available. You could find yourself applying for any of the jobs with an online application including ones within the Corporate Office such as Sales Director, Marketing Manager, or Support Technician. Or, you more likely may be interested in a retail position at a local store near you. This though, would depend on your interest and experience.

There are numerous hiring managers searching to fill sales roles throughout their many retail locations. For this type of position you must be interested in sales and have great customer service skills. Shop site positions include ones of Crew Member, Shift Manager, Cashier, Sales Associate, and Team Member. If you love fresh tasty pretzels one of Auntie Anne’s jobs could be for you.

How old do you have to be to work at Auntie Anne’s?

The company would like employees 18 years old or older, but will hire applicants of 16 and 17 years of age for shop locations with the ability to furnish a work permit. For most Corporate Office positions, applicants should be 18.

Free pretzels and working as part of a team are within the perks. Benefits with immediate eligibility consist of health insurance and eye care plan. Other benefits to exercise can include 401(k) plans, PTO, disability insurance, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, leadership development opportunities, FSA’s, and bereavement leave. Salary is further discussed at the interview or upon hiring.

To find out the hours of operation go to the company’s website and search for locations near you on their locations tab. Once you find the one near you, you can call the number and ask what their open hours are. Since Auntie Anne’s sites are often within other establishments such as malls, amusement parks, etc. it’s best to call in advance to the specific store.

Auntie Anne’s Job Descriptions

Crew Member – Preparing doughs, dips, juice drinks, and other edibles are included in your responsibilities for this role. You must be a hard worker and be willing to learn in this position. Multi-tasking and being friendly should also come easily to you. People in this role typically make an average of $9.00 per hour.

Shift Supervisors – In this position you usually make an average of $10.00 hourly. To fulfill this role one must go through a training program to serve as a key representative to all guests. You must enjoy working with people. Some duties include running the shift when managers aren’t present, preparing products, completing closing procedures and paperwork, ensuring products are being properly cared for, and addressing all customer and employee’s needs.

Store Manager- $30,500 is the average yearly salary for the shops managers. This is an important and appreciated role within the company. In this position you are a face to all those you come into contact work while working your shift. This job also includes a detailed training program holding many responsibilities within daily leadership for the job description. You must have 3-5 years prior management experience.
District Manager- District managers make around $52,600 yearly. Within this position you’re mentored by a Regional Director and have the responsibility of overseeing a handful of store sites so you must have 5-10 years of relevant experience. Your job will include ensuring all operational standards are being executed beyond adequately and leading of staff in focusing on sales and marketing initiatives, food and labor costs, and financial and operational performance.

Auntie Anne’s Interview Questions

For a job with this company some questions such as the following may be asked of you during an interview.

What responsibilities did you hold in your last position? For this question they want to know if you held similar duties and if you will be able to handle the duties for the job at hand well. They also want to gauge how responsible, as well as detail oriented you within employment. 

How flexible do you want your schedule to be? The interviewer wants to know how much time you are willing to give to the store and working, how many other commitments you have, and how much time you will be wanting/needing off. He or she also is trying to figure out if you will be able to fill the hours they are needing help with currently.

What previous experiences do you have with customers? Here he or she is trying to determine if you have the experience necessary as well as the people skills necessary to fulfill the job description. What is your experience working with others? Are you good with customers? Will you be friendly and helpful? 

“When you’re in a tough situation, can you still keep your cool?” is a question that may be asked by upper management for higher level positions to see how one may handle disgruntled or inappropriate staff. Or another question for this type of role might be: “What strengths in skills do you have to offer this position?” to see what qualifications you are bringing to the company.

Advice For Application Process

You can look through the many Auntie Anne’s jobs online available on their website with each providing a detailed job description. You can also search their different locations to see if they are hiring at a local site near you. Qualifications needed vary depending on the position, but if you see more than one position that may work for you, there is no harm in applying for each.

For how to apply for Auntie Anne’s online you can go to their charge website of Focus Brands and create an account where you will apply and can submit your resume, go to a store near you for a free application, or you can download for a printable application form to fill out. You can send this downloaded application form to the company’s email address for direct application.

The process starts most of the time with initial phone screenings and then leads to one-on-one interviews. The time frame in total is usually 1-2 weeks, but could be less. If you are apply for jobs at Auntie Anne’s in a managerial position you may have a longer wait though before the applications are processed and you’re considered for employment. You may also take part in a panel interview.

For an interview with the company be sure to bring current copies of your resume, dress professionally, be honest about your experience and qualifications and sell your strengths, and be respectful and friendly throughout. You also want to make sure that you are enthusiastic and share a genuine interest in working for them if you truly want to be considered for employment once you’ve filled out an Auntie Anne’s application.

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