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Operated by Apple Inc., the Apple Store is a retail store chain focused on the sales of electronic items and computers, and offering technical support and repair services through their Genius Bar. Many of Apple Store locations are within shopping plazas, but there are also single flagship stores in busy areas. Storefronts are located throughout the world in more than 16 countries.

Merchandise sold at Apple Stores include Macintosh personal computers, iPhones, iPads, software, accessories, watches, TV’s, and other electronics. Some of the flagship locations have glass staircases to attract customers to visit the upper sales floor with each store designed to meet the needs of the local area. It’s a very appealing place to shop with a playroom like appearance having many gadgets to explore in an amazingly designed award-winning atmosphere.

Starting from the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs initiating a campaign to increase sales through retail presentation, Apple eventually cut ties to every big box retailer and authorized resellers of Mac dropped greatly. With an eye toward changing the companies’ relationship to its customers and to be able to take charge of merchandise presentation, Jobs was lead to the creation of Apple retail stores to initiate the Apple brand experience.

Apple primes the retail market with sales around the world of over $16 billion dollars in a year. The company focuses on customer appeal, with presentation and workshop theaters as well as training studios in some stores. If you’re a techy, apply for jobs at Apple Store through online applications. For direct application link and printable application for apple store, visit the career section of their website and apply online.

Apple Store Careers

Do you love technology and working with people? The Apple Store has amazing gizmos for you to explore your sale techniques with. Some of the wonderful Apple job opportunities are within the Customer Support area fulfilling Genius, Creative, or Service Specialist roles or positions in Sales include Specialists, Experts, Inventory Specialists, Business Specialists, and Business Managers.

If you’re looking for Apple Store careers, you could look to achieve a role in Leadership opportunities. These include ones of Manager, Senior Manager, Store Leader, Business Leader, Market Leader, or being a part of the Apple Store Leader Program. The Leader Program offers personal training through mentorship and hands-on experiences to learn about the business.

How old do you have to be to work at Apple Store?

Typically the company’s minimum age requirement is 18, but the company is known for making exceptions in hiring to truly outstanding 17 year olds. One unique requirement for Apple Store jobs is that applicants be fluent in the native language of the store.

Within the sales industry, the Apple Store is probably the best spot to work. The company is known for their friendly atmosphere with exceptional customer service so you are bound to find a work family which alone is a great perk. Additional benefits include merchandise discounts, health coverage, therapy, training, higher retail pay, stock options, and other additional bonuses.

It is always best to either conduct a simple online search or call the Apple Store first to find out their specified open hours, as each store’s hours of operation vary depending on location. Most sites are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Days, although some may be open for reduced hours on these or other holidays, so again it is always best to contact or search first.

Apple Store Job Descriptions

Market Leader – The main responsibility for this Apple Store career includes increasing growth through developing individuals and building teams through consistent messages of vision and inspiration. In this role it’s your duty to impact all areas of sale among all employees. This role begins with and average base salary of $170,000 with bonuses increasing this to about $364,000.

Creative – Starting at a base pay of $19.00 an hour in this position, is to encourage creativity in all store guests through sharing your skills and instilling inspiration. You will train and teach them to make something beautiful. It is of your responsibilities to welcome all visitors with a smile and cheer.

Genius- In this position, you’re duties will include providing technical support through hands-on help with products, merchandise education, growing in your own technical knowledge, and providing friendly and astute advice to customers. For this role, you will need great social skills, as well as the ability to be able to problem-solve quickly and efficiently. The salary range for this position is from $32,000-$49,000 annually.

Specialist- A Specialist makes between $9.00 and $16.00 hourly. In this role, you are to turn guests into devoted Apple shoppers through having a spirited and enthusiastic attitude about the products and the selling of them. It is also in your job description to help customers gain solutions and provide knowledge about the newest and best products and initiatives. You must be a stellar sales rep in this position.

Expert- Experts at Apple hold a grand reputation for working exceptionally with others as a team player, interacting with customers, and through outstanding people skills. It is required of you to help guests grow excited and very interested in the merchandise, by sharing knowledge and your own personal fascination. Experts make an average of $45,000 each year.

Apple Store Interview Questions

After filling out an Apple Store application, hiring Managers may ask you mostly personality and people skill related questions such as the ones below.

What is your passion in life? This question would be asked to gauge your interests and learn more about the type of person you are. Think about this in relationship to your goals and career path especially to provide you with a way to answer this question with depth and detail. 

Name a time you went above the call of duty for a customer. An interviewer may ask you this question to see how great your people skills are and what you will do to achieve customer satisfaction. The hiring manager wants to know if you will put yourself aside in a moment to help someone else, and especially a store visitor.

What do you think could be potential challenges you may face as an Apple employee? The interviewer wants to know how you think. Another thing they are looking for is if you think beyond the immediate scope and are able to delve deeper into possibilities that can occur in different situations. 

For a Leadership role you may be asked questions such as “Which leader do you like the most?” or “Can you tell me about a time you had to solve a problem with little information?” When you apply for an advanced position, question like these may be asked to gain more information about how qualified you are, you’re way of thinking, and what type of person you are.

Advice For Application Process

For how to apply for Apple Store online, you can visit the free application system on their website. All the job opportunities are listed and you are able to submit your resume for each interesting position. The online Apple Store application can’t change into a printable application form, but if you would like to download application form or to submit one in person, you can inquire at the local site.

Hiring managers throughout Apple thoroughly dig through candidates to hand pick the ideal ones, exhibiting the perfect knowledge, disposition, and abilities to meet and excel within responsibilities of the job. Most candidates begin the interview process with an initial phone screening. The screening call lasts about 20 minutes to determine which candidates will move on to the next stage of an in-person interview which often starts with a group interview.

If you receive an interview for one of the Apple Store jobs online, you’re considered lucky. To gain this opportunity you must possess the outstanding qualities they’re looking for in each candidate and go through not just one, but a series of interviews with staff at varying levels of management. The process can be arduous maybe ending up interviewing five or six times with several different people in various configurations.

To best prepare for a conversation with Apple managers, always be on your best behavior and share your knowledge, experience, passion for technology, and sociable, friendly attitude. Be sure to always dress professionally and bring a current resume along. When sharing about your background it is in your best interest to detail your relevant employment history and customer service skills and portray an enthusiastic interest in the Apple brand.

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